Disable Black Bezel on Sony Touchscreens

   Posted March 22, 2012 by David Kirk in Windows

The black bars around Sony’s touchscreens are programmed to perform various functions. Accidentally pressing this bezel can cause unexpected results. These actions can be disabled by these simple steps.

Sony’s touchscreen devices are commonplace on their All-In-One series of computers. These systems will be growing even more in popularity with increasing Windows 8 use. These touchscreens have a black stripe (or bezel) that frames the screen in all directions. Sony has a series of actions such as zooming and browser navigation that is programmed into touches to this area of the screen.

However, in many cases, this area of the screen gets touch unexpectedly with confusing consequences. One of my user’s did not understand why the screen would suddenly zoom in or out, for example. It turned out that accidental touches to the right side of the screen were triggering the zoom action.

Sony has made these functions easy to disable.

1. Search for VAIO control center from the Windows 7 Start Menu or the Windows 8 Search charm.

2. Select Display and then Touch function settings from the left column of the control center.

select touch function settings

Select touch function settings

3. Uncheck Enable Edge Access and then press the OK button.

disable edge function

Disabling edge access


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  • mk

    These touch bezels are the poorest designed idea ever. My cats sleep next to my computer and are constantly resizing my screen when they lean on the bezel.

    I have the Edge Access turned off, but Sony in it’s wisdom made it so that when the bezel is repeatedly touched it assumes you really wanted it on and automatically turns it on for you.

    I constantly rue the day I bought this touchscreen POS computer. Constant annoyance.

    • name

      Same here haha. Cats love to activate things with their tail touching the bezel. Love this computer overall though! And thanks to this site for the instant info on how to shut off the bezel.