iOS4: Creating and Using Folders for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

Users can finally organize their applications by placing them within folders! This ability requires iOS4.0 and higher for the iPhone and iPod Touch. iPad users will need to update to at least iOS4.2

Scrolling through screens and screens of applications is not a very efficient way to keep a phone organized. In iOS4, users can use a series of folders to keep their applications better sorted.

Folders on the iPhone / iPod Touch can hold 12 icons; the iPad folders will hold 20.

Using Folders:

1. Tap and hold your finger over an app until you enter the edit mode. The icons will shake. This starts just like the user was going to move an app to a different page. Most of the apps with have black X’s in the upper left-hander corner.
2. Slide one app onto the top of another app that you want to place in a folder together.
3. Name your folder
4. Continue to slide additional apps into that folder.

iphone folders ios4

Here’s an example:

Hold game A until the black Xs appear. Slide game A onto game B until it creates a folder. Name the folder. Drag the rest of your games into that folder.

How Do I Delete a Folder?

Just drag all the apps out of the folder and it will disappear.


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  • Richard Liriano

    Hello Davak,

    Thanks for the tip, I also learned that you can multitask by double-tapping on the Home button, the screen will then slide up, revealing a tray of any and all apps running in the background. Tap an icon, and the app that’s currently running will twirl away, to be replaced by the app you just tapped. You can also tap and hold an app in the multitasking tray to close it for good once you’re done using it.


    P.S. question, how did you add a battery status by percentile to your Home screen? Thanks in advance.

  • Thanks for the multitasking info, Richard. I’ll have to try that soon!Battery percentage: