How to Disable Facebook Chat

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Although I use facebook a lot, I never want to use it for chatting. In fact, I never even want people to know when I am online. By following these steps, you will always appear “offline” and facebook chat will be turned off.

My wonderful wife asked me how to disable Facebook chat tonight. As much as I enjoy Facebook, the chat mechanism always seemed ultra annoying to me.

1. Log into Facebook.
2. In the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, click the Chat button.
3. When the chat window appears, click the Options tab.
4. Select Go Offline

disable facebook chat

To enable it again, just click the Chat button.

When chat is disabled, nobody can tell when you are online.


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  • Anonymous

    😀 this not good man
    i think everyone may know this

  • praneeth


  • Blc

    Hehe,I didn’t know :).Thanks!

  • Krystal dye

    How do you turn it off of your smart phone?


    that works, yes, but a lot of times when you leave facebook then come back you will find that the chat is activeon again.

    to put an end to this simply click on the green onoff buttons to the right of groups and people…your chat window will be set to online, but you will have zero friends, you cant see them they cant see you.


    • Ripkenjja

      This is the only advise on this subject, anywhere, that actually works! AWESOME! Thanks!

  • Viks

    Lol…i was looking for this forever!!!!!

  • Rizwan05 B

    thnks for your info

  • Hengshweb

    But when I refresh the page, it goes back online?

    • Make sure that you don’t have Facebook chat enabled on your mobile phone. If you do it will override the page setting on your computer upon refresh. Took me a while to figure that out.

  • That “offline” thing might work sometime but the damn chat on my page randomly signs on without warning and I have to repeatedly hit go offline!!!  gggggrrrrr I NEVER use chat and facebook should give those of us that hate it the option of just getting rid of it! SUPER ANNOYING!!!  Anyone have an idea what I can do??