iPhone iOS4: Lock Orientation. (But where is the Horizontal Lock?)

One of my favorite features of my iPad is the ability to lock the orientation in one direction. With iOS4 for the iPhone, locking the orientation vertically in portrait orientation is now available. Should horizontal lock be available too?

I enjoy reading on my iPad and iPhone. One of the problems with reading on the iPhone is that the phone will change orientation with movement. For example, when I lie down on my side to read, the phone often can’t decide what orientation to use. Locking the phone vertically in portrait orientation fixes this problem.

1. Double tap the home key to access the background control screen.
2. Swipe-right until you see iPad and orientation controls

swipe right to get to background controls

3. Click the Portrait Orientation lock button

press portrait lock button

Where is the Horizontal Lock option?

I am one of these people that enjoy reading from my iPhone in horizontal orientation as well. Many web sites, especially forums, are often better viewed in this position. Since horizontal lock is available on the iPad, I will be keeping my fingers crossed that it’s an option for the iPhone in the future as well.


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  • Luke

    II wish there was a horizontal lock too, but I do know of a workaround.
    Basically, hold the phone horizontally and then turn it vertically so it is upside down (ie home button at the top). Thankfully the iphone doesn’t display its portrait screen upside down so it stays horizontal! Thats how I read in bed all the time! 😀

  • Jenamberlee

    Thanks! I accidentally locked mine and had no idea how to unlock it! Got it now 🙂

  • Yoshimassa81

    My problem is soluted!!!!tank you for ur suport!!!:)

  • ALez

    Not working wit Facebook app though.

  • rr070119

    Thank you so much!

  • Hi,
    Thanks for the information.. Its a great resource on locking.. I am glad I visited here and come to know about it.. I was wondering to know what are the other tricks for it?
    aplle peel

  • Corey04068

    my kids ( 5 & 3yrs ) locked it on me and I haven’t been able to fix it in months!!!

  • jj

    finally.. this needs when you are in bed

  • Bo Nyi

    Thank you so much.
    i need it when i in bed.

  • billy t

    thanks alot, very clear and easy to fix that , i love that

  • Torrente

    Luke, thank you so much ! so easy! I Just feel like a dumb not to have figured it out by myself 🙁

  • Gils

    Thanks.. Now it is working… 🙂

  • Bambi Donovan

    New with the IPhone, and now my problems solved. Thanks!

  • reb

    Mr. Kirk,

    Thank you very much. I am always getting stuck on the simple things, i. e. who knew there was a lock ? on the bottom.

  • jason

    Good question……I have a regular i-phone(not the “S”) On facebook I used to be able to turn my phone horizontal or vertical. it seems it’s stuck in the vertical position. I checked what you guys are talking about on my phone and it is not locked. When going on photos it will “flip” accordingly, but on any home page or wall page it just wants to stay in the vertical position. Frustrating. Any ideas?

  • Fern

    Speaking of reading on iphone. Lethe social media icon pallete on these site blocks the text. It is pretty bad