iPhone: Hard Reset

   Posted June 30, 2007 by David Kirk in Apple iPhone

It is inevitable that any electronic devices will eventually freak out. If you iPhone ever does, and I’m not saying it will, you may not be able to get it to respond to normal inputs. Pressing this combination of buttons will let you reset the iPhone.

Rebooting or performing a hard reset is a task that is frequently recommended when your iPhone is in a hung or unresponsive state. This process just shuts down and restarts the device without the loss of any of your personal information, applications, games or music.

To reset the iPhone, press and hold both the sleep/wake button (on top of the iPhone) and the Home button (centered below the screen) for a few seconds. Depending on your device, the amount of time may vary.

When you see the Apple logo, you can let go and the iPhone will start restart.


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  • satan

    Doesnt work

    • Jules

      > That did not help mine either…..:(

  • http://www.congresozac.gob.mx/ Zacatecas

    Thanks a lot, my five years old daughter make the screen black and with this reset now it’s working just fine.

  • Dee

    Thank you! 3 year old son made the screen black and no other reset would work! It’s fine now.

    • Duke3X

      Why the fu** would you give a 3 year old your iphone? I mean i have a 3 year old, and i love her, and she knows how to use it perfectly, but come on. I bought her a $100 laptop so she can screw that up, but not my iphone lol. Just saying 🙂

  • bob

    thank you!!!!

  • Leslie

    It did reset. The touch screen doesn’t work. Got ran over in parking lot! Any ideas?

    • kugan

      Only god can help u in that case>

  • Anonymous

    well, used to work for me-. am now in the troubling situation that the power button no longer works.

    is there any other way around of getting the iPhone into:
    – powering off
    – recover mode enabling

  • brigitte

    I get a white usb cord pointing to an itunes logo; when I plug in the iphone, the itunes wants to do a hard reset of my phone but gets an error at the end, then nothing!

    • taylor

      let the phone completly die then re re plug back into itunes with data cable, i found this worked for my white screen of death

      • Rainyhayes13

        Thank u! Thank u! Thank u!

  • marcus

    i recently updated my iphone with the 3.0 software and i tryed then to reset my iphone and settings now it doest turn on it cums up with the apple logo and a loading curcle nothing else happens i have left it on for like 2day nearly still hasnt tarted up?

    • Anonymous

      I have the same problem how did u get it to start working again

    • wtho

      Did ya ever get you iphone to work again? if so, How’d ya get it to work again?

  • Anonymous

    Can anyone help me with reseting my iphone. I tried the hardboot and it didn’t work

    • Lv

      I Have A Question How Can I Reboot My iPhone 4g With A Broken Home Button?? Anybody With Any idea Even to fix The Home Button Or Anything??
      That Be More Then Appreciated Thanx>

  • Anonymous

    I hard reset my iphone and it shows the apple in the screen and some white lines in a circle but it’s not staying on, what do i do now? I even took out my sim card

  • m0gu3

    Thanks .. that was, what I am searching for and helped me 🙂

  • Anonymous

    it won’t power off at all, when i hold the power button at the top the slide to turn off never comes up, when i hold power and home together the screen goes black but never brings up apple logo…any help?

  • Anonymous
  • peter van hagen

    I did what you recommended but…… my touch screen doesn’t respond at all. I am afraid this is the end of my iphone.


    • Anonymous

      Make sure it is well charged before you try to reset. Often a phone that won’t reset has a dead battery.

  • Gabbeplayin

    my home button is broken so when my screen freezes i cant slide to power off if i press the sleep/wake button and plus i cant hold the home and sleep/wake button to hard reset the phone since the home button is broken…any way or any cydia app that i can download to hard reset using only the sleep/wake button? as of now i just need to wait to the phone to die to work it again?

  • Adrm12

    okay so my i phone sleep button wont work and my slider to unlock my phone is not working and i need to turn it off how can i turn if off if nun of my sleep and slider wont work accept for the home button?

  • Dentan

    Anyone encounter any cases whereby the hard reset just will not work on iPhone 4?

  • ALY$$A

    MY home button, does not work. Is there any troubleshooting i can do to fix it ?

  • Loril

    I have reset my i phone now it doesnt work and always pop up apple logo !

  • Usama

    i have my ipnone 2g restarted today i it freaks me out my phone iz not restoreing and it shows apple logo in it and after waiting for almost 12 hours it iz not working even not starting

  • usama

    please give any idea to restore it

  • Carolgassmann

    someone please help.. I pushed a button to create “voice commasnd” not voice control.. voice command and now all it does is peak in French. Ihich I love. now all the phone does is speak French and I have to double click every button and it will nto scroll down or enlarge or do just about anything.. someone please tell me how t disengage my voice command

  • Solo

    My iphone a black screen with the apple logo and it will nt turn back on or do anything for tht matter, wat should I do??

    • http://www.tech-recipes.com David Kirk – Founder/Editor

      Typically that’s the sign of a dead iPhone. Try a full charge. Try to connect to your computer…

  • stan

    hi, i was messing around with my iphone 3gs and i changed the features to voice prompt..everything i do the phone speaks out. but NOW THE TOUCH & SCRAWLING HAS CHANGED AND I CANT GET BACK TO ITS ORIGINALITY OR TO FIND THE PLACE TO CHANGE IT BACK..


    Stanley ( [email protected])

    • http://www.tech-recipes.com David Kirk – Founder/Editor

      This work?

      Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> VoiceOver

  • Derotowa

    i have had my iphone 3 for almost 3years now and two days ago mit just switched off n wont come back on. i have tried pressein the two butoons suggested but no luck, right now its connected to my computer still no joy. pls help

  • http://Tech-Recipes Linda

    The hard reset worked like a charm (holding down on/off button while holding the wake button for several seconds). Hold until you see the apple, then let go. If you hold until the apple disappears that’s too long. I thought my phone was totally crashed and trashed until an Apple Tech gave me this info. Whew!!!

  • OPS

    My iphone 4S will not power off. I tried normal and Hard reset (home button together with sleep button on top). It just keeps on powering on again on its own.
    Any advice?

  • josh

    my iphone 4 is stuck on boot logo and my home button is broken how do i hard reset it

  • jesus

    i hardreset my iphone and now it only shows the apple logo. i dont have i tunes what can i do. i already press the 2 bwake up botton and menu one and shows conect to i tunes

    • David Kirk

      The OS on your phone is corrupted. You’ll have to connect to iTunes or visit an apple store to correct it.

  • Dawn

    My Iphone is just showing the apple logo tried pressing the top button and the middle button but this
    did not work, tried resetting to factory settings and this has not worked any ideas what to do next?


    my touch wasnt working on my screen and i did the hard reset and now its working perfectly!

  • egg

    ahh. thank you so much!

  • Natalie

    Hey! So I tried to hard reset my iPhone 4 multiple times and nothing has worked. My iPhone randomly turned black after I put it in my jacket pocket. I took it out and it was just black. I held down the Home button and the noise and little vibrate that occurs when the Voice Control comes up happened….so the phone works but the screen is just staying black. So I went and plugged it into my wall charger, and it made the little beep beep noise and vibrated, just like it always does. Help?!

    • David Kirk

      Screen is dead. You’ll need to get it repaired. It should cost you around $100.

      The Apple store or iCracked would be my choice.

  • Denae

    My iphone has a white screen, I have tried the whole reboot/restart… all of the above. But, when I hold the sllp/wake button and the home button, my screen goes black but NEVER shows the apple icon and eventually the white screen comes back on. What do I do now???

  • Me


  • Peter

    Help my iPhone 4S screen is black after a fall some cracks but it was working.. I thought a hard reset would bring the phone back. But now it’s not working at all.. Please help

  • Marcos Ponce

    i did the reset but it wont turn back on what should i do??

  • samson

    I just reset my iphone and is not turning up, is only displaying iphone logo, pls can u help me out