Android: Can’t establish a reliable data connection to the server

   Posted January 8, 2010 by David Kirk in Android

If you continue to have problems setting up your Google account on your Android device, this will solve your problem. This is a frequent problem experienced by users of the Google Nexus One phone.

If you did not setup your google account when you first boot up your phone, you will repeatedly get this error.

To solve this problem, do the following…

1. Hard reset your phone. You will lose all information that is currently on your phone when you do this.

Select Settings -> Security -> Factory Data Reset

2. Once the phone reboots, input your google account information when the phone asks for it.

3. If you are still having problems, you can try the YouTube Connection Trick:

a. Add YouTube app and login with gmail account
b. Go into Gmail App and add account if needed.
c. Sign into Gmail account wither username and password
d. Go through login process

If you are still having problems, check out some of the additonal fixes in our wonderful comments below.


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  • a

    Do not reset the phone! Just restart the phone without the SIM card, and connect to some WiFi network, so you can login to your Google Account. It will log you into the account, and then you can put the SIM card back.

    • Grant

      Finally! A lateral thinker. Thanks for a well thought out solution.

      • mohamad nazri

        my phone cannot connect to the google server,….what the solution that i can do???

        • Sudip Shrestha

          My phone can’t open Google play stories how to open


        THANKS A LOT




        THANK YOU

        • Khurram Uzair

          how it reset with outdeleting contacts …………?

        • Khurram Uzair

          i have to do this already and sign in through google play store even gmail app it still there ……… not solve tell me how it solve

    • Ernie

      Removing the SIM had zero effect for me. Had to do the factory reset on my Samsung Spica. There seems to be one other alternative which involves deleting some files in /data/data, but I didn’t feel like going through the vaguely described rooting process that is required to do that.

      • Dhaval

        > if anyone has installed freedom app then juz reinstall it and Chng the time zone to anything except ur default one and then run the app then close it uninstall it. Set time zone to automatic. Done problem solved

    • Subinjose78

      Excellent ! Worked for my new galaxy S today. All other sites I visited were suggesting factory reset. Thank you for saving me the trouble – Subin, Bangalore

    • Tony Lapham

      Well I might be late in the phone game but I had this same issue and after removing the ATT chip and resetting my sgh0897 I was able to get into the google account and then the android market with no problems thanks for the post Ive been working for two weeks to get this, This way was much easier

      • jack

        > how do you do that?

    • Explorerdave

      Had the same problem with my LG 540, put it into airplane mode, logged into youtube with gmail account, waited 2 mins, and account was in the phone – perfect. —- how does this work.??????????…

      • Boksmedtingi

        Can’t believe it, but the YouTube sollution worked. Even for a Google Apps account on SE x10 mini. Thanks!

      • shik saur

        it worked for me too….gr8 help dear!!!!
        (I had Samsung GalaxyS-I9000)

        • rizwan

          how it works for you i also have GTI9100 have google server connection problem even wifi is connected>

      • Rodrigo Carneiro

        YouTube login works fine for my Motorola Milestone 2

      • Matthew

        OMG ive been struggling with this for a while, i dont know why i didnt think of this. THANKS x 9999999 for the tip !!! Good karma to you

      • TheFeuch

        This worked for me too, great solution, thanks.>

    • Adrian

      The YouTube login with gmail address worked for me.

    • Huss_9250

      how come i cannot do it at my sony xperia x10 mini pro.????can u explain to me??

    • tallstew

      > thank you this worked for my samsung captivate

    • Maia

      > Dear A -OMGOSH to the person who said just make the account without the sim card.!!! you are amazing IT WORKED!! thank u thank u thank, i tried everything else that the other people had said and nothing worked! thank u thank u!!! (:

    • Andy

      Need your help pls. My Galaxy Nexus cannot connect to Google apps (Gmail, Maps, Play store) via Wifi, but it works with network data, somehow. I tried many times, still couldn’t work. Any tips? Thanks in advance.

    • Kayla

      Restarting my phone without the SIM card worked!! Only difference is I did not connect to wifi before trying gmail. >

      • sofia

        Dear, I have gone through all of it and it doesn’t work. I am using a sumsung galaxy mini GT s5570.ANDROID 2.2.1 I have tried by hard reset, adding Google account without SIM, Youtube trick.
        additional idea ?

    • Kunal

      > I m also facing the same problem in my Xperia X10…i tried d same thing but my Youtube account also facing same problem… its continueously showing “Authenticating”… do i need to sign in youtube by my gmail account or need to create New one?? plz help,,,,

      • Adri

        Log in to youtube account using your gmail address, it worked for me

        • hariom

          But how then , tell me>

    • Tony Almeida

      > Hi there David,
      I’m new comer here! I really need some help concerning my Cell-phone Genesis SK-150, I’ve been trying to Sync it to my Google account and I’ve been fustrated, even thought of selling it.
      Please Help me and I appreciate.


      Tony Almeida

    • aileen

      > brill it works thank you x

    • sam

      hello i have a same error cant establish a reliable data connection wid my xperia arc s.. please tell me how can i resolve my problem.. i have a google account.. but i cant set up in my android market..

      • adee

        did your problem solved????

        • emad khan

          unable to connect it after the reset
          model is sony xperia p

    • Adnan Amer

      I have a samsung sidekick 4g with android 2.2.1 froyo. i have done factory reset and everything as stated above but still got the same problem please help me what to do now. thanks >

    • jm

      > i did the same. but still not able to add my google account. tried so many ways but still gets the same error message. any other optons maybe?. TY

    • anddy

      Hi iv got a GT-I5500 with the same iproblem. i cant log into my gmail account , meaning i cant download applications.

      ive done the remove card solution and it works , wooo im so happy


    • Geoff

      > HTC Hero…The sim-less power down method worked for me.

    • big mama

      thank you so much, please tell me why after being on the phonewith Verizon for 4 hours they couldnot tell me this???????/>

    • haque

      i m having this problem on my xperia x10i….. do u have any solutoin for this problem??

    • mtaur

      This worked! I had just done a factory reset to solve another problem, and I was getting the “Can’t establish a reliable connection to the server” error message. I was getting a bit frustrated and was about to do another factory reset when I saw your post and decided to try it. Glad I did. Thanks for you post.

    • Andrew DDsd

      THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Paul

      > Worked like a charm! Thanks!

    • Sam

      Thanks a lot brother

    • macario

      > thank you. it’s worked mate

    • sumukh

      >Dude wprked for me too

    • Roman

      > thank you very much. It is working for me.

  • pete

    Thanks. T-mobile UK unable to help me with this problem on a samsung galaxy. A factory reset did the trick!

  • Roko2010

    Had the problem with accessing/setting up Google Account.

    1. MENU -> SETTINGS -> Accounts & sync -> BACKGROUND DATA (TICK!)
    2. MENU -> SETTINGS -> Accounts & sync -> Add account -> Google -> create or log in

    works now – not sure if Background data had anything to do with it… Please try and confirm if works for you too…. if not, sorry for wasting your time πŸ™‚


    • Scudz

      This works, apparently Google Apps needs the Background Data turned on to work.

      • Melissang89

        ya, it works for me too… Thanks… Roko

    • Guest

      thx, it works for me..
      cause it works, i don’t need to factory reset as htc suggest to do

    • Tamasioan64

      This worked for me. Thanks, A+

    • Raka

      Thanks Roko it worked for me. What I did
      MENU -> SETTINGS -> Accounts & sync -> BACKGROUND DATA (TICK!)
      restart the phone and then tried to login Android market and it worked.
      Thanks for ur help !!!!!

      • Tony Almeida

        > Can anyone help me with my Genesis SK 150? I’ve tried, but no way to sync to google!!

      • hotshot309

        What worked on my new Samsung Galaxy Player 3.6: Turn on background data, as mentioned, clear data on all of Google’s apps on the phone (go to Settings > Applications > All and choose each Google app and hit “Clear Data” on it–NOTE, you will lose application data if there is any on your device!), turn the player off and back on, log into your Google account via Settings > Accounts and Sync. If it tells you your username and password don’t match, you might have Google 2-Step Verification turned on. If so, go into “Security” on your Google account and manually generate an application-specific password and enter that, or use another option recommended by Google in their documentation, if you have a newer/fancier device.

        • terrance

          > there is no option to choose background data on my galaxy s3 please help I really won’t wanna buy a new phone

    • Asifsajjad786

      Very well man πŸ™‚

    • Actnowuato

      this worked. the market needs background data to be enabled in order to work. thanx alot man

    • X10minipro

      Yes! This works for me too!
      (Sony Ericsson X10 mini pro, Android upgraded to 2.1)

      So, the main trick is to enable “Background data”, and you can create Google Account, connect to Google Android market e t.c.

      Thanks for solution!

    • Andyda32

      Β awesome Thank you Roko x

    • Sur

      Thank you very much… it worked for me…

    • logan

      > Can’t establish a reliable data connection to the server. This could be a temporary problem or your phone may npt be provisioned for data services. If it continues contact customer care.
      Zte score please help text 4356310732

      • Maame

        > I am having this same problem ie can’t establish a reliable network con

    • Lachel

      You are not wasting anyone’s time..Great solution, thankss..

    • Baris

      > Definitely works this does! I had been trying for ages and it worked immediately after turning ‘background data’ on.

    • khawar

      > thanks it works god bless u

    • drshibs

      > thanx thanx thanx, that did it for me in xperia ray !

    • John

      Yup, I removed sim card and enabled background data… Now everything works fine!

    • Rishiray23

      > Thnx buddy X999999999999999999999

    • Prasprab

      > Hey this trick worked for my sony live with walkman cell phone…The cust care ppl recommend using WiFi n trying to set up account but the background tick did the work for me…

    • Nyen

      > thanks!!! ive been trying to resolve this with my myphone ts1 android phone. this worked!!!!!!

      i love this site!!!


    • Alan

      > Thanks, ticking ‘background data’ worked (samsung galaxy)

    • Paresh

      > Thanks a lot removing sim and ticking on the background data worked. other wise i had again do all the settings in my cell. thanks alot aging

    • Frank

      > Thanks mate πŸ™‚ I was getting worried that none of the above worked for except for your tip…this worked for me. πŸ™‚

    • rojell20

      seriously?.. I wasted almost a day fixing this.. grrrrrr.. thanks a lot roko, very helpful.. πŸ™‚

    • sarah

      > checking background data worked for me!!

      • lily ernida

        its work…just did factory reset on my friend phone-galaxy note.
        thanks friend

    • betty


    • Subir

      Thanks a lot worked for me..Even the hard reset/Factory reset was not working.

    • noran


    • Aleks

      > Very thanks! Confirm, the only method that help me

    • Murali

      >Excellent. This trick works for me. Thank you. πŸ™‚

    • AD

      it does not work for me. T.T ive been finding a way all day just to solve it but all of those remedies i saw in this forum doesn’t help

    • Darryl

      did not work for me. πŸ™ I dont know whatI am going to do. I do not want to get mobile service for this thing when all I only use it with wi-fi>

    • Mazhar

      > thank thanks thanks, all else failed, even factory reset failed…. background… worked

    • Prateek

      God bless you mate..
      It worked for me.

    • arslan

      > sir i have q mobile noir A8 with this problem that my mobile does not connect with google account.i am using wifi for internet.i have tried all the methods of hard reset,you tube method etc but i cannot solve my problem

      • billu

        > i also have q mobile noir a2 classic did u find any slution for this plz help me

    • Nii

      > please how do I locate background data on my Samsung s3 GT-I9300

  • Darkdanian

    Did that. Did not work.

  • Omprakash

    factory reset step worked on Samssung galaxy s…..

  • Anonymous

    For anyone still experiencing this frustrating problem like I was (Samsung Epic), I found the solution.

    Basically if you also have a youtube account tied to the google account, you can add the account through the youtube app on your phone and then the account should also show up in the gmail accounts list. I think it’s crazy that the youtube app can accomplish this but the gmail app can’t but at least there’s a workaround.

    • Jack

      Great workaround. Still, would be nice if Google fixes the bug. Cheers!

      • Jane Simosh

        Google will not fix the bug, as there is no bug to fix. The Android platform itself is broken at its core, and this is just one of the symptoms.

    • Nickelfixit

      Went to Apps, added YouTube to Desktop.
      Operned Gmail App
      Went to Accounts, Add account
      Input Gmail account Username & Password
      Signed in as per screens
      Waited two minutes, opened Gmail & BINGO! there it was!
      Sooo Easy (None of this Factory Reset malarky.
      Thanks Troikkonen et al.

      • Queenhoneydoll

        Worked great…after being on the phone with techs for hours, and refusing to reset my phone I am happy to find this fix…so darn easy!!
        Thanks a bunch Nickelfixit!!

      • Caramell99

        this process worked for me instantly also .no reset for me

        • Bravecolt

          Motorola MOTOBlur fix Gmail

          1) if you use your Gmail address for the β€œMotoblur” account and want to use the same account as your everyday Gmail account ( which most people would ) you need to do this;
          2) Go to your Gmail account edit look for multiple sign in ( see below) and select β€œ ON – Use multiple Google Accounts in the same web browser.”
          3) This fixes the error message which is rejecting the (2nd sign on) to your everyday Gmail account because your β€œMotoblur” account needs to have dedicated access to the account so it is preventing you from setting up your Gmail account as an everyday email account

      • The Don

        Worked beautifully for my Epic. No ‘factory reset’ or messin’ with the sim card.
        U rock … thanks much!

    • swede

      Great, this worked for me too on my HTC Legend. Have searched for other workarounds than factoryreset for weeks, and this odd thing works, even though the login to Youtube fails.

    • Queenhoneydoll

      Thanks …it worked perfect and almost instantly!!

    • Tiffany

      This is perhaps the stupidest tech fix I have ever heard of, but who would have thought…it actually worked…

      I just logged into my YouTube app on my phone with the account I was trying to add, opened up my Gmail app, and it was in my accounts! Thank you!!!!!!

      • Beltwayboss

        Hey Tiffany, Your right it worked for my Cricket Android Ascend. sad day when we do our own tech support

        • Specks

          This was completely awesome. Worked like a charm when everything short of a complete reset didn’t work. Genius!!!

  • Tao

    Thanks for the hint, I’ve sorted my GalaxyS by.
    1. Log in Youtube, as account connected with my gmail
    2. Gmail, add account

    Now market is back:)

    • Miakoda

      OH SWEET GODDESS, THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, 1000 f-ing times, THANK YOU!!!!!!!

      We’re a multiple, thus several people, one body, one Droid. It was WAR with myself being the only one of us able to log in to my e-mail account!

      of the Klatch

    • Derek

      this worked for me. thank you. glad i didnt reboot my phone. i tried removing the sd card and that didnt work. this is the answer for me

      on a virgin mobile samsung intercept

    • Alessandro Dias

      I didn’t want to reset it because I had my gmail app account already synchronized! I tried the youtube login via “youtube software” and after that added my personal gmail account and worked!!
      Samsgun Galaxy S
      Android 2.1

      • Namratharavi

        Hello All…..

        Can u please help me in setting up Google account in my Samsung Galaxy 551. whenever i try logging in, it says Cant establish reliable data:( plz can anyone help

        • Nyeikaru

          This is also the same problem that I’m getting. I already went back to the shop where I bought my phone and they did the reset. RIght after this, I was able to sign-in using my account and even download an app (andoridify) since i was already running out of battery BUT after that I could not sign in anymore. I have tried removing my sim card. I have also tried removing the SD card. I have checked all possible settings and today I just reset it again, STILL no changes. The thing is, I can access my gmail account by using the google search. I can use the net and do some searches but still cannot sign into Facebook and other appplications where they require me to log-in using my google account (except for my gmail.) It’s really weird and I’m getting frustrated since the reason why I bought the phone was for the apps that I could download and install from the android market but I can’t access ANDROID market either since it also requires my google account!!!

          • lily

            absolutely same situation………..getting pissed off now.

          • adee

            same situation with me cant able to do anything…..>

    • Angela Quintana


  • saywhatttt

    thank you so much just got my transform used it for the same thing reset went directly to market signed in went perfect thanks a ton

  • Chandra

    After reading the posts and all the comments, I tried the following:
    1. linking with youtube a/c. although now the a/c showed up in settings
    2. restarting without SIM

    was about to try factory settings but then bro suggested to unmount sd card and try. Did unmount from settings and then the issue was gone. later inserted the sd card and tried. everything worked fine and still is.

    • David Kirk – Founder/Editor

      Thanks for sharing the information. It’s really appreciated.

    • sandeep

      signing in youtube worked !! cheers

    • And

      unmounting SD card helped! thx!

  • Duckhead_

    Worked just fine for me!
    Right after the reboot i had it all solved in about 5 minutes!

    Thanks a lot!

    • pala

      I have an old unlocked (from at&t) Xperia X10. So if I factory reset the phone, will the phone get locked back again?

  • Cysnoure

    Thankyou Roko2010.Doing the following solved my logging in problem Samsung Galaxy S;

    1. MENU -> SETTINGS -> Accounts & sync -> BACKGROUND DATA (TICK!)
    2. MENU -> SETTINGS -> Accounts & sync -> Add account -> Google -> create or log inworks now –

    Thanks a lot for you help.

  • Wanlord

    I removed the SD card and logged in via Youtube and that FINALLY worked thank you!

  • Netsysc

    If you have a Galaxy S here is what you can do.

    First power off your phone and remove your SIM card.

    Next, power up the phone.

    Go to ‘APPLICATIONS’ and click on ‘SETTINGS’.
    Click on ‘APPLICATIONS’, and then click ‘MANAGE APPLICATIONS’.

    This will list out all of the installed applications on your phone. Scroll down to ‘GMAIL STORAGE’ and click it.

    Under the ‘STORAGE’ section click the ‘CLEAR DATA’ button.
    Now click the ‘BACK ARROW’ on your phone to the ‘SETTINGS’ menu screen and now click the ‘ACCOUNTS & SYNC’.

    You should still have your original account information listed in the ‘MANAGE ACCOUNTS’ section. Click the account and select ‘SYNC CONTACTS’ and any other options you want. You’ll notice and spinning arrow reaching back out to the GMAIL servers to synchronize with your account.

    Good luck,

    Galaxy S Owner

    • Anonymous

      Got halfway through this, but “Gmail Storage” isn’t on my phone.

  • Wonderingonjupiter

    I have a mytouch 3g can anyone help me!!!!!!

  • Ketan

    Hi everybody
    I was facing the same problem
    my internet was working but for other applications i was getting above message….
    earlier i had WAP service activated in my mobile… i opted for Paid GRPS service and the problem got solved…
    now i am able to use all applications on my Samsung Galaxy 3 GT-i5801

  • Steve7″

    ok i tried pretty much everything on here after doing a hard reset and clear all data,nothing worked till i tried the log into youtube and that fixed everything weird way round but if it works it works.
    Samsung Galaxy S international 3 network uk 16gb model

  • Woodworxmusic

    I am very grateful for this post! It actually solved several other issues also after i updated my 1.6 to 2.1 using the KDZ update process… WIN WIN WIN

  • Sit2pee

    i have tried everything…short of factory reset, which I refuse to do as it will take forever to re-load everything. Funny how the gmail app has none of these issues on Iphone or Blackberry. you would think that the Google App would work best on a GOOGLE phone.

  • Ashok

    Thanks a lot friends…. A big worry from my mind has been fixed on seeing this posts. The hard reset worked for me.

    Ashok … .using Galaxy 3 i5801

  • Karthickclean

    hi all,
    i have bought samsung galaxy 3….
    i have a wi fi connection in my workplace, but i am unable to run the
    setup of gtalk, gmail,youtube. almost all the apps are not opening,,,it tells
    cant establish connection to the server..
    can anyone help me please

  • Sanjoybose

    have tried it it with my Samsung Galaxy S in India. Even without the Vodafone Sim after rebooting or restarting the phone it didint work… I had to do a factory reset without the SIM inside… The option is Setting > Private > Reset Factory Setting. DO remember if you have set the Mobile tracker then you need to disable that – for that you have to enter the password that you have given for Mobile tracker…

  • Robert

    Fantastic site. Wish I found this sooner – it took me about 6 hours to get the calendar app finally loaded on motorola Defy phone via google accounts. In the end I had to go the factory reset route but had already saved a bunch of data to the blur page so it wasnt so bad…..why cant google make it easy to load a google app to a googgle phone???!

  • Jsl Pune

    Removing sim did not work on my LG Optimus One P500. However, hard-reset worked fine. Even LG Service people in Pune, India were not aware of tis. Thanks a lot

    • Ian_sals

      Hi Jsl,
      I too have an LG Optimus P500 and currently am unable to use any of the apps although the browser works fine. I have even tried resetting my phone but I still get the above message. Please let me know how you resolved this issue. Thanks in advance.

  • nickwhite

    Like Tao said above, all you need to do is open up the Youtube application, press menu and login to youtube. Once you successfully login to Youtube, Andriod will allow you to add the Gmail account to the phone.

  • Jay Li
  • Shishir_raipur

    hii buddiiess

    the solution is as small as the prob is bigger

    remember u hav to just sign in with u tube USING UR GMAIL ID

    write down us WHOLE GMALE AADDRESS while signing in in u tube

    nd thats all

    u hav been connected


  • Kay

    HTC wildfire: have done:
    spoken to Telstra – cant help
    spoken to HTC (for 2 hours or more) – cant help
    tried – resetting
    tried – you tube solution
    tried – unmounting sd card solution
    tried – starting without sim solution
    STILL doesnt work – remind me again what I am paying for?

    • belal

      Same problem πŸ™

    • tinan

      >m using HTC wildfire n m nt able to communicate

  • Namratharavi

    Hello All, Can u please help πŸ™ n in setting up Google account in my Samsung Galaxy 551. whenever i try logging in, it says Cant establish reliable data:( plz can anyone help

    • Raka

      Try this
      MENU -> SETTINGS -> Accounts & sync -> BACKGROUND DATA (TICK!)
      restart the phone and then tried to login Android market and it worked for me πŸ™‚

    • Mannan4net

      hi did you got the fix for galaxy 551 adding account?

      • Jayparikh El

        Same problem,Can u please help , setting up Google account in my Samsung Galaxy 551. whenever i try logging in, it says Cant establish reliable data:

  • New Tricks

    The YouTube route worked for me, but I had create a YouTube account, then sign into it using my Gmail account. Just like Shishir says. All other fixes didn’t work at all. I’m on a Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 updated to Android 2.1.

  • Purity 666

    i hate this bulls*it. i have tried everything and nothign has worked.!! wtf..

  • Rubaina A

    Removing the SIM card from my samsung galaxy 3 GT i580 didn’t work. I then logged into my youtube account and it worked.

  • brew

    As Tao mentioned:
    1. Log in Youtube using gmail account which you would like to add.
    2. Go to Gmail app and add that same account.

    Worked fine for me! Thank goodness there was no need to reset the phone!!! πŸ˜€

  • Pprey

    I had the same problem with an A81E after flashing new ROM. Tried reset, re flashing with original, no joy. Then I turned off the WEWP encryption and hey presto the account registered.

  • AmyD

    Followed the directions for reset and now I can FINALLY link my Google acct to my Intercept. THANK YOU!

  • Pratiksh Parikh

    tried to login thru you tube – does not wrk – network error.
    tried to login thru gmail & thru gtalk – reliable network prob……
    donno wat to do……tried removin da sim & sd card.

  • Pratiksh Parikh

    wen i try to login thru youtube i get dis error – there was network error….i can access all other sites though.

  • swade

    worked a treat for my gt540 thanx a

    • theskrebs

      Roko2010 fix worked on my galaxy s. Running Andriod 2.2 on o2 network. No need to reset. No need to remove sim card. Thanks!

  • rock818

    Tried everything from restarting to reseting…nothing works for me.even youtube is not working on my mobile(samsung galaxy s)…can anyone help???

  • BGOMEZ4944




  • Sonasand2000

    after rebooting my galaxy s i m not getting any network connection and i m not able to make any calls πŸ™

  • Christopher Mills

    I was trying to add a second gmail account to my phone and was having the same issue as everyone else. The Youtube trick eventually worked for me. However I ended up with 3 accounts on the phone: my 2 gmail accounts, and a new “” email address. I deleted the account and was left with the 2 gmail accounts that I needed. Such drama! This was SOO much easier to do on my iPhone than on the Anderrhoid!!

  • Ruel Mendoza

    this solutions works for me hope it will help check Accessibility in Settings > Accessibility > Accessibility (check)

  • Sr20celica

    On my MOTOROLA DEFY all I needed to do was log on to youtube using me gmail account. Fixed. Thanks!!!!

  • BjΓΆrn

    Great! YouTube trick does it. Thanks!

  • darnell

    i have a tmobile comet ive had it for about 3 weeks and i havent been able to do anything but text and call i havent been able to log into my gmail account or any others when i reset my phone it tells me it cant establish a reliable data conection but im sitting in front of a computer using wifi and when i go to settings to turn on wifi it gives me an error message ive read this whole page with the youtube trick unmounting sim card factory reset just deletes my phone numbers ive tried turning on and off my phone taking out different things and nothing has worked my phone cant even find its location i know it works i just dont know what else to do if anyone has a solution it would be greatly appretiated

  • Pam-alam

    I have a Samsung gt-i5700 i wasn’t able to download any app from the market so i tried to change my gmail account but now i can’t login to any of my accounts. i have no contacts and no access for market. i tried the youtube trick and the sim thing but it doesn’t work. Can anyone please help.Β 

  • Beth-horwell

    Worked for me!

  • Stavan

    it worked for me
    thank u

  • pradeep

    same here with galaxy 551 dude…..frustrating

  • jasmina

    Samsung Galaxy Teos: worked for me when loggin to youtube through youtube application and with full gmail address. ( when I logged in to youtube with username only, it didn’t work. so I logged out from youtube and logged in using gmail address. of course, your youtube account should have assigned a gmail mail address. i’ve done this long time ago through my computer (not related to my phone)).
    Thanks a lot guys. This forum is awsome !!!

  • Zurxath

    Thanks Dude , Everybody follow this.

  • JoMc

    I have the same problem as people on here. Tried factory reset several times, tried using USB for internet connection instead of wifi. I realise the solution is YouTube but I’m in China where YouTube is blocked and (helpfully) the other bug my HTC Desire Z has is that it cannot upload a VPN (which would allow me to get onto YouTube). Can anyone please tell me what I should do?Β 

  • Tupac 1971-96

    i have got samsung galaxy s2 gt-i9100 ….nothing worked for me….only backup sync…tnx u guys…u have no idea hom much i love u right now

  • Tanayagarwal4

    I got nexus s yesterday. i encountered similar problem.
    But none of the suggestions worked for me.
    1. Factory Reset did not work for me.
    2. removing the SIM did not work for me.
    3. youtube apps was not in my mobile so could not try it.

    Please anyone help……:(

  • Ankit

    Youtube way worked for me too……fantastic πŸ™‚

  • Gregorstraus

    Worket for me too, on Galaxy s2 πŸ™‚ thx!!!

  • Russ Phillips

    Thanks a lot – after going through thousands of sites proporting to fix this – this is the only one that worked (or was not some frakin .net hack!). Again thanks

    (Nb I turned mine off then back on – worked a treat.)

  • yee

    Can’t establish a reliable data connection to the server

    this could be a temporary problem or your phone may not be provisioned for data services.if it continues, call Customer Care.

    Anyone can help me to solve this Problem??

    thank you

  • rea


    pls help on my xperia x10i still can’t establish reliable data on server…
    really need your help badly…
    thanks much..

  • Faraz

    Im using Xperia x10 running v.2.3, have tried everythn mentioned above but still cant login to my gmail account using the app, even you tube trick is not working it says Network Error whereas im able to browse the web and use my facebook etc but cant login to google/you tube/market πŸ™

    help please

  • Rajeev

    I am using HTC ChaCha and facing same old issue. (It runs on Android 2.3). I tried removing SIM card, You Tube trick but dint worked for me. Don’t want to do hard reset.. pls help.

  • Malay

    @Faraz: My sister faced the same issue on xperia. Just remove the sd card and try again.. the issue is because some data is cahed in your phone from a previous account that was added and then deleted.

  • Young’n

    Thanx A Million!!!!

  • Steve

    Can’t setting up google account . Please try this step as below .
    1. Go to setting>wireless and network>Mobile Network>Access Point Name
    2. Choose any APN ( Example XXXX internet )
    3. Change Authentication type to None.
    4. Save it. and reboot the phone .
    now you can login or register the account .

    After register acc or login successfull and you can change back the setting.

    Hopefully can help .

  • Seth

    Just do step 3 first… Don’t know why a hard reset is the first option. The You Tube trick worked immediately.

  • Glen

    worked with the sim out, but can’t get full access cuz the wifi was limited. still i registered my gmail account. gonna look for a better hotspot. huwaei u8150.

  • mel

    Thanks to Roko2010’s advice on July 9, 2010, it released my frustration on setting gmail account for my Samsung Galaxy Mini. Your solution is so easy to follow!!

  • Manu

    Youtube trick did the job for me, too!

  • Phil

    Logging into youtube with my gmail account worked for me after weeks of trying to figure it out, thanks for these posts samsung galaxy s

  • mark


    Had the problem with accessing/setting up Google Account.1. MENU -> SETTINGS -> Accounts & sync -> BACKGROUND DATA (TICK!)
    2. MENU -> SETTINGS -> Accounts & sync -> Add account -> Google -> create or log inworks now – not sure if Background data had anything to do with it… Please try and confirm if works for you too…. if not, sorry for wasting your time πŸ™‚

  • Debbie

    Thanks sooooo much. The Youtube trick worked on y Sony Ericcson Xperia! Wish I had found this website months ago!!!!

  • like_day

    work on optimus 2x with sim out and wifi. Thank you!

  • adder

    how to fix wifi with limited connectivity on xperia mini pro?..its say connected with limited connectivity..some one help plz…

  • Guest

    Hi all! Hey guys, all these tricks works on android 2x ver, and what about android 3.2? I have asus pad transformer without 3G module. Tried everything from these forum, it doesn’t help. What to do no?

    Please help, thanks.

  • sumeet.shirke

    MENU -> SETTINGS -> Accounts & sync -> BACKGROUND DATA (TICK!)
    wrks like a charm…..try

  • Guest

    It’s not help. Any other offers? Maybe delete or change some file, that have information and settings of accounts, or something, Maybe some file, responsible for connection to the google servers?

  • Snuzz

    I had this problem on an Orange San Francisco (aka ZTE Blade) in the UK. The workaround of logging in to a YouTube account tied to the gmail account I wanted to register on the phone worked for me. ;O)

    See this posting above for more info:
    Anonymous on 7 October 2010

  • Peter


    Upgraded my X10 to 2.3.3

    1. Factory reset doesnt work
    2. Removing SIM and/or SD card doesnt work
    3. Youtube login doesnt work
    4. Background data is ticked

    Does anybody know how to fix this?


  • eleni

    @peter, same here!

  • eleni

    Guys, i have sony ericsson mini pro x10 and i cannot connect to my google account.I tried the above and the problem still exists ! anybody, any new idea? :/
    thanks x

  • nuren

    i’m using samsung ace.i cant access android market using wifi connection.this message keep on appearing ‘a network error has occured’ eventhough my phone was connected to wifi.also cant sign up youtube account πŸ™

  • scott

    hello i have a sony ericsson xperia x10 and i recently updatd it to the latest software 2.3.3 i think it is and after hat my data conection wont work ive tryed everything so please any suggestions

  • wyepyan

    wow…thanks! =)
    restart phone without sim card works on my phone^^
    thanks a lot!!!^^

  • shailja

    I’m using sony ericsson W8 android 2.1 version. I’m unable to login into my gmail, facebook account, even android market is not working.It takes a lot of time in loding process then an error msg generated “data connectivey problem, server failed to communicate”. I have alreday done factory reset data but again i’m facing the same issue.

    One more thing, if i restart the phone then all internet applications start working including gmail, facebook, android market, but after sometime again error msg generated “unable to syncronize, try to reload the page later.”
    Please help.

  • Aditya

    Hi All,

    Got the Problem fixed the main issue is with the APN settings for the SIM please Check the Settings of the APN for the SIM that u are using and after setting it restart the phone and then login to Market it really took me 1 week to figure this out this is the final settings that you have to do no need to reset the phone or delete the data !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At last got the solution for this

  • Aditya

    APN is in the Wireless & Networks there u select the default and for this the authentication type to None thats it rest of the things are default do not change any thing there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! enjoy finally i am able to use my mail and market !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tushar

    ALL you need to do is to set the DATE and TIME correctly and it will immediately start working fine.

  • bharath

    EXCELLENT………….i was struggled a lot………with market with my Htc Wildfire S………….

    MENU -> SETTINGS -> Accounts & sync -> BACKGROUND DATA (TICK!)

    This Worked for me fine………………….

  • Chookenlittle

    Thank You so much Roko2010 – worked perfectly without having to do the reset.

    Roko2010 said on July 9, 2010
    Had the problem with accessing/setting up Google Account.
    1. MENU -> SETTINGS -> Accounts & sync -> BACKGROUND DATA (TICK!)
    2. MENU -> SETTINGS -> Accounts & sync -> Add account -> Google -> create or log in
    works now – not sure if Background data had anything to do with it… Please try and confirm if works for you too…. if not, sorry for wasting your time πŸ™‚

  • http://NA Anish

    Thanks a lot for the Youtube solution

  • Udayan Thapliyal

    The workaround that worked : Log into Youtube with the desired email id. YOUTUBE APP and NOT the website from the browser. Your phone will automatically create an account.

  • androiduser

    You have to enable “Enable Background Data” first, then click on the “Add” account for Gmail, without going through the Factory Reset process.

  • Syed

    A lot guys it worked on my sony ericson W800 android phone.
    MENU -> SETTINGS -> Accounts & sync -> BACKGROUND DATA (TICK!)

  • aicy eltagonde

    thank you so much. it works. ive factory reset the phone Galaxy Y (young) . SETTINGS- PRIVACY- CLICK ON FACTORY RESET then erase everything. then, once the phone booted,enter your gmail. i encoutered the same error. so i went to SETTINGS again. then i went to Accounts and Sync. i added my gmail account. then voila! everything works. market is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    thank you so much

  • rijal

    Thanks @Roko2010, you trick is worked!!

  • jd01

    the youtube fix worked. thank you so much πŸ™‚

  • Jeff

    please Check the date and time is correct.

    I got the same problem and set the DATE and TIME correct, then the problem solved

  • Andy

    Tried resetting on a Sony Ericsson Xperia (X10) and some other fixes. No joy and then the YouTube trick worked a treat. Many thanks!!

  • Nonoy

    Thankyou Roko2010.Doing the following solved my logging in problem Samsung Galaxy S;
    1. MENU -> SETTINGS -> Accounts & sync -> BACKGROUND DATA (TICK!)
    2. MENU -> SETTINGS -> Accounts & sync -> Add account -> Google -> create or log inworks now –
    Thanks a lot for you help.

    worked for me as well! thanks!

  • Exile

    what would be the best turn around in this issue for Galaxy Y without doing factory reset? and if not, would the pre installed apps on the phone will be back after doing so.,

  • dawit

    Hello everyone from Ethiopia,
    I had to do a hard reset on t mobil my touch 3g and i cant creat or sign in to google accoun its gives me this error
    “Can’t establish a reliable data
    connection to the server. This
    could be a temporary
    problem or your SIM card may not be provisioned for
    data services.”
    I guess my SIM card has
    nothing to do with this since
    I can browse any webpage
    perfectly, wiz other phone.tnx a lot for ur help.

  • paul

    The youtube trick worked for me on a Sony Xperia X10 mini.

    Thanks very much

  • Fabrizio

    Youtube trick worked for me

  • Hasier

    Youtube trick. Awesome!! Thanx

  • Vlad

    Thanks to all! Worked connecting via youtube with new gmail account.
    After connecting xperia mini pro sees both gmail accounts. Thanks!

  • sj24

    this seems to be my problem in my samsung galaxy mini i’ve created an gmail account but everytime i log it in my phone it always says can’t establish a reliable data connection to the server can anyone give me step by step process to fix this thanks a lot..

  • AJ

    the youtube thing worked for me

  • hossein

    i have sony ericsson,live with walkman,i faced to this problem,in order to solve it, i did whatever steve said,finally the problem was solved,thanks steve

  • Shahrul

    i use Sony Ericsson E16i W8 Walkman XPeria Android.. I cant access my gmail account on Market.. i did everything as what u guys said.. but there is nothing different.. but i didn’t reset my factory yet because i worry if i will lost all contact / message..

  • JiNexusS

    tried using the hard reset, youtube trick.. still dosent work for me by the way i have a google nexus S 4.0.3 if you guys know another alternative pls let me know ty.

  • mendy

    yes! the youtube trick worked for me!!

  • ananda de

    Evrything is okk…but cant download from android market…evrytym its showed me unsuccessfull…plz help!!

  • narayanan

    Thanks Roko2010 you are great man…….followed up your idea and now iam accessing my android market….thanks dude.

  • Anonimouse

    I have had this problem for 6 months have tried all the above but nothing works

    I don’t understand how you “sign in” to utube? I can launch it but it doesn’t give me an option to log in.

    Have been back to the shop many times, thinking of ditching android as I can’t download any apps, what’s the point, iPhone here I come

  • ryder

    I had the following error on samsung s2: Can’t establish a reliable data connection to the server. I fixed it by turning on the background data Sync. I think this the solution for Samsung Galaxy s2

  • bipul biswas

    i cnt log in inti android market on Sony Ericsson W8 mobile for a long time, plz hlp me as soon as psble, plz.

  • shub

    yeah, it works ! Try youtube application. In that, press Menu key>Accounts and then sign in with your google account. Its awesome !

  • Anthony

    I tried all of the ways, and yet, none of it works for my sony ericsson live with walkman. I cant sign in my google account at all. Need help with it!

  • ghian

    simple ..
    100% working ..
    You only have to update the latest version of the market and gmail manually …

  • Babar

    Set your phone’s date and time

  • ananda de

    Hey guys please tell me how to connect my mobile with my laptop…n how can I use the internet via laptop???

  • Emil

    The tip from Roko2010 worked with my father’s Galaxy ACE. Even though it already has a configured GMAil account it refused to pair with the AppMarket.
    Not even the telecom service dept. could fix it.

    I followed Roko’s advise and enabled Background Data and then went on to add account and entered the GMail account that was already configured. Then it managed to finally pair with the App Market.

    THANKS A MILLION! I was losing faith in Android and the Galaxy ACE.

  • neha


    I logged in youtube with gmail account and then tried adding account in gmail. It is throwing an error message ‘Cant establish a reliable data connection to the server’

    pls help me out of this!!

    • JAwad khattak

      Dear…… how did you fix the problem then.. i am having same problem and become a headache for me…

  • Arthur

    As Tushar said – all you have to do is set the time and date correctly and it’ll work… and actually, nothing ELSE worked for me… once I set the correct time and date – all OK.

  • Joss

    SuperCool! It worked for me. Huawei X5. Resetted the phone. connected gprs. logged into market. done


  • ron

    Thanks for the help : ) followed the:

    1. MENU -> SETTINGS -> Accounts & sync -> BACKGROUND DATA (TICK!)
    2. MENU -> SETTINGS -> Accounts & sync -> Add account -> Google -> create or log in

    alcatel android phone

  • Jakkie


    Thank you, your BackgroundData On helped me with my Acer A500!

  • tariq

    to slove the problem just go and check your net if it is wap make it to internet
    for exsimple {mobily wap –switch to mobily internet }settings -wireless&networks -mobily networks—access point names –mobily internet (prepaid or postl paid) ^_^

    • mac

      > chaley u be booooooooooooooosu it works
      thank u boss

  • tariq

    for saudi arabia

  • Radnus

    Hi iam using Sony Ericsson Live walkman my Phone may not be provinsioned for data services i cant able to Create an ID for android market.. I tried with BACKGROUND DATA (TICK!) and Add account -> Google -> create or log in den also its not working same error please help me

  • amjad

    I have a Samsung Mobile Galaxy S2 GT-I9100
    I put a lock code and i forgot the code, and after several failed attempts led to the lock mobile, and asked my to but the Google account, and I do not remember this account, how can I re-run it without losing the information on it.
    Thank you

  • sharath

    thanks a lot guys
    sony live with walkman
    ticked the background data
    dint switched it off nor removed sim and sd card
    thanjs once again for the suggestion

  • john stuart

    Youtube app login didn’t work! I put the login/pass and it asks me again to login, I’ve done that 10 times in a row and always the same thing.
    Stupid android, WHY can’t I change my google account without loose everything???

  • JCD

    I found a solution.
    Need to be root to delete folder /data/data/
    then reboot phone.
    After create new/login other google account reboot phone again and voilΓ‘. Problem solved without factory reset.

  • Dhiendra

    Simply do one thing ….
    set your 2 step verification to OFF ( Google Account setting page )
    then log in to gmail account.
    It works….

  • Dhiendra

    or set application specific password on Gmail account page

  • jwasina

    Thanks alot guys.
    I have an HTC Wildfire and had the same problem logging into the google accound.

    So what I did..I removed my SIM and Memory Card.
    Reset Factory Data. Upon boot up I connected on to a WIFI which I configured on my other phone (AP).
    I successfully logged into my Google account and manage to download from the Market Android applications.

    Thanks alot..

  • ron

    tried out all one by one…..but cant find a solution for my xperia x10 mini….plz help me out!!!!!

  • Lukk

    Turning on “background data” did the trick! No hard reset required. Big thx to Scudz !!!

  • tayyab

    “Do not reset the phone! Just restart the phone without the SIM card, and connect to some WiFi network, so you can login to your Google Account. It will log you into the account, and then you can put the SIM card back.”
    …. and tick MENU -> SETTINGS -> Accounts & sync -> BACKGROUND DATA (TICK!)

    Worked !!!!! πŸ™‚

    MIUI (Nexus One) NAND ported on HTC HD2

  • jsluk

    Thanks to all! Worked connecting via youtube with gmail account.

  • Daneel

    had the same problem
    NONE of the mentioned solutions worked

    used a VPN connection and everything is OK now

    im from Iran and my guess is that the government has closed some ports or something

  • arka ind

    m grateful to the administratrs of this site…….resetting my phone to its factory settings did it for my xperia neo v…thnz to every1 fr dere valuable posts..tkcre

  • jessica

    Ive tried factory reset a bunch of times. Doesnt work. And my phone never asks for my gooogle. I hve the zte score muve music nd ive tried everything on this site. When i reboot my phone hs my muve music icon lit up like i was tryin to click on it. When i try signing in via youtube it lso sys there was a data error. But right now im online on my phone. Help!!! I need another way other than resetting my phone for the 9th time

  • Swapnil Jadhav

    I am not able to set up my google account, or add my samsung galaxy note to my google account. Whenever i try to login to my acocunt/create a new one…It says
    “Can’t establish a reliable data connection to the server.”
    I am accessing intenet by WiFi, and the coverage is excellent.
    Can someone help me, I am not able to download any app, due to this……
    I tried all the suggestions (not the reset one though)…but still its failing..i m frustrated…..i loved note and android when i did the research but this thing screwed my whole day….

  • eugenio

    it worked o my S2. just tick background data.
    it saved my time…thank you very much for posting that hint

  • ncmax

    wow great work bro

  • Sad girl

    I am not able to set up my google account in a minitab of Kata!!!
    I wasted my whole day trying different ways but it still didn’t work.
    PLEASE help me!!!

  • Joker

    Factory reset – didn’t work
    Removing Sim – didn’t work either
    Removing SD Card – didn’t work either

    Removing Sim + removing SD Card + formatting my cell – also didn’t work. in my Galaxy Y version 2.3.6

    Hopeless -.-

    Need help btw.

    Data Connectivity Problem
    -The server failed to communicate. Try again later

    Fckin frustrated xDD

  • Me

    the first comment works. thanks a lot!

  • Baje

    My Sony Xperia X10 Mini Pro is working great except that I can’t add a second gmail account.

    First gmail account – working
    Market – working
    Everything else – working

    Try to add second gmail account – “unable to establish data connection…”
    Tried various combinations of removing SIM, SD card, turning on background information etc. but no joy.

    Don’t want to factory reset for obvious reasons. Why was I able to set up and use one account with no problems and now this stress?!

  • dauma

    work for me without sim card and with backround data samsung galaxy mini ginger πŸ˜€ no need to factory reset πŸ™‚

  • erik

    1. MENU -> SETTINGS -> Accounts & sync -> BACKGROUND DATA (TICK!)
    2. MENU -> SETTINGS -> Accounts & sync -> Add account -> Google -> create or log in

    THIS WORKS!!! for me at least, sony ericsson xperia ray…

    glad i didn’t have to reset my phone!

    • Subir

      Thanks a lot brother, it solved my problem..Which was not solved even by Hard/ Factory reset.

  • erik

    oh yes: did it with the simcard removed…

  • rajesh

    Hi.. im having HTC Desire HD i have given factory data reset yesterday, im unable to add google account, i tried with youtube sign in for google but it is also not working. please help me out of this problem ASAP. i hop u guys will understand my mobile plbm.

    background data tricked

    and also im unable to connect to pc with htc sync 3.2.10 πŸ™


  • Ravi

    I had this problem. I didn’t want to factory reset my phone so I just signed in to my youtube account through Youtube app using gmail credential and it fixed the problem. That same gmail account automatically appeared in ‘Accounts’ list.

  • AB

    ZTE Blade – removed SIMcard, booted, logged in, works!!!

  • muna

    i am so frustrated now..i have a galaxy S Note its 4 days old and when i got it i could do everything but as of today morning i cant acces any google application at all but i can acces the web..i have tried everything suggested here but nothing has worked,,i have reset it like 10 times tube is telling me ‘there was a problem while starting up.please check your network connection and time..i have reset my time its fne and even called my network provider for configuration setting…please help cos am about to throw this phone on the wall,,,i

  • vis

    Thanks it worked for vodafone 858

  • LittleDaemon

    No need to restart. Doing the Airplane mode and adding account/youtube will work. Cheers

  • alex

    i have the ZTE with boost i try the blackground data, an this piece of %^$^^% dont work on WIFI if is on airplane mode,

  • kashif

    can anyone guide me on sony ericsson xperia arc s

    problem 1. cannot establish a reliable data connection
    Problem 2. tried through you tube, the message is set a system time

    i have done factory reset and other things..can anyone help em on this

  • Scott

    YouTube app connection worked!!! Thanks!!!

  • Matteo

    Great, work perfectly

  • Tony

    Tried it on my phone an worked perfectly. Thanks !

  • akhil

    How to get this YouTube app… Please help me out….

  • happycamper

    can i just say…that 5 days ago i bought a galaxy tablet and have been trying to log into my gmail account since then and nothing was working…i tried everything and even close to screwing up my pc because i thought thats where the problem was since i couldnt connect my tablet to my pc network…i trieeedddd eeevvveeerryyything..and i even started getting the tab box ready to return it…i bought this tablet repacked meaning it was returned 1 day after the previous owner couldnt run some program and after buying it i figured that their problem was the same as mine…today i decided to look one more time for a solution…and here you are….i did exactly what you said and resetted my tablet and taddddahhh…it now works.. and even better the layout of the screen looks better and i seriously wanted to write to all the previous websites and sooo called real help chat sites to follow this site and learn from you but i guess its not worth my time but instead i will answer for those who are im my situation and reccomend to visit this website and let them see it for themselves so that they could feel the relief and happiness that i am feeling right now…so thank you david kirk…THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOO VERY MUCH….i would say keep up the good work but you do that 24/7….i wish that there was a way for your page to be the first at the top when a problem like mine is asked…but hey youre still the best….thank you again……miss happy camper..

    • David Kirk

      @happycamper That’s why we authors here at tech-recipes enjoy doing what we do. As long as we can help people and they appreciate it, we’ll keep working hard for you. Thanks for the kind words.

  • lumpy

    None of these steps worked for me, this happened for the first time after I first did a factory reset to fix another problem, it was working for 13 months prior to this. I need a fix please πŸ™

  • philips

    thanks bud the youtube trick work fine thanks you are a saint regards

  • Nick Kyriacou

    OK this all sounds great but i cant install apps without signing in. lol htc desire

  • zhou

    alternate method works.thanks.

  • Prqajnya

    i have a prblm 2 sign in at android market . My mobile is w8

  • Lou

    Looks like many have found the “allow background data” suggestion to work. I have HP Touchpad with ICS and there is no option “MENU -> SETTINGS -> Accounts & sync -> BACKGROUND DATA”. At accounts & sync it shows my gmail account but no background data option. Anyone else out there with HP TP + ICS?

  • Krestian

    Amazing! the Youtube trick did it. It was driving me nuts…Sony Xperia X8 on Eclair. Thanks!!! a ton!!!

  • nm

    I have a Samsung galaxy s2 version 2.3.3. I have been trying to update my software, but cant. directly on the phone i get a connection failed message, and on kies it just stops midway. please help.

  • frederik

    On my sony ericson xperia active I solved this by activating “background data traffic” in settings->accounts & sync. No need for factory reset πŸ™‚

  • jon

    looked for hours until i got clear advice, worked on zte score. relieved & grateful !

  • shoma


    1. MENU -> SETTINGS -> Accounts & sync -> BACKGROUND DATA (TICK!)
    2. MENU -> SETTINGS -> Accounts & sync -> Add account -> Google -> create or log in

    This worked for my Xperia Ray!

  • rans

    i can not login my google account and all other net access on my xperia s

  • Janis

    Your first line of defense should never, ever be a hard reset. There are always other ways. Once you’ve found a couple, then you can decide whether or not it’s worth it.


    That’s just the regular clock on the device. The one that shows in your notification bar. Settings -> Date & Time -> “Use Network”, or it might be “Automatic date & time”. It took about ten seconds.

  • jaz

    im having the same problem, but only i have an HTC

  • prana

    Thanks a lot….It work for me after factory reset…

  • Lindsey

    I was hoping someone may be able to help me. I had the same problem as everyone else. After a factory reset, I removed the SIM and connected to wifi which enabled me to sign into Google Market and access apps, etc. (YAY!), but now I can only access Google market/apps/calendar when I’m connected to wifi; it won’t work on data (gives me a ‘not connected’ error message), even though data is on and I can browse the internet without any problems. Please help! I have an LGp500….. Thanks πŸ™‚

  • Kemoy Hall

    thanks alot man, thought i wasn’t ever getting to use that thing. anyway i’m using samsung behold 2, in jamaica. the reset method works for me. so thanks

  • Rahul

    I am using HTC Desire S. Did factory reset … Background tick …. date and time is properly set… removed sim and sd card …. tried signing via youtube …. tried in airplane mode … del mail cache … still cant add gmail account ….. all my app are link with this account … plz help ….

  • cas

    I’ve tried everything on my Asus transformer prime but nothing seems to work.
    I even get the same message on Facebook (of which I downloaded the .apk)
    Does anyone know how to fix this?

  • Aaditya


    I have the same trouble listed above and I followed your steps. Thing is, the youtube login trcik worked for my gmail! Downside is, the rest of my google apps are still not synced. No gtalk, no market, no latitude, nothing else works except my browser, facebook, youtibe and gmail. Can you help? I’m using a SE Live with Walkman running on Gingerbread!


  • Kunal

    > I m also facing the same problem in my Xperia X10..cannot establish a reliable data connection….i tried d same thing but my Youtube account also facing same problem… its continueously showing “Authenticating” and gvng error ” cannot connect to google server”.. do i need to sign in youtube by my gmail account or need to create New one?? plz help,,,,

  • Kunal

    I have created new gmail account and tried the Yootube Trick…. But still not able to login to both.. Youtube and Gmail…..getting frustrated,, Kindly Help..

  • Shoojit

    Thanks a lot it worked for me n it should be time settings problem .>

  • neil

    is went to sync tapped background data,but i still cant login to my gmail.getting pissed of with this now

  • neil

    i went to sync then tapped back ground data,but i still cant login to gmail account,getting angry now

  • Derek

    Hi all, I managed to log into my google account using the calender (after doing the youtube thing???), yet now the option to sync my calender is missing. I can sync googlemail (Which I don’t want to do due to it being riddled with spam from the outset despite never having used the account).

    Is there an on-line calender I can use (not google calender) and an associated app for Android that WILL sync the data?

  • Julie

    Hi I have a galaxy y and I can’t sign in in my google account and all my files was gone and the google account saying every time to me is can’t establish a connection i want my market back because I needed that please help me I try to factory reset my phone 3 times nothing happen..And I want to upgrade my android galaxy y please help me..thanks

  • Iris

    Thanks a bunch! Finally I got to sign into my google account via WiFi and thereby getting a chance to enable background data.

  • zay

    How in x8

  • mero

    well I was trying to with APN

    it worked

    select the right APN and it will work

    my xperia x8 didn’t work when it was set on WAP

    so I chose WEB APN and it worked fine THANK GOD

  • Nate

    Just get an iPhone

  • rico

    I have an LG GW620. I have tried all the suggestions above, but nothing seems to work for me. Can anybody help?

  • karthikeyan

    i have a problem in my mobile main e16i sony ericssion mobile w8
    i am not able to create a gmail account in my mobile so i could n’t able to enter into market application
    help me in this prob

    • rachelle ann

      > yessssss..i have e16i and the market is really working now:))

  • lea

    I’m using LG E400 and I can’t access to my gmail I already tired removing my Sim restarted my phone and even the factory data reset I also tried logging in to my youtube but its not working please help me I’m already frustrated because of this thanks

  • Kristen

    Will the factory reset take me off my plan? ( I have a htc hero with sprint) and just dont want to lose the memory to my plan.

  • Alfred

    Bingo! the youtube log in. Solved my Problem!.. yiiieeehaaaa….

  • Muyiwa

    After several hours of resetting, the youtube trick finally worked. Just trying watching a video,then click like or dislike.It would bring a prompt asking for your account. Input it and that’s all. It worked for me.

  • nopima

    I have another solution, hope it’s working too. Remove your google account. Shutting down your android, remove your sim card, and then use another sim card from another operator. Try to add your existing account with this new sim card..

  • Rogue

    I have got the same problem with my ATRIX 2! But the background data thing is already checked! What to do plz help. I did not create the account when i booted the phone first time on purchasing!

  • sji

    Hii. my dad bought new mobile “Micromax superfone aisha a50”. From the first day i cant establish google account. Wat can i do? if i do reset. will i los all my contacts?

  • AA

    I’ve tried EVERYTHING .Repeate : EVERYTHING . From the youtube then removing the SD card then the SIM then enabling the background data , and EVEN FACTORY RESET . And I still can’t access to my accounts , facebook , market blah blah . Please I’m out of hope . Can anyone solve this ? Please ?

  • Don Paco-velly

    I just got this GalaxyS-I9000 but it has been use by some else before, and can’t set up google play account. it keep saying unable to open connection to server and i’m using Wi-Fi to set it up…..Pls i will appreciate if you can tell me what else to do cause i tried all the reset the phone 5 times but didn’t ask for my gmail account and i don’t understand the youtube trick pls somebody help me out……

  • Ashish

    Hi, i own a defy plus, i was facing the same problem, i tried all steps mentioned above without any sucess,
    so here is how i got my android market working

    1. removed sim , did factory reset.

    2. inserted the sim, changed the apn settings manually * (do not use the apn settings sent from the service provider) look here

    3. logged into android market using my gmail account,

    hope the above steps will help someone

  • eng. Ibrahim yassin

    all what you need is to open the browser in you device “mobile”, open google page, and sign out if you signed in with your gmail account..

  • jake

    its not working… hay/….. u can give another techniques..\???

  • Bhupendra Tamang

    I had just flashed a new ROM and I just couldn’t create the google account. I tried everything and didn’t work. I finally found out the culprit. The date and time was messed up. I entered the correct date and time and boom, signed in!

  • rohan vaidya

    Hi i am using samsung galaxy S3. I was receving updates regarding the apps installed on my phone so i did them. But after that my phone was a bit slow. So I hard reseted it. But now after doing that i am facing a problem in Google Play store. I am able to download and view the apps but i am not able to view the images which comes besides the apps. Plz help me out i am trying to resolve this issue for last 3 days.

  • Peter

    I’m in Ethiopia, i have a Galaxy Nexus Google android 4.1.1 with a local 3G card that works perfectly with another mobile, but the Galaxy’s unable to connect with Internet. Have a solution? Thanks a lot

    • om udy

      my phone X8 or E15i, why i can’t connect google server

      all google aplication not working in my phone and i can’t upload picture to my email

  • nomi

    >None of this worked for me, I had to register my device to my gmail account, it then gives you a one off password to enter in your phone then it will sync. Just go into gmail settings, accounts and import, change password and follow the instructions.

  • Leonne

    Thanks, my phone is moto mb860 can add google acc after reset to factory, thanks alot again!

  • Sakshi

    Thanxs aloooot, I was struggling with the issue from some time now….sighning through youtube with out sim worked…thankx again…gb

  • http://na prisha

    i hav xperia x10 mini (2.1) getting the same problem.canot set my google acnt but can access using browser…hav tried everything. the you tube thing,factory reset,background data,sim removal ,date setting…but still cant do it…
    i set up my you tube accnt bt when i login it says authenticating and den gives network error…
    could any1 plzzzzzz help me with another solution dat myt work…plzzz!!!!!

  • http://na prisha

    i hav xperia x1 mini (2.1) getting the same problem.canot set my google acnt but can access using browser…hav tried everything. the you tube thing,factory reset,background data,sim removal ,date setting…but still cant do it…
    i set up my you tube accnt bt when i login it says authenticating and den gives network error…
    could any1 plzzzzzz help me with another solution dat myt work…plzzz!!!!!

  • winnie

    Hi i have tries all the options factory reset and airplane modes etc youtube everything . My wireless is working on my nexus s set but for some reason my google account is not connecting to the server. (My connection was working fine earlier but then i did factory reset coz some of my apps were not working properly , after that my google account has not been signing in.)

    • muhammad irshad dossaani

      Yes I have a same problem like. You and I have nexus s too please suggest me too if you find out the solution >

  • sam

    Thank you!! just logged in through you tube it worked for samsung captivate. looks like its synced up. πŸ™‚

  • yasir

    hey guys am facing the same problem with my htc sensation XL i tried all the above tricks but all in vain…plz need some help….is anyone get his sensation XL fixed before???

  • Ahmad

    i had tried all without youtube…. but not working… plz help me i have htc explorer

  • ali

    ive tried everything.. but also not working.. i also have htc explorer.. please help

  • jani

    m feed up.last 6 hrs m repeating all the stuff but zero results.wana cry now.dont have youtube as its banned here.m using Q A5 noir mobile phone.if any one can help me plz. πŸ™

    • muhammad irshad dossaani

      Call me I will tell you>

      • Mariam

        > your number? i have samsung infuse and i am facing same issue

  • Prince neni

    Thank you so much guys , my youtube trick didnt work but the sim trick worked for me :)))

  • Nasrullah aftab

    I’ve Q mobile Noir A5. The same problem.
    Can’t log into youtube. It also demand for google account.
    Any solution please

  • muhammad irshad dossaani

    I had try all these Options such as
    Master reset
    You tube
    starting withoutsim
    Background data etc etc well finally I have done one trick and it worked
    the trick is go to search settings and remove check from my location and then try it will worked I
    nshasa Allah

    • Mariam

      > Hey can you pls guide me? I am facing the same issue. I cannot find location. I have samsung infuse

  • adee

    i have sony ericsson xperia arc s….i have same problem…i cannot login to my gmail account neither i am able to configure to google play store….i have even downgraded to GB 2.3.4 from Ice cream sandwhich….did factory data reset….did all the options but of no use….

    kindly help me out i will be indeed thankfulll……

  • artin

    Excuse me for my wrong.
    Please confirm my gmail account in google site and other google servises.
    Thanks alot

  • Manu

    Im gettng the same error in my xperia P none of te abovr tricks are workbg please help!
    Ths is d frustrating:@

  • asad

    what if youtube is not working?>

  • Raheel

    I had the same problem with my xperia mini pro (SK17i). I didnt restore the factory settings neither removed my sim card. I didnt use the internet from wifi or any other source, i simply used GPRS to log in. I first logged into my gmail account from the BROWSER, then i had accidentally clicked on the google+ tab, it had automatically registered my phone to the google account…works like a charm!

  • fahmida

    I am having the same problem. My google account could not be activated.I already tried the factory reset and sim removing one .Still its not working. Youtube is closed here in Bangladesh. How can I solve the problem. Please help me.

    • Rana

      > I am also from Bangladesh and having same problems, can’t access google play, map, mail, and also my phone book which was synchronized with gmail. Only Skype I can use now. YouTube closed in Bangladesh is it the real fact? My phone is experia ray.


    I have tried even trick ……. nothing work for me πŸ™ youtube block cant try that ….
    Using Vodafone 858 πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ wasted almost 10hours on it

  • Mariam

    I have recently bought a Samsung Infuse phone. I have tried all the tricks except for the youtube one as it is blocked in Pakistan but my issue is not resolving. Please help please


    People trying this for Pakistan, I just notices that Google Play store is not accessible form web….. so don’t frustrate ….. try any of this trick after few days it will work InshAllah,

  • Mubtasim

    please please please!!! someone help me…I’ve tried what roko suggested…still not working…I have a xperia pro which I bought 2 days ago and been trying since :'(

  • Fahim Ismail

    FAIZAN got it right….since the block on youtube after the Blasphemic film across Pakistan…alot of google services are acting weird….including not working….unless google approaches the Govt. to get this issue resolved atleast for Play store i doubt we can sync the phones…..

    how ever alot of people who are using SSL, VPN & other Proxies to bypass the restrictions can still give it a try with USB tethering and activate their phones, once synchronized i dont think they will have issues connecting after through regular process.

  • chamz

    Untick the background data button if it doesnt work when ticked!!! then my galaxy s made it!!

  • pariya

    i have a galaxy 2,,finally i upgraded my gmail version and it worked!!try it!

  • ali

    I hard reset my gs2 but still the same error apear and utube is blocked
    Wat should i do?

  • juttt

    i hard reset my fone
    but cant access to google account after that
    cant establish reliable data πŸ™ its galaxy s2 plz telll the solution anyone

  • lusher

    hi i have sonny ericsson x10mini pro i have tried all of the above suggestion bt none of them worked for me.i want to down load whatsapp for my phone bt its says my phone is not connected to data server even if i want to log in my phones market it says the same.

  • lusher

    hi i have sonny ericsson x10mini pro i have tried all of the above suggestion bt none of them worked for me.i want to down load whatsapp for my phone bt its says my phone is not connected to data server even if i want to log in my phones market it says the same.

  • Usama Karam

    guys i have htc wildfire but i cant connect to play store using wifi……i use university network & it contains proxies through which we can connect to internet…….can u tell me any way from which i can connect into play store using wifi…..

  • Nelly

    wow it worked for my LG E400, whoever suggested removing the simcard and connecting to wi-fi, thanks.

  • attila

    If you automatically synchronize the time you can login.

  • Sakura

    Restart without sim, it doesn’t work for me. I was able to sign in gmail to sync and download from market apps by master reset without sim. After that, have your wifi on to sign in or create gmail don’t remember this step you need sim or no sim. Gluck, it is working for me. Before master reset MAKE SURE you copy contact to your sim.

  • souzan

    make sure you’r conected to the internet to add your account

  • Paul Kern

    Using WiFi with the SIM card removed worked great! Have a Samsung Exhibit II that wouldn’t connect after doing a Factory Reset (Home key wasn’t working, so reset the phone). Took out the Sim, connected to our home Wifi, and boom – Google Account was connected & verified. Threw us for a loop that now we had Google Market instead of Google Play store (where the Play store keeps track of previously installed apps), but as soon as we restarted the phone with the SIM, it switch to Google Play and we could now see what needed to be installed again (‘All’).

  • Paul Kern

    Restarting with the SIM card worked great — was prompted for Wifi, connected to the home wireless network, and connected quickly with Google account. Turned off the phone, put the TMobile SIM card back in, and when I turned it was notified that the phone account was now linked to the Google account.

    We did the factory reset because the home key stopped working on the Samsung Exhibit II. Home key works great now, after the factory reset.

  • shakawat

    . i have a xperia arc s when i turn it on with sim,it reset.without sim it turn on ok… please help…

  • storm

    Hello well i have a samsung galaxy i9000 well i have tried to take the sms out did not work..i tried to restart did not work..
    I even taken the phone were i brought it and they did the same and did niot work…please i need help.

  • mary

    does anyone know how can i connec to the market ? ive tried the youtube ,sim, master reset and none of this works i own a i867 motorola! please healp!!!

  • em275

    Since like a week ago i cant connec to the market, ive tried youtube, sim, reset, sd, nothing works on xperia x10 mini

  • Joe J

    I did a battery pull and it worked.

  • TTown

    Hello, i have a ZTE Telecom V9 Tablet, i have tried just about everything above and still can not connect to gmaiil account however, can connect through brower. I tried resolving the problem via youtube and get this message “there was a problem starting up. please check network connections, and check that the system time is set correct”. PLEASE HELP πŸ™‚

  • TTown

    PLEASE HELP.. I have a ZTE V9 Tablet, i have tried all the above resolutions and nothing works, still unable to sign into goggle account, tried youtube without sucess, keep getting this message, “there was a problem starting up, please check network connection, check system time is set correctly”. Tried factory restore, took simcard out etc…. background date….clear data in manage accounts…still not working πŸ™

  • elsn

    I am owner of samsung galaxy acr 5830.
    Factory reset-tried
    wiyhout sim reset-tried
    Youtube app doesn’t work.
    Backdata tick-tried

    So any way have any 1 know to help me????

  • elan

    I am owner of samsung galaxy ace 5830.
    Factory reset-tried
    wiyhout sim reset-tried
    Youtube app doesn’t work.
    Backdata tick-tried

    So any way have any 1 know to help me????

  • Kaushik

    No need to do a reset or anything. Just correct the system date on your phone / tab. Its due to certificate validation failure.

  • Agent_Xx

    amazing! I have a SE 10 mini and i’ve been trying to solve this problem for a very long time, but without success. Until now! I tried the youtube trick with really interesting consequences: i had access to 0 gmail accounts, but could not sign in to a real one (can’t establish a reliable blabla); than I removed the sim card – nothing, than checked the baground data – nothing (it was ticked anyway). And finally I just did the hard reset trick – as suggested by David Kirk, and it worked! thx, David. good work!

  • Manzur

    Dear, I have gone through all of your reply and tried it. But unfortunately it doesn’t work. I am using a HTC Desire with android 2.2.9 . I have tried by hard reset, adding Google account without SIM, Youtube trick. So I am in a thick soup with this phone.

    Please help me if you have any better, newer and innovative idea.


  • Robbie

    Setting the time and date to “network settings” worked for me.

  • random

    The factory reset has worked for me , Sony XPERIA 8. Thank you.

  • imran4

    my ideos u8150 cannot communication Google server. I reboot my phone and reset factory setting but problem is still. help me

  • guru

    thanks a lot buddy!!! youtube trick worked for me on my SE xperia x8… searchin for help since 4mnths,thanks a lotttt :):)

  • waqar ahmad

    my android gives me again and again one thing cannot establish the reliable data
    I hard reset my phone but problem is not solved please tell me a way to set up my google acount for my q mobile noir a2

  • Keith

    Had the same problem with Android Sony Xperia X10 … worked fine for two years, then suddenly stopped syncing with my Google Apps account … no apparent reason.
    Searched the internet … best suggestions were … reset the phone … remove the sim card … remove the battery … check your wi-fi … check your 3G connection … sign into your youtube account initially rather than your gmail account (not necessarily in that order).
    Tried all of the above and more … nothing worked … and because I finally relented to reset the phone in an attempt to fix the issue, all of my contacts, notes and previous messages had been erased on my phone:-(
    Lots of people said ‘they signed into their youtube account after resetting the phone’ and it fixed the google sync problem … this solution was not working for me … then I had an epiphany! … a blinding flash of the obvious πŸ™‚
    My personal youtube account is not linked to my google apps account (different email address) … so I created another youtube account using my google apps sign-in … reset the phone again … signed immediately into youtube using the google apps login … and voilΓ  … google began to happily sync my mail, calendar and contacts … happy days:-))
    Thanks to everyone who wrote on the various forums … it did lead me to the answer … hope this post helps someone else … good luck.

  • SK

    neither of these solution help…
    any idea of solving tis prob on my phone…

    google play store can’t even direct me to page of add account…

    thank you so much if u provide me a solution…

  • william

    my htc desire a8181 cant establish reliable data connection to the googleservers

  • Subramanya B N

    Please help me to download google map with data connection for My mobile NOKIA C02-01 SILVER

  • ibtehajbaig

    plzzzzz help anyone nothing is working for my lovely xperia x8 i’ve done hardreset even repaired my phone via seus but nothing seems to work:( youtube is banned in my country:(

  • Chris

    I have tried the hard reset but to no avail I still can’t connect my account to google server. I did all of the stuff mentioned here like linking my account to youtube, the problem I have is I can’t even open my youtube sign-in I think because this is due to the fact that my device must be connected to one google account which I cant not do ever since this problem happened to me. I was so stupid when I added the sync widget to my home and I unsynced my account. Please help, I’m using a cheap android device. I can not access to youtube and google play.I tried the 1mobile to download stuff but 1mobile is not complete compared to playstore.

  • Darryl

    I have a zepad zt180 and I don’t think it has an accessible SIM card. What do I do? I hate to get mobile service just so I can access my Google Account. It worked perfectly until New Years Day. PLEASE help. THANKS!

    • Darryl

      > I really like this little thing. I just wish it would work.

  • airah

    Thank you so much! I”ve been searching for an answer to this problem and now it’s solved. thanks to you! πŸ™‚

  • argedede

    Thank you very much πŸ™‚ login to YouTube helps πŸ™‚

  • harez

    Thanks for your YouTube hint. It worked for me.

  • prinzz

    I continue t have a problem setting up my google account on my android phone….plzz help

  • http://googlemail nilo

    Its not working on my galaxy a. . I tried everything but it does not help.. I need assistance.. please help

  • chandley

    hi. about the youtube app solution. i lost my temper with the problem and went ahead with hard reset and i erased everything. now the problem is i cant log in to a youtube app since i dont have youtube preinstalled in my phone. i dont know how to install it other than going to playstore which is in this case is my problem because i cant log in on play store.

  • chandley

    hi. about the youtube app. i lost my temper with the problem and went ahead with hard reset and i erased everything. now the problem is i cant log in to a youtube app since i dont have youtube preinstalled in my phone. i dont know how to install it other than going to playstore which is in this case is my problem because i cant log in on play store.

  • dido

    Hi my X10 working THANK YOU

  • rambabu

    i have google nexus4 hand set, shows Can’t establish a reliable data connection to the server

  • Mario Capurso

    Possible Cause:
    – system file named ‘hosts’ (/etc/hosts) points to a Google server that changed IP, thus blocking access to Apps.

    Possible Solution:
    – edit ‘hosts’ file (/etc/hosts) deleting or commenting (adding a # at the beginning) the old line

    1.- Root your device (of course)
    2.- Edit the file

    You will need a proper editor
    On your device open your browser and go to
    Download and Install Total Commander for Android… and open it

    3.- Browse with Total Commander to root/etc
    (hint: on the right side of the screen there’s a shortcut to system folder.. look for etc/ and you will find it)
    Long tap on “hosts” > edit file > Totalcmd-Editor

    Open etc/hosts and edit the file. Just put # before

    4.- SAVED

    Edited file should look like this: localhost

    remember: based on my own observation it should be look like this: one space)localhost
    # one space)

    5.- Turn OFF your device.

  • virus destroyer

    Don’t reset the phone at all..
    Just open the youtube and login gmail and then go to play store you’ll able to access the play store.


  • kangah

    working data connection. android version:2.3.4. model number: MT15a

  • Nisar

    Thank you πŸ™‚

  • adnan

    i wish , i could also send a msg of thx ….. it works for me ….. or bala bala …….plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me out m having htc . …. and the same msg is comming … u cant established the relaible data service …. i checked my back ground data … i reset my phone factory i did all the things which mentioned on ur page / comments … but i could find a solution …….plz plz plz it had been 14 days am trying to add google account ……. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me out

    • Darryl

      I contacted GOOGLE regarding this issue and they told me when you get this message, it generally means that your device is no longer supported by GOOGLE. I can still access the internet, but nothing associated with the GOOGLE framework. I CAN still access Gmail and Youtube through the browser, but none of the GOOGLE services (Play, etc. ) or any of the apps work since the device is no longer supported. Hope this helps someone.

  • Parthasarathy

    Youtube trick has worked well today to me….

  • ruby

    i dont know what to do..when i want to add my gmail account (i put my email n password…loading..then server setting come out..ask about domain/username..password..server..)what should i put at the domain/ username actually?..when i click next it loading and then it said that unable to open connection to server..sometimes it said this server requires features your phone does not support..plis anybody help me..bcoz of this i cant open my play store..huhu

  • hallowman

    check and correct yout time and date settings

  • Katie

    I had background data turned off on my phone – Telecom T903. Oops!

  • amy

    i’ve tried many time but still not working…
    anybody can help me…
    samsung galaxy sIII GT-I9300

  • Thomas

    When you go to “Accounts” prior adding your account, enable background data and try adding your account.
    This will solve the problem

  • Naffy

    First you just have to adjust the correct TIME and DATE

  • shauna

    I have a sony ericson experia phone and I want to download viber but my market app.on my phone wont sign me in when I put my google sign in information in it says “can’t establish a reliable data connection to the server” what does this mean? What does this mean?

  • toma

    my phone cannot connect to the google server,….what the solution that i can do???

  • vijeet

    Very simple.
    1- re start your home modem.
    2- reset ur mobile android.
    3-tap data syn activate it.(tick it)
    4-connect using gmail.

    it worked for me.

  • Hillary

    Am having difficult to sign in with my account to google server.
    What can i do??
    Help me…

  • al

    nothing worked for if google blocked my phone.i did hard reset, youtube trick,no sim, etc.still cannot establish a reliable data connection when i tried to use my existing account or even create new account with google for my android phone.

  • mouad

    thank you πŸ™‚

  • saleh

    i cannt connect with google servers in my android micromax A27 phone

  • Praveen

    Thanks to the first commenter! Restarting the phone without SIM and connecting to WiFi worked like a charm!!!

  • Mushtaque

    I have tried that method but still not working.

  • SC

    Youtube tip didn’t work for me on HTC Wildfire S, but switching off removing SIM, then trying did – result!

  • Arjun Naik

    I am very happy

  • Ajith Ran

    My phone is not communicating with google server.

  • Rickylaurio

    I cant sign in to google wat is the problem?

  • Neilzealand

    Got a Samsung galaxy mini. Took sim card out and turned off phone. reset factory settings and turned back on and went to connect but said no sim card. turned phone off and inserted sim card . turned phone on and touch gmail tab on main screen went through directions and now have access. need to allow location for it to work i feel as i think i didnt do that before as didnt understand it πŸ™‚

  • melissa

    It says can not connect to server then i lost sound to everything. Took it in to get fixed and the guy erased everything accidently so i lost everything and now on top of that i have no sound on anything. What can i do?

  • alma lopez

    back my data

  • william

    I alreay reset factory data 3 times but it still didnt work..

  • akira

    take the sim card out, work wonder, thankz man, thankz god!!!!!!!!!!

  • javasade scott

    i dont want to reset my phone i just wanna set up my google account to my phone.

  • squidy

    IF YOU HAVE A ROOTED PHONE, TRY THIS FIX. IT WORKED WONDERS FOR ME! If you use this fix, reboot your phone afterwards and it will work flawlessly πŸ™‚

  • Thomas

    Error 67freaking like constantly.ahhhhhhh android!!!! Gov phone sucks!

  • jrenze

    all off this is not working on my flare 2.0 can some body help me t fix this problem!! i beg you sir/mam please help me

  • Ivy

    i cannot connect my Tablet to google,so i reset my tablet.i try to add account but still don’t work,i can connect WIFI ( connect/share to my company wifi ),but still can not connet google server.Do i need to know about IP adress?

  • Roxanna

    I did a factory reset on my phone and am trying to recover my contacts from gmail account onto my phone.
    I could not add google account and had to create a new one to even start up google on my phone. I had signed in originally with my google email address and password on the phone.

    • john

      > did u back up ur stuff to ur sd before u did that?

  • haider ayaz

    i using HTC wildfire S
    when i hard reset my mobile phone after that i couldn’t access my g mail account,when i input id and password they says that ‘it could be a temporary problem or your phone may not be provisioned for data services if it continues call costumer care’ what can i do?

    i have again reset my mobile phone but nothing happened then i just restart the phone without the SIM card, and connect to some WiFi but doesn’t works…

  • nazia

    I have restore date but not sing in becouse cant establish data coneection plz help me

  • Saad Yousaf

    YouTube thing really works seriously!!!!

  • muzammil hussain

    cant find background data in android vesion 4.0.3 in my htc sensation xe
    ad none of the other options are working for me
    please help me out with this problem

  • hamza

    I did the factory reset than that sim method nothing is working I have a q mobile A500 help me do it

  • hassaan

    Once the phone reboots, i have a same problem to input the google account information when the phone asks for it.

  • muzammil hussain

    i was also having same problems and none of the solutions worked for me than i got an idea and i visited to my friends house who has a differnett wi fi. when i try to log in there with my google id it worked and i was logged in πŸ™‚

  • arsalan

    Can’t establish a reliable data connection to the server. This could be a temporary problem or your phone may not be provisioned for data services. If it continues contact customer care.

    can anyone help me with that? HTC Desire HD

  • muzammil hussain

    Maybe you should try my method of logging in from an unknown wi fi network.i was also not sure about this method nor i hav read it anywhere but luckily it worked for me. I would be really sorry but the most i could do to you is giving you this idea because the other ideas of youtube and resetting and rebooting fone without the simcard also didnt work

  • LenocEiram

    Still ant log in to gmail. what should i do?
    i try your suggestions but still it didnt work πŸ™

  • jhwefved

    thanks bro…:)

  • Alidu

    I have a problem with my phone after a reset, it can’t establish a reliable data connection to the google server. please help me to know what to do

  • HeroKing

    I did a hard reset and after that the problem occured!
    What do i need to do?

  • Mike Martin

    THANK YOU!! I bought a Motorola Defy Pro XT560 to use in Indonesia and was so frustrated for days by this, reading all the chatter about service providers, etc. I knew my old phone worked fine on the data network, so why wouldn’t my “new improved” phone? I figure the solution was some small setting somewhere, but can’t believe it was just a matter of logging in to YouTube. I had already tried all the other suggestions. Now if I can only get my portable hotspot to work, I’ll be giddy!! I am now a big fan and will be checking your site for other solutions. I would probably have returned the phone by now, but being overseas it wasn’t really an option. Again, a HUGE THANK YOU!!

  • Robert

    Nothing on this page worked for me, I do not have a sim card though and will not get one.. it was working until today and don’t know what happened.

  • Booldool95

    Hey guys, my android phone has had this problem of a few weeks now..I’ve tried everything from resetting to removing the sim also the youtube trick BLA BLA BLA…..but. Nothing seems t work…is there a solution? Lol I hope so coz my apps have started to lag and need an update. Please help

  • Dave

    worked for me. my son had an android laptop for xmas and that wouldn’t connect. did the full reset and now he’s play storing like a good-un. many thanks from the uk.

  • macario

    thank you i did reset my phone without simcard and i combine it with youtube solution, guess what this was amazing πŸ™‚ my problem is solved, thanks lot guys

  • awie

    Still can’t log in. Please help

  • urwa

    Plz help google account not open in sony ericsson.i already reset cel.but account not open.plz plz help me

  • urwa

    I can not open my google account.when i open it said can not establisg reliable data connection to the server.i reset my cel but get no access.plz help me

  • mark

    take out the sin turn off the phone and turn the pohone back on and it should work then put back in the sim

  • ji8lle tampos

    cant establish reliable data connection to the server

  • farhan

    just put your phone in aeroplane mode and then login your gmail account
    it worked for me
    i wish i did it before reseting my phone..lolz

  • Danny

    Just follow this method method, it works πŸ™‚

  • Rek RERE Metalista

    The YouTub trick worked like magic! I have a Gmail account but I was able to log to my play stole though I was logged tony Gmail It kept on giving me er(or that the username is not valid! I Put my mobile Oh aic plane mode then t- rned it off & logged to YT then to Play Store & It worked ! not sure if the airplane mode has to do anything with this but In sure the yT does πŸ™‚ btw I have the latest Xperia Mobile ultra !)

  • Mahesh Kumar

    1. Make sure you have a ROOT ACCESS on your Device.
    2. Install Root Explorer, Run App, Grant SU Access.
    3. Browse root / etc… at the top of your screen you will see mount R/O and mount R/W…
    4.Tap mount R/W
    5.Look for host file, long press it and open with text editor.
    6. just Add # (pound sign) on the first number.
    like this:

    # one space)

    SAVE IT and Reboot.
    Now you can connect to Google Play very well.

  • Ninkal

    I have try all the method but still problem continuously.. So if new method come to mail me

  • farhad khan

    Hello everyone. I was looking for the problem but at the end of day every one suggesting youtube trick. My friends youtube has been banned in Pakistan. So kindly suggest other solution for us…………Pakistanis


    Guys!!! Mr.Kirk, your instructions I followed, it didn’t quite work but as I’m using a Sony Xperia V phone, there is this PC comparison software for sony xperia cell phones. In it there was an option for update but when I clicked it, it said it was having the latest update. another option was there was for repair and that repair fixed my probs!!! Anywayz, thank you for your suggestions guys. ( I guess it’ll only work for sony users)!!! Anyways I suggest you to repair your software, don’t reset your factory and all. repairing won’t remove any application.

  • Gaurav

    Youtube log in worked…wwowwwwwwwwwwww thankk uuuu so muucchhh thank uuuuu infinite

  • Ben

    This worked!

  • rspro

    nothing works. i still have the problem. i cant log into google anywhere but google chrome.

  • karen

    hi i just bought the huawei y300 i am having trouble using it as it will not let me sign in to use anything? i have a gmail account so i do not know what could be the problem?

  • ji8lle tampos

    cant establish reliable data to the server

  • ji8lle tampos

    how can i connect to google play store

  • debbie E

    Recently rooted my S4 and then I could access play store was saying server problem, anyway followed the instructions of remove sim connect to WIFI and it totally started to work. I was getting super worried as rooting your phone voids your warranty, so I pleased this easy fix worked. I tried the other fix 1st of logging into YouTube but that never worked for me. TRY this method it GREAT!

  • Naufal Prawira

    Hi, I’m using Lenovo A369i with Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, and can’t log in to my Google account. I have done factory reset more than 3 times and that not worked. Can you give me a solution? I’m very frustated because this problem. For your information, my phone was rooted – later I unroot.

  • Karen karen

    Hi. I can’t log into my Google account. It keeps saying cannot connect to server try later..please help!

  • Keith McLean

    lol…wonderful comments below ^

  • Reachta Lorvann

    I did the reset factory but I still cant log in to google play

  • unair ch

    When I open play store 2 options appears existing account or new when I click on existing and give my email and password an error appeared that cannot found reliable connenction I do all things but error appeared