iTunes 8, 9, 10: How to Hide or Show Ping (or Genius) Sidebar

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iTunes versions 8 and 9 contained a genius sidebar that displayed related music in the iTunes store. With iTunes version 10, this sidebar has been replaced with the Ping sidebar. Here is how to hide (or show) the sidebars related to these features.

This tutorial has now been updated for versions eight, nine, and ten.

Although I like the genius playlist creator in iTunes, the genius sidebar was just a huge advertisement. I suspect many users did not use it; and thus, with version 10, iTunes has replaced the genius sidebar with the Ping sidebar.

Not surprising, many users will not want to use the Ping Sidebar either.

With version 10, here is how to hide (or show) the Ping sidebar:

how to hide the ping sidebar

With versions 8 or 9, this will hide (or display) the Genius sidebar:

With either one, just pressing the marked icon will either expand or contract the sidebar.


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  • JM

    Thanks!!!! what a relief…
    got pissed off searching for it! lol

  • Spendabuk

    how do you hide it permanently? it keeps coming back each time i start the app

  • mints


  • Anonymous

    common sense? wowz lol….

  • io

    thank you 😀

  • Ballsnall

    this brings up the ping sidebar not the genius sidebar now.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks! I’ll update the post.

  • EJ

    Is there anyway you can bring the genius sidebar back if you have the itunes version 10? I REEEEAAAAAAALLY liked that feature 🙁

  • Dan

    Yeah, I liked Genius – very handy if you don’t follow bands much.

  • Rich Allen

    So, is the genius sidebar gone TOTALLY? I loved finding new suggestions for music that way. Is it somewhere else I can find in iTunes?

    • Northway

      fully agree – what a shame and what a commercial error