Facebook: Hide posts by Pinterest, Spotify, and social readers

   Posted February 2, 2012 by David Kirk in Facebook, Internet

Many web sites have lured people into posting their reading and listening habits to their Facebook timelines and profiles. Using this technique you can easily block these applications from appearing within your Facebook news feed.

Pinterest, Spotify, and many of the online news sources are clever in finding ways to invade people’s Facebook news feed. Luckily, you can block or hide these posts pretty easily.

1. Log into Facebook
2. When you see a post type that you want to block, mouse over the post. This will make the down arrow and/or closing X appear.

mouseover to make the arrow or x appear

3. Clicking either the arrow or the X will bring up options to hide all the posts from that application. Sometimes the option is found in either the arrow menu or the X menu. It just depends on the application.

4. Click the Hide all option. This will hide all the posts from that application from your fb news feed.

select the hide all option

Using this technique to hide and block posts from these applications, you can hone your news feed to something you can better enjoy. If you find this helpful, let us know what applications you are blocking in the comments below.


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  • Luke

    How Do I Unhide Pinterest and Spotify? I’ve tried everything, PLEASE HELP

  • sarah


  • Ben

    This works for my fb newfeed, but somehow my fb mobile app newsfeed still shows the unwanted posts. Does this sound familiar? I can’t figure out how to stop it globally (i.e., newsfeeds from both Facebook web app as well as Facebook iPhone app).

    • Crystal

      I have the same problem. I’m still looking for a solution. If you find one, please post it in a reply. I’ll do the same if I do.

  • Rena M.


    For some reason when I follow your instructions and click on the triangle in my Newsfeed or in Close Friends, there is no “hide all by” option therefore impossible for me to get rid of friends’ music nitifications by Spotify.

    Also, I would love to eliminate the “music” category, or block all the music notifications that constantly flood it. However on this page, I don’t get any “triangle” or “x” in upper right hand corner at all. Perhaps it is a permanent fixture of the site?? I would really appreciate any help you can offer in this area.

    Thanks so much!