Free Way to Use and Mount Images (ISO files) Without Burning Them

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Microsoft has an unsupported virtual CD-ROM program. Why buy alcohol or Daemon Tools when you can use this free replacement instead?

Alcohol and Daemon Tools are excellent software packages that allow users to mount ISO files as virtual CD-ROMs. Yes, there is a way to use that ISO without burning it to a disk.

Although I love these tools, Microsoft has a free, 60kb program that does the same thing! Of course, it is not supported, and it is not as friendly as the software listed above. However, it works and it is free.

Here’s the download link:

Here is the readme text. Please note that the readme file is incorrect and that this will work with XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 2008 server. Windows 8 supports ISO files without additional software.

Readme for Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel v2.0.1.1


System Requirements
– Windows XP Home or Windows XP Professional

Installation instructions
1. Copy VCdRom.sys to your %systemroot%\system32\drivers folder.
2. Execute VCdControlTool.exe
3. Click “Driver control”
4. If the “Install Driver” button is available, click it. Navigate to the %systemroot%\system32\drivers folder, select VCdRom.sys, and click Open.
5. Click “Start”
6. Click OK
7. Click “Add Drive” to add a drive to the drive list. Ensure that the drive added is not a local drive. If it is, continue to click “Add Drive” until an unused drive letter is available.
8. Select an unused drive letter from the drive list and click “Mount”.
9. Navigate to the image file, select it, and click “OK”. UNC naming conventions should not be used, however mapped network drives should be OK.

You may now use the drive letter as if it were a local CD-ROM device. When you are finished you may unmount, stop, and remove the driver from memory using the driver control.


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  • MAP

    Thanks for the help.
    This is good and it works on Windows 2003. However, only you remove the driver you cannot install it again and it would probably need a reboot to be able to install it again.

  • Mark

    i really want to git this to work but every time i try to open the .sys thing in install driver window it says acess is denied and it wont work im currently running on windows vista is that a possible reason why its not working

    • Me

      Wow. Why is everything a pain in the butt with PCs? Something so simple takes so much work. I’ll stick to my Mac, thank you. Expensive but definitely worth it.

      • joe

        > Thanks what a useful reply.

  • Jhun

    Thanks for the information. Great! so easy.

  • Manphish

    Okay so I followed through with the instructions, and I’m sure that I messed up somehow, but the virtual drive that I mounted the .iso to just says “Windows cannot read from this disk. The disk might be corrupted, or it could be using a format that is not compatible with Windows.”
    Is it something I did? Or is it the .iso file that has the problem?

    • I just installed the tool – no problem here. I suspect that the iso-image is corrupt.
      By the way: thanks for the tip!

  • Shibu Dev

    Does it work with Windows Vista. I tried but failed.

  • ronzo

    thanks works great so far

  • BadBear

    Superb thanks, saves me loads of disks and hassle

  • mv288

    GoI suspected something like this. Am sure Microsoft teams wouldn’t be using
    all kinds of crap out there for this functionality. Perhaps there aren’t releasing
    this utility to not run into anti-trust and ridiculous US patent issues…and waste their time.

    Good Stuff.

  • Angey

    Can this be used with VIsta? Am having troulble after step 3, it says the ‘handle’ is invalid.

    • I use it with Vista but it is not as stable. I believe you have to run it as admin and in xp compatibility mode.

      • Dom

        Thanks for that. I loved this app on xp and was getting frustated that vista wouldn’t seem to work.

    • Kathleen

      On my machine, I was getting that error because I did not have admin rights on my machine and therefore could not update drivers (.sys file). Once I was granted admin rights, I did not see the “invalid handle” error

  • Anonymous

    Can this be used with Vista? Am having trouble after step 3. It says the handle is invalid

  • thanks works great so far

  • MJL

    Awesome, highly recommended. Who needs Alcohol? 🙂

  • Fellipe Cicconi

    Best tip ever. Thanks

    • Steven

      Worked perfectly in vista

  • gasapi

    i love you

  • Chris

    awesome… thanks!

  • lazyadmin

    Confirmed on Vista Ent with VLK works 100%

    easy to use and easy to setup

  • Great post. Exactly what I needed and it works like a charm. (thanks to google for keeping this post on the top).

  • Vis

    It works great. I also tried to run this on windows which was running on MAC with parallels.

  • rach

    This worked for me, thanks!!

  • tarun

    did u find solution for this problem?
    If yes please let me know I am having the same problem.

    Thanks in Advance.


  • Gloudas

    Hey, I followed all the steps, everything seems to have worked just fine, but… I can’t actually use the image file itself. I guess I’m a little unclear on what this does.

    I have an ISO file, and I did everything on it, but its still just sitting there as a file. Is there some way I’m able to run it now, or what? If anyone could enlighten me on what I’m supposed to be doing or producing through this that’d be great.

  • Gloudas

    Nevermind, I figured it out.

  • eternam

    Thanks, helped a lot!

  • Naren

    Thank you very much. The tool worked fine, but now im facing problem while unmounting the drive. The stop button is disabled in the driver control window. I ve tried to remove driver but it was giving the following message.
    “The service cannot accept control message at this time.”
    Kindly telly me how to unmount the drive.

  • mugglesquop

    brilliant cheers!

  • Ralph

    Wow, this thing just saved me lots of time. Thanks.

  • Polion_iv

    this is off topic, but i have EasyCreateIso to create the image of a dvd/cd/game disc. and everytime it created a .zip image file and i can’t mount this image on a virtual drive that i created. help ??? is there a better “free” program that create an .iso file for easy mounting ??

  • Syd

    Thank you, works better/easier than all the rubbish I used before

  • Avatar

    Works perfectly under Windows 7… No other software would install 🙁
    Thankies for the quick guide and tools needed

  • Arul Prakash D

    Can anyone help me, I am unable to Mount ISO, message shown as “Mount Failed” also I am not able to Remove the Drive.


  • ban

    It worked for me. Great!

    Thank you very much for your help

  • ravib

    Love it. thanks MickeyMouse !

    You dont have to install the VCDRom.sys in the systems32 folder. The link above is a winzip distributable. You can unzip the file contents to any folder. When it asks for the driver file, simply navigate to the folder where you unzipped the files to, and choose the sys file.

  • reece

    what if i do not have permision to accsess the folder

  • qwerty123

    cant work with vista, fail

  • Noah

    Thanks for the link! This really saved my life. xD

  • Fireman

    Great little app! Thanks Mickey 🙂

  • haster

    Hi it says that the cd is unformated. I can’t burn it. Please some one help me.

  • Aamen

    thanks it worked with me
    P4 Win xp SP 2

  • t41

    daemon lite is free = so why bother – Microsoft should have these types of tools integrated into software for the money we pay

    • Me

      People should bother cause this little .exe is far more simple than that crap daemon gives us? Not to mention the Adware in it…

  • Anon

    Windows 7:

    When I hit Start, it says, “This driver has been blocked from loading.”

    I am running as administrator and as XP SP2 compatability mode.

    Maybe I should try putting the file in the system32 folder, someone said I did not need to.

    • Anon

      No, putting the file in the system32 folder in Windows 7 means it basically becomes invisible because I can’t see anything in the folder when I browse to it.

      What is a good light program without ads, spyware, or viruses, no 30 day periods, that can mount ISOs in Windows 7?

      I used Alcohol 52% just fine in Vista previously but now I can’t find a version that isn’t a 30 day trial or spyware that requires you to install some stupid toolbar to use the program.

      Thanks in advance for any help.

      • Anon

        I’m on Windows 7 64bit by the way.

        I tried Alcohol 120% and it did not work.

        Anyone know any programs that work on Windows 7?

        • Anon


          I tried Alcohol 120%, DaemonLite Free, MagicISO Maker, Virtual CloneDrive, I think I even downloaded a 64 bit version of one of them.

          I am on Windows 7 64 bit. None of the above programs worked, WinXP VirtualCD says, “This driver has been blocked from loading,” when I hit Start.

          I am running as administrator and as XP SP2 compatability mode.

          Alcohol 120%, DaemonLite Free, MagicISO Maker, Virtual CloneDrive, WinXP VirtualCD do not work for me on Windows 7 64 bit. I will have to make some DVDs with the isos I have but what can I do with a 7 GB iso? My DVDs are only 4.7 GB DVD+Rs.

          • Aston

            This VCDTool control tool isn’t working

            I’m running the program as Administrator, I’ve got as far as:
            1. Copy VCdRom.sys to your %systemroot%system32drivers folder.
            2. Execute VCdControlTool.exe
            3. Click “Driver control”
            4. If the “Install Driver” button is available, click it. Navigate to the %systemroot%system32drivers folder, select VCdRom.sys, and click Open.
            5. Click “Start”

            I then get:
            ‘This Driver has been blocked from loading’

            I’ve tried it in different compatibility modes and moving the file vcdrom.sys to a different location

            I’m on a Windows Home 7 64 bit OS

          • Anonymous

            I think it has been repeatedly demonstrated that using this tool likely will not work in windows 7.

          • It’s not actually Windows 7 – it’s any 64-bit OS.

            You can’t use 32-bit drivers (which is what vcdcontrol is) on a 64-bit platform.

  • omar

    thanks a lot

    this is heaven

  • bunny

    this is briliant — just 60kb thats awsome
    and it works well ..


    • Anon

      UltraISO works with Windows 7 64 bit.

  • aart

    this works great it is a good way for mount a virtualdrive from a iso but is there a way
    for make it a boot cd ??

  • vince

    Good piece, thanks!

  • JimmyB

    used this about 3 years ago… needed it again today for extracting the installers out of microsofts own downloadable visual studio iso. works like a charm. tx

  • hal9000

    Hi! Awesome stuff. Thanks 🙂

  • Doesn’t work

    “the driver has been blocked from loading”

    i get that msg on Win XP 64b

    it doesn’t work on 64b!

  • MRS…

    Worked like a charm, thanks!

  • Rick

    This is exactly what I needed!!! Thanks for the post

  • nick

    where is that file you need to put it in? plz email a if you can help me

  • Fuzzybunny

    I love you. And Google for finding me this page.



  • jonny

    Uh… Daemon Tools works and it’s also free.

  • Worshak

    Okay, for anyone interested in this, listen up, it’s fairly straight forward.
    1) Not all ISOs, when put into file format, will work with this tool. Just happens sometimes.
    2) The install instructions are posted above, please follow those exactly.
    3) I did not create the .exe file, but I have used it before, and it is safe (as far as i can tell).
    4) The real goal is to prevent CD damage, and still have the functionality for your pograms.

  • Prop

    Works great!

  • thanks a lot! it works with my xp =D

  • Moe

    Wow, perfect it works great. No more using discs to burn my ISOs to.


  • Brandon

    I tried to do it but it keeps saying “Mount Failed” ever time I tried to mount. I’ve tried with almost every drive so that’s not the problem.

  • tje laughing guy

    HAHAHAHHA MEsa LOL’ed!!!

  • NRG

    maaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!! thanks a ton! this was exactly what i was looking for :)))) it did the job in less then 30 seconds. There where i otherwie would have needed to install some overbloated software with it’s trial limitations this app is free and worked perfect for me. this iso mounter goes from now on with me on a USB stick :)))) thanks again for the tip!!!

  • lillo

    really fine work!

  • catarina

    Where in the world is this folder? I looked in system 32, but ???
    %systemroot%system32drivers folder

    Can someone please let me know?


    • Name

      Computer > C > Windows > System 32 > Drivers

      it’ll just be named “Drivers”

  • Batmac

    Worked great thanks!

  • Fai27

    Hooooooo, wow, this is so convenient. Installing CoD1 here, and There are 2 CD’s so I just made 2 freaking drives with one CD on each, and I mounted/unmounted when requested. Jesus it could NOT get easier.

  • mike d

    everytime i try to mount a .iso file it simply says, mount failed, ive followed the instructions flawlessly, any ideas?

  • Richard

    You can download Tweat UI.

    In tweak UI, you can remove drives from explorer among many other things…

  • grawss

    Tried it in Windows7. Running as Admin got me past the driver load error, but it blue-screened and my install divided by zero. Reboot, nothing. Win7 repair, nothing. So I safe-moded the sucker out of drivers and logged back in okay. Maybe try it on a 32bit system?

    It seems these awesome little virtual programs are being flushed by Microsoft. I see they’re possible thanks to the obvious Virtual XP deal Microsoft just released, but none of my old utilities have a chance. 🙁

    • JimboJones

      Loaded in Windows 7 32bit, mount an ISO but can’t find the drive letter?! 🙁

  • Dan

    Works Great! Nice little utility.

  • Adult Acne

    Great suggestion for that piece of software. Thanks 😀

  • WhitE-DeMoN

    Awesome program… There is no need for restarting the computer as all new programs do.
    Nice job.

  • BG

    Nice. Thnx

  • me

    Works great. If you always get the “mount failed” error, you need to make sure your path has no space, so put the iso in you root drive and remove any spaces from the name of the iso

    • Jeremy

      Hah, it makes so much sense I should be angry I didn’t think of it right away. Thanks a bunch 😀

    • Davie Mac

      Thanks man!

    • Some kinda long-haired hippy

      wow dude thanks

    • Nick

      > X2 on no spaces in the path. Thanks.

  • Ata

    I tried it with windows XP .It works fine. Great thanks.

  • your momma


  • Chris

    This was just what I needed and worked flawlessly for me (XP Pro, SP2). Thanks for the great article!

  • Jack

    Didn’t work says there is no File to run, and when i install the Driver again it says Marked for deletion ? lol

  • RHI

    Ace . .just what I was looking for!

  • Mike

    when i go to mount it it asks me to install a disk………… can someone help please? thanks

  • RTFM

    Yea!!!! Thanks!!

  • Lee Oades

    Absolutely brilliant, thanks.

  • this is really cool. i can’t stand bloated overthought software. daemon tools messed up my computer too.

  • Anonymous

    Works 100% for me.

    when you download the file from the link, there is a file called VCdrom.sys TOGETHER WITH THE EXE. you MUST put this file in your sysyem32/drivers folder for this to work

  • Rex Saffer

    This is so cool I had to go pee. Works like a charm.

  • Joe

    Ty so much for that link. it’s 100% work for me.

  • Dusitn

    awesome thanks

  • Bex

    Wow, this works brilliantly! I deal with disk images a lot, but have no common sense, so I forget what I’ve named them. Using this utility, I can just open them up and see what’s in them, without spending money on a third party program. Great find!

  • Anonymous

    Once i mount file it pulls up the mounted file, bu when i click on i nohing happens.

  • Anonymous

    When it says navigate to the image file i don’t know what that is or where it is. Please help, thanks

    • H

      The image file is the file you’re trying to mount. They are sometimes called image files, iso files, etc.

  • Name

    I installed the driver per the instructions. My %systemroot% = C:WIN2K
    in the Driver control window appears the following:
    Virtual CD-ROM Device Driver : (??C:WIN2Ksystem32driversVCdRom.sys)
    then I close out of Driver control. and click “AddDrive”. This automatically populates Z: into the drive list. then as a test I open Z: from Explorer. I get a dialog requesting to isnert a disk. This appears normal and an approriate response given that I have not yet mounted an image file. next I go back and mount an image file.
    I do so by clicking mount then browse to an iso file. I double click the iso file which brings be back to the mount window. then I click ok. I get a message,” Mount Failed”, however in the drive list it shows Z: in the maped image field it shows ??F:Dirmyiso.iso
    I go back to explorer and try to open z: again. now I get and error stating Z: is not accessable. incorrect function.

    what’s the problem how can I fix this?

  • DLF

    I just stumbled upon this today and love that it works rather simply! No more annoying Daemon Tools verifications or anything, I have this and it works great :3

  • Mary

    was this reply saying you could use this in Vista?
    the site says it is for 32bit only?
    So guess that rules out this for me.. :((((

  • Peter

    Wonderfull tip!!! Thanks MM

  • heather

    doesn’t mount bin/cue files though

  • Anonymous

    Just Love this tool…. never thought we could do this with the ISO images.. cool.. thanks

  • Anonymous

    Already run CDdControlTool.exe but when click Driver Control button, it appears a window with an alert: “Cannot Open SCM: Access Denied”. but it opens it anyway. then when trying to install the driver, another alert window appears: “Controller not valid”

  • Anonymous


    Thanks for a great info and clear manual!


  • Sylvia

    Is there a Vista version for this software? P13453 let me know, thanks!

    • Lickydog

      I should try MagicDisk from MagicISO – it’s free and should be better supported. he VCD from MS is not fully featured wrt autorun or ISO files on mapped drives/UNC shares.

  • Anonymous

    thank you very much-whoever made this
    winxp virtual cd control panel, let it free and suggested it
    it works!-)

  • Anonymous

    Daemon tool lite is free and easy to use.

    • Anonymous

      I go through the whole setup (which is damned easy), find the ISO file, but when I try to mount it, the application returns an error: “Mount Failed.”


  • Sangamesh

    This works just fine. Useful tip. Thanks!

  • liz

    tried to use this prgram however I folloew the installation instructions to the letter and execute the program click driver control and it says cannot open SCM. access is denied, please help, liz

  • Anonymous

    worked well fast and easy no need for the fancy crap just like everything else with a label

  • Anonymous

    Very useful Article. I like your blog and recommended my friends to read this blog

  • Anonymous

    Very useful Article.I like your blog and recommended my friends to read this blog

  • Anonymous

    wher can i find drivers control. i dunno how to execute.

  • Name

    Didn’t work on a clean install of Windows 7 (home, 32-bit).

    Just refused to actually mount the file — ignored the first attempt and returned “Mount Failed” thereafter.

  • Anonymous

    seems like this works only with .iso files. Is that right?

  • colorzone

    How to Mount iso?

    Winmount( is a powerful windows utility which is dedicated to managing files and disks impressively and conveniently. WinMount supports compressing files to MOU RAR ZIP 7Z, decompressing and browsing MOU ZIP RAR CAB ARJ ISO GZ BZ2 TAR WIM files.

    WinMount can mount MOU RAR ZIP to a virtual disk or a local folder, which enabling you to use the files inside directly without extraction, saves your time and disk space dramatically.

    WinMount is also an image tool, supports mounting ISO ISZ BIN MDS/MDF NRG IMG CCD CUE to virtual DVD-ROM, supports mounting FLAC, APE, WV, WAVE to virtual CD-ROM, supports mounting VHD, VDI, VMDK, WMT, Microsoft WIM, and folder as a HDD virtual disk.

    In addition, WinMount can create a new blank RAM-disk, size from 64M to 4G, data will be lost when restart.

  • Anonymous

    Excellent, thanks for the tip.

  • Anonymous

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  • Name

    What do I do if I mount an ISO and then it asks me to place the disk in? In this case its Age of Wonders 2.

    • Lickydog

      It is probably a copy-protected disc and is not recognising the virtual image as valid.

  • Neil

    Great simple way to mount iso’s. Thanks for the info!

  • Konrad

    Great tool! Thanks for info and link!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been using this for a couple days now on my netbook and it works great. I never needed anything like this before because I always had a disk drive. With the netbook I was a little frustrated that I couldn’t have some games that needed a cd and I finally got around to doing some hunting around and found this– now I can finally have something better to do when I have to wait around for a long time!

  • Anonymous

    cough cough.. when i try to mount Windows 7 Ultimate, it failed

    • Oh mine..

      You CANNOT install a OS with this.
      Use vmware or burn the image on a cd/dvd.

  • Anonymous

    thank you

  • Anonymous

    thank you

  • Samith

    thanks a lot.. simply it works….

  • Isaac Comer-Wyrd

    A native Windows program that lets you view the contents of an .iso. No need for DeamonTools.

    Furry cows moo and decompress.

  • Andre

    Thanks great hint

  • Siegfred

    why i cant install the driver, it says “The Handle is Invalid”, any clue..

    • boris

      good stuff fkn…

  • Alexis Rizzman

    I tried doing the above and the result was that I managed to create a virtual drive which I now want to get rid of and have no idea how! I hope someone might be able to help!

  • windows data recovery

    It has been proved to be of great use for windows users. I have used the stellar phoenix windows data recovery software V4.2 and recovered all my mails and photos.

  • anonymous

    My problem: when I navigate to the systems folder again to select the .sys file from the program, it says that “the handle is invalid”. What the hell does that mean and what do i do to fix this?

  • Dennis

    When I’m at step 4, I get the message: (In Dutch): De toegang is ongeldig. Which I believe could be translated to; The admission is invalid.
    What to do?! xD
    Now, I’m a total noob when it comes to ‘computer-language’ so if one could explain it in simple words, please do so.

    Dennis, The Netherlands

    • Dennis

      Oh wait, I found the solution myself.
      You just need to run the VCdControlTool as administrator. It worked for me. 😉

      • Anonymous

        Exactly, this continues to work in vista and windows 7. The user just has to be sure to run everything as admin.

  • Mikaboots

    Worked like a charm! Thank you so much.

  • Why does windows need a separate download just to mount ISO images anyway? How very primative! In linux we can mount just be right clicking or using ‘mount -o loop ‘. SO much easier.

  • While I expect this information comes about 5 years too late…
    The ‘image file’ is the file that you want to mount. It usually have a .iso file extension.

    • Jneels

      late thread…
      cannot mount on xp64, it says driver blocked from loading. any ideas? (works computer so i dont want to install ‘other’ programs.

  • Abraham Clooney

    yeah it doesn’t support .bin or .cue T_T

    • Gamerteen4

      Well that explains why it isn’t working for me…………

  • Lazerbrain343

    Im so happy with this that I’d like to mount you.

  • Woggie

    You are just an abusive A-hole who wants to find the planet where everybody knows everything you do, but who will find himself unsatisfied when he gets there because he will have no one to abuse.

  • Melvinrioscal

    Macs do it right from the OS, have since 2000.

  • FileDisk ISO Mounter
    is much more useful. tested a lot. good choice.

  • Kedatinh_alone

    i’ve done exactly what readme tell me to do , but when i install drive , i select vcdrom.sys it say “the handle invalid” , can you check it please , thanks so much

  • Pdofpoov

    Thanks. Is it work in Windows 7?

  • i cant use it within win 7 sigh….

  • RocCityPhoto

    Works great, Thanks!

  • Benni6869

    i did all the stps right but when i get to step 4. “If the “Install Driver” button is available, click it. Navigate to the %systemroot%system32drivers folder, select VCdRom.sys, and click Open.” the VCdRom.sys does not appear in the list even when i select show all option but when i open the file by itself it is there so what am i doing wrong?

  • Anon

    6 years later and this worked for me! I run WinXP using VirtualBox on a Fedora Host system. The pass-thru for the physical cdrom works but Windows XP was reporting the Office XP disc as unreadable. I created an iso of the disc on another machine but was then unable to install Daemon Tools Lite in the virtual machine! Anyway, I tried this method and it worked perfectly.

  • Bobby

    What a jerk…So I’d assume you came out of the womb knowing what an image file was…I’m learning as you once learned…grow up.

  • Hang N Around

    OK, like many of you I had problems getting Virtual CD-ROM Control Panel v2.0.1.1 to work. I kept getting “the handle invalid” message. So after trial and error I finally got it to work on Vista 32bit and Win 7 32bit. Download the file and extract. Open the folder you extracted to, right click on VCdRom.sys and select copy. Go to C DriveWindowsSystem32Drivers, right click and select paste. Close window and go back to folder where Virtual CD-Rom is located. Right click on VCdControlTool.exe and select (Run as administrator). You should then be able to select Driver Control and Install Driver. Hope this clears up some of the confusion. Enjoy

    • wow i was just having problem and this solves it. Thanks you very much for the solution.

  • Popcornr35

    My problem comes after copying VCdRom.sys into the the drivers file. I opened up the program and clicked Driver Control to get to Install Drive. The problem is is that I can’t install it. I see VCdRom.sys right there but it says that the handle is invalid. If you could help with this soon it would be greatly appreciated.

  • Popcornr35

    Forget my previous post. A new problem has risen. I did all that Hang N Around had suggested which worked beautifully, but now my problem is that I can’t mount my iso on it. Strange enough I did it the first time in Admin but I couldn’t do it as just a regular user. Then when I tried to go back and try to mount it again it FAILS! Its bugging me but I will be looking more into it.Will keep posted if anyone wants to know if I ever fix my little problem.

  • Proscopon

    Well… After reading some of the comments… I just can’t understand them.
    If you calmmly read the instructions, it’s all there.
    I keep using it for some time (years) and I’ve never had any problems.

  • mma

    Amazing, Thanx a lot

  • Mahenxx

    I NEed HELPP…
    When i now click on my computer there are lots of CD drives …..can somebody help me remove these..

  • Anonymous

    If it says “Mount Failed” that might be because the file name is too long. This programm can only read a certain number of characters in the path to the ISO file. Please add this to the guide.

  • bigrig

    Or you can try stopping the driver and then start it again.  Worked for me. try stopping the driver and then start it again.  Worked for me.

  • Cozettie

    where is %systemroot%system32drivers folder.

  • Cozettie

    where is %systemroot%system32drivers folder.

  • Lostte

    thank you, great tip

  • i  have used daemon tools all the time in the past but somehow it was crashing a server with RAID and not allowing the computer to boot up.. also it is adware now and a little annoying – so I am glad to find out about this MS tool. 

  • eteRniTY

    Cool/Hott recipe!!

  • The first priority of the site administrator for your comments right know, thank you. Really very good information-sharing gives you.

  • danny walker

    does this work on windows 7?

  • chariff

    Can I use the driver with *.bin file?
    I followed all your steps carefully, but I couldn’t mount the “bin” file?

  • AnnoyedGuy

    I have followed the instructions as given and reached the end. It states:

    “You may now use the drive letter as if it were a local CD-ROM device.”

    However, I cannot find the drive letter (I’m using Z:) under ‘Computer’ (I’m using Windows Vista).

    Am I missing something? Where is the problem?

    I have definitely done everything in the instructions, so how do I use the drive letter?

  • zippy

    Thanks for this, works a treat.
    Tried a second time though and Add Drive returns Add Failed.
    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    Using dirty Vista (boo) but XP compatibility mode worked fine.


  • supyoyoyo

    Yeah i downloaded prototype the game, and it has this prototype.mdf file, and i try to mount it with this, BUT IT WONT SHOW UP!

    Tried with alchohol, deamon tools, this thing, AND NOTHING WORKS!!!


  • hussain

    thanks to how know the humanities for all.

  • Saeed Iranzad

    It doesn’t work for me. The main problem is that it doesn’t show the VCdRom.sys in the system32\dirvers folder.
    I have a Win7 64 bit version. Is the software working on 64bit Win7?

  • Saeed Iranzad

    It doesn’t work for me. It can’t find the VCdRom.sys file in the system32\drivers folder.
    Is this because of 64bit Win7 I have?

  • holly

    where does one find this %systemroot%\system32\drivers file? i am severely confused…

  • Thanks man it really useful tool for all.

  • Marc

    Microsoft Virtual CD-ROM is not stable on MS Mindows 7 (32-Bit) and does not work either for me on MS Windows 7 (64-Bit).

    Rather use Virtual CloneDrive ( or MagicDisc ( or ImDisk Virtual Disk Driver ( or WinCDEmu ( – All are freeware and support just about from MS Windows XP to 7 and 2008.

    Used to like Deamon-Tools ( the best, but they started to bundle too much spyware, addware and crapware into their installer – up to about v4.10 was still OK without all the badware in the installer.

  • Del

    Agreed, use Virtual Clone Drive. You can mount an iso or an img, you can allocate a drive letter of choice, tou can define the number of drives (or reduce it to zero to temporarily zap the program).

    I use Imgburn to write images to real disks.

    I’ve used the MS tools before but prefer the above as being a lot more controllable.

  • Walta

    in case the original MS download link does not work anymore, you can download it on CNet too
    I do agree with Marc and Del, it works with /up to Windows XP best.

    • david

      > thank you.

  • David Kirk

    Microsoft just released a new version, and I have updated the link above. This version works with XP through Windows 7. Windows 8 reads images files without additional software.

  • Vlad

    Spent 30min trying to get this working with Win7 before choosing Fail. Using the misleading readme was almost less helpful than going in blind.