Windows Live Hotmail: Receive Mobile Alerts (SMS) When Receiving Specified Emails

Posted August 18, 2010 by Rob Rogers in Internet

Hotmail can notify you when an important email has been received by issuing a mobile alert to your phone via SMS. You can can receive alerts for all new messages or all messages for contacts, but you then risk being hit with a lot of text messages to your phone. By using mobile alert filters, you can specify what emails are to trigger the alert.

1. Go to Windows Live Hotmail and login to your account.

2. Go to the upper-right corner and mouseover your name.

3. Select Options.

4. Using the menu on the left side of the page, select Mail.

5. Go to Customize your mail and select Mobile alerts for new messages.

6. If you haven’t validated your phone with Hotmail, you will need to do so to proceed. Follow the directions (simply inputting your phone number, waiting for a text message and then inputting the validation code).

7. Under Which Hotmail messages do you want to receive mobile alerts for?, select the Messages I specify using mobile alert filters radio button.

8. Click the Save button.

9. You will then be taken to the Manage rules page. Click the New button to create a new filter.

10. Under Step 1, use the first dropdown to select what field you want Hotmail to check. Options are Sender’s address, Sender’s name, To/cc address, Subject, or Message has attachments.

11. Use the second dropdown to select the proper value (is, contains, contains word, does not contain, begins with, or ends with).

12. Input the proper value (an email address, person’s name, etc.) into the textbox.

13. Under Step 2, select the Mobile alert radio button.

14. Click the Save button.

Repeat the Create Rule steps from above to add additional filters. When you receive an email that meets the proper criteria, Hotmail will send you a mobile alert stating who the message is from and the subject of the email.


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  • Anonymous

    It is nice to see Hotmail making an effort to catchup to Gmail. (Gmail has always had the ability to do this) For years I felt bad for those poor saps who still used Hotmail, mostly because they were being left out of a lot of critical features. Now the use of Hotmail is slightly less laughable. Slightly.

    • Didik

      Sadly, not available for Indonesia

      • Anonymous

        You can try or you can just create an email Filter that forwards certain email to your carriers email-to-SMS gateway. Go here for a sample list.

        I hope this helps and good luck.


    it is wonderful

    • jammycaketin

      Is it just me or doesn’t this feature work anymore? My alerts suddenly stopped and a few threads in the Windows Live forum suggest the feature’s been discontinued. It’s a real shame because I found the service really useful.

      • Guest

        Same here, alerts stopped working a few days ago.

  • TheMinstrel

    Nothing happens when the “New” button is clicked…used different browsers.  Help files don’t pull up anything relevant.  Not good customer service….

  • Surfing_fla

    Yup, same problem – some work & can’t add new mobile alert filter. What happened Hotmail?

  • OP

    I have 2 rules for new gmail messages coming in my Hotmail : one to put them in a subfolder and a rule to send a mobile alert. However it stopped working recently; it only works if I remove the first rule to put gmail message in a subfolder… annoying ! anyone have the same problem?

  • hotmail mobile alerts does not works properly
    plz cheack my sms alerts with hotmail
    & some work can’t add new mobile alert filter.
    what happened hotmail?

  • LavishCraft

    This service is being discontinued as of 5/31/2012, and I am very upset!!!
    I have relied on this service to get simple text alerts (sender/date/time/subject/a line or two of the email for a very long time to help me with keeping up with my online small biz. Now they say they are ‘upgrading’ and removing this feature -how can removing a feature be an upgrade??
    Does anyone know of another free email that provides this? I can’t be online 24/7..I can’t afford a smart phone, I dont want to read the whole email-I just want to know when one comes in so I can read it when I get back to the computer. HELP??? ANYBODY??

  • John Lester
  • bob beardmore

    the code is already in


    while i’m logging hotmail & signing, cannot see option button in outlook. what i have to do?
    pls reply

  • Abdel

    I a not able to access my email box because i travel to another country, and my phone number has changed. How can i access my mails ?