Wii: Sync a New Controller or Remote to the Console

Following these steps will permanently sync the bluetooth of a new controller to a Nintendo Wii console system.

Cyndi tweeted us the following question:

I just purchased my second Wii remote, but I do not know how to link it to the Nintendo Wii console. How do I sync the my new remote with my system?

In helping people setup their Wii, I have experienced this question a lot. Getting the new controller (which many people refer to as a “remote”) to sync correctly can be difficult. If you follow these steps, you should have no difficulties.

1. Turn on your Wii and let it finish booting up.
2. Take off the battery cover off the new controller.
3. Press the sync button on the new controller. All the blue leds will light up and blink.
4. Press the sync button under the SD card slot on the wii console.

5. The blue leds on the controller will stop blinking when you are done.

You must follow these steps for each individual new controller you sync with your Nintendo Wii system. If these steps fail, you can try these additional recommendations. Occasionally, a Wii controller with weak batteries will not sync correctly. If you are having a difficult time with syncing, try loading the remote with fresh batteries first. Sometimes, the Wii console is not responding appropriately. Remove the power cord for a 20-30 seconds and then reboot the Wii before trying to sync the controller again.

There is a myth about having to hold the sync button for 15 seconds. This is not true and is not required.

This article has been revised and updated with additional information. If you are still having problems, just leave your question in the comments below.


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  • Pugwash

    Thanks, exactly what I need to know.

    • charles

      > I have tried this and the lights just keep blinking on the remote and never stop. I changed the batts, and unplugged and re booted the wii…this control worked fine for a week…just went kapoop…any suggestions?
      Thanks my 5 year old was kicking butt on lego star wars 3 and is a bit aggitated 🙂

      • ROSANNE

        My controllers have been playing up a long time. Can t work it out. I one of them stopped conected. I checked the batteries. Still the same. Sometimes it worked. Thought it must be faulty. My frind brought another two contrllers in. They all worked together fine. Now none of the controllers work. All of the just have four blue lights flashing. I just read your demostration >above tried it with all the controllers. nothing, still the same help. COULD IT BE THE ARIEL ON THE WI STOPPED WORKING. DOUBT IT. WHY IS ONE WORKING SOMETIMES AND THE REST ARE NOT. STRANGE ROSE

  • mmhunter

    What do you do if the sync button on the Wii console is stuck in the console and you can’t push it anymore?

    • Renemvalencia

      Did you get an answer to your question? I bought a wii with the same problem. can you let me know thanks

      • Shawtiee

        Thanxx i havent played it in almost a yearr thanxx so much

  • Kathy

    After I sync my second controller the buttons work but it does not recoginize motion.

    • Danielle

      It didn’t work for me 🙁

    • vino

      > I sync my remote the buttons work but nothing else

  • bundy

    my remote was synced but quit working, i resynced it and it worked for about 2 minutes then quit. everytime i synce it again it only lasts a few minutes. i bought a new remote thinking that my controller was bad and the same thing happened for some reason none of my controllers other than the one will stay synced. any suggestions?

    • Try restarting you wii- when it says “press a to continue”, that’s when you restart and press the sync buttons. Totally worked for me-hope it helps!

  • jim


    nice tid bit of information missing that would have been nice to be included in package with the 2nd controller!

  • WizMedic

    Thanks for the information. Didnt think adding a 2nd controller would have me lk it up on the internet. But good thing your information was here. Thanks…..

  • d

    wow this site just saved my life.

  • Mimi Kyle

    Thank you!!!! As the others have mentioned- LIFESAVER!!

  • Anonymous

    My Second contoller won’t sync up? Seems others have received the answer here?

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  • Chelsea

    Thanks so much for your info on how to sync my new Wii controller and Wii! It worked the first time!

  • Josh

    Do i have to push 1 and 2 everytime I go to play two player for the second remote. Why won’t th Wii just recognize my second controller automatically? Is it possible to do this or do i have to hit 1 and 2 everytime. thanks for you help…who ever you are.

  • SamJo

    AWESOME this really helped me!

  • jadabell

    thanks, really helped, was exactly what i needed

  • SR

    My Wii controllers stopped working completely, they wouldnt sync, the lights would flash on then just stop flashing, and i couldnt get any connection whatsoever. I just about sent it back to nintendo, but i phoned the automated help line. Such a simple fix, if this ever happens, just unplug the power cord from the wii, let it sit for like 10 seconds, plug it back in and VOILA! LOL!! So silly, but hey, it got us!

    • RandyWilliams1

      I tried what you said with no luck. Any ideas? RW

    • Beth

      Thank you – this solved it all for me!!

    • Rjohnson6

      I have 4 controllers and get any of them to sync

  • chrissy

    I have added a second remote, but it still won’t work with any of my games. I have a wii fit, wii sports & mario kart. When I use mario kart I get to the starting line car goes forward but cannot turn the car, it won’t work at all with either of the other games,

  • joe

    what if the controller will not sync up and it erased my original controller now both of them do not work

    • sp

      thats eactly what happened to me

    • Kristin

      Did you get your question answered because Im having the same problem?

  • sp

    but when i was setting up my wii fit it disconected. do i do the same thing

  • jerry_potts

    thank you!

  • Anonymous

    My wii console dosent power on noting happening.

    • Anonymous

      What can i do to get the wii to power on, coz nothing is happening, found out the controll battery wass dead , can thaat cause console to not work.

  • Anonymous

    wii console not powering on, what is the problem.

  • Anonymous


  • Christine

    Thank you!
    this just what i needed

  • Anonymous

    HELP needed!
    I pressed the sync button of the wii fit plus for more then 10 seconds. How can I restore the settings?

    • Al

      > I pressed the sync for more then 10 seconds how do I get it restored?

  • Anonymous

    This actually worked! i was frustrated when i went to the Nintendo website because their information did not work but thank you for you help.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks soo much, awesome!!

  • I have a problem with the synchronization of my remotes to the console. I tried several remotes including the one at games stop shop but still my console does not sync. Itried the sync console button and everything possible but still no sync.

    Please help…….

  • Belte


  • Longyanpang

    I have just bought a new controller (for a 2nd player) and pressed the sync button but the 2nd blue light does not flash whilst it’s syncing and it doesn’t work. Can anyone help me on this please?

  • Carte ds

    My controller gets out of work easily, maybe it’s time to buy a new one.

  • Apple_90

    i still can’t sync it!

  • Cavan13

    i try syncing my wii remote but no lights no motion nothing what do i do? what do i do?

  • Bwalsh

    tks a mill cheers

  • Guest

    hey thanks alot guys, site helped alot

  • Shar_wills

    does anyone know how i can get my 4th remote to work ive synch’ed all of them but when it comes to playing the game it just wont let me….HELP

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  • Aahtson

    how can i sync a bluetooth headset to my wii?

  • Chrismansfield

    Thanks for your help…gotta love the internet!

  • Brian Primett

    thanks, bought controller off ebay and thought it was faulty.

  • Arnold R. Kok

    It works like a charm. Just synched 4 controllers in just the order I wanted. Just press the button on the controller first, then on the WII. Now after power off they stay synched, whilst synching through the menus only worked until power off.



  • Selfserveinc

    Life Saver!!!!! Thanks

  • Tflaf

    aarrrrgghhhh!!!! New controller. I get it to work until I try to actually play then it doesn’t recognize anything I do. The original remote works fine. Seriously what am I doing wrong? I followed to directions!

  • Nbonafiglia

    Thank you!

  • cindie

    my wii controllers just stopped working the lights just flash when i tried to sync them they just continue to flash. getting very frusterated with them i don’t know what to do. the batteries are brand new controllers are almost new. Please help

  • guest

    my wii controllers un-synced themselves, and  i tried to re-sync them but even though i held both sync buttons for about 30 minutes, and the blue led’s  did not stop flashing what shall i do? 

    • Kimberlythooker

      Unplug your machine – wait 15 seconds.  Turn it back on.  Open the battery cover on the remote(s) then press and release the sync buttons like you are ringing a door bell.  First press and release on the remote, then press and release on the system. You can’t hold them down, and you can’t do them together. 

      • Heather

        Wow! I’ve been soooooooooo frustrated on getting my remotes/controllers to sync! Your instructions were dead on and clear! Holding it in and letting it go got me synced within a matter of seconds vs. the many minutes of frustration I’ve been going through! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!

    • mathew

      30 second not 30 minutes

  • ProudMommy77

    THANK YOU! We’re new to Wii and this helped us so much!

  • Rjohnson6

    no luck unpluggin the power cord for me and I got grandkids coming

  • Prab

    help by Kimberlythooker worked exactly for my situation, thank you

  • Catherine

    Thank you:))

  • Eric

    We have three controllers. Two work and the third quit working. I tryed to sync it, but when I push the sync button, the lights blink once and then it shuts off. It was working fine the last time we used it. We purchased a new controller, it sync’d fine, but then the same thing happened to the new one. Did we just get a bad controller? Please help.

  • Erin

    thanx soo much this helped me !

  • Sue

    I have my remote sync’d to the game, but nothing is working except for the + and – buttons. how do I get the rest of it to work? I unplugged my game for 20 seconds and re sync’d the remote, but I still can not get anything else to work. Not even the on/off button. HELP.

  • Harold

    The winter track game displayed that i have add an additional controller??
    What is an additional controler?

  • Vicki

    Thanks, this worked like a charm!!

  • Paul

    thank you. it was very helpful

  • Gladys Barnes

    David Kirk
    My husband and I plus a few friends have been trying to SYNC a remote that was giving to us about a year ago. We have been able to SYNC it off and on since then and have actually used it to Wii bowl with. It has not been an easy task believe me! We all get frustrated.
    I found your website this morning and followed everything you suggested. I have the LED lights blinking on that one remote we are having problems with. I have the SD slot to the console opened and press the red button along with the little button on the remote, nothing happen. The LED lights keep blinking.
    I have disconnected the power cord for 20 seconds and still nothing happens. I have turned everything off and started from scratch several times and nothing happens.
    We have one remote control SYNC’d and working find. We use that as the lead/#1 remote. But we can’t get more than one remote to work except once in a great while. When we turn the Wii Console and TV off we lose the SYNC.
    Please let us know how to fix this problem.

  • teamdade miami

    Thank u sooooo much

  • Adriana


  • Ryan

    I mistake I made was to hold the sync button on the wii console and wii remote while syncing. I was able to sync my remote somehow but then all my other remotes stop working. I did some research and found that holding the sync button on the wii console for 15 seconds erases all previous wii remote syncs. Moral of the story is DO NOT HOLD THE SYNC BUTTON. All you have to do is press the button on the remote once and then press the button on the console once and it does the rest. Hope this helps!

  • Roxy

    Thanks soo much.. worked perfect to sync extra controls.. so easy with your help.. thanks

  • Dave

    Brand new Wii. Two controllers. I’ve gone through all of the proper setup steps. Both controllers work with MarioKart. But in Wii Sports Resort only one controller works. I select Add Player, Go to Home and go through porper setup steps. Both controllers work there. Once I re-enter Wii Sports Resort, the number 2 controller stops working. I can make either of the two controllers number 1 and it works fine. Whichever controller is number 2, does not work in Wii Sports Resort.
    Any solutions?

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    Just read ths and its so simple 123


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  • Alison May Edie

    Thank you so much! We were racking our brains trying to figure this out and getting very frustrated, at least I was. Sigh of relief!

  • vino

    I synced my remots but only the buttons work

    • David Kirk

      You have to turn on your sensor bar.

  • dj

    thanks , eve

  • Angela

    Thank you so much! This fixed the problem with the older remotes and newer console. Our boys (ages 5 and 7) were very glad that we didn’t have a defective new unit, and were most anxious to get playing.

    • David Kirk

      Awesome! Enjoy it!

  • Amanda

    This worked for me to add the second controller. It shows on everything except the resort games…every time we try to play anything with 2 players in the resort it tells me to go back to the home menu and add a remote.

  • Cozzy


  • hiwiaa

    It does not work I did everything you said and i did not work

  • Marie

    I followed your instructions to sinc 2 new controllers to our wii system, but they zwont let me start the wii sports game?

  • Cheri

    I recently bought two new original wii controllers as we got Mario kart for Christmas and wanted to play it as a family, but we can no sync the two new ones to the new game. They sync to all the other games we have. Can you help us with this?

    Many thanks


  • Noreen

    I have tried all the above but I still can’t get it to work.

  • everett

    MOST important tip is to take the working one OUT OF THE ROOM then press the sync button again for the second remote!!!!

  • Alex Davila

    my remote was synced but quit working, i re synced it and it worked for about 2 minutes then quit. every time i sync it again it only lasts a few minutes. i bought a new remote thinking that my controller was bad and the same thing happened for some reason none of my controllers other than the one will stay synced. how can i fix this issue

  • Jenny

    Hi I have no problem sync my wii , but after I hack the consul it stop sync. Can anyone help me sync my wii after I hack it?

  • Sarah

    Hi,,I just purchased a new WiiU.For set up at the beginning I try to sync between WiiU console and WiiU game Padang press those 4 symbols whiich shows on TV but the message on the game pad screen keep saying cannot connect to WiiU console!

  • Pauline

    I synced the second controller no problem, bit won’t drive the car forward in Mario Kart it will only go backwards. Its a brand new controller, any ideas?

  • Alana

    help! nothing will sync to our wii, what shall i do ive tried everything?

  • mike

    It does not change my problem which is when playing tiger woods I set it for right hand and it operates left hand and plays left hand when setting left hand is it the game or the controler

  • Dayna

    I have tried this, but it blinks for about 30 seconds, then I lose connection to my original remote. I can reconnect my original remote back simply using this method, but it does nothing for my new remote. It just blinks at me. Thoughts?

  • Johan

    Thanks. This worked perfectly for my four remotes (Two original and two second hand).

  • Jarod

    I clean out my disic and hold the console and wii red boton to sink and wii not work plese help!!!!!

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