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OpenOffice.org Writer: How to Insert Footnotes


Footnotes are sometimes necessary for providing additional information in your document. They normally use a superscript number as a marker, making it easy for the reader to simply look down from the text to the notes at the bottom to gather further information. Writer can automatically keep track of the numbering and placement of the footnotes for you, making this a painless task to perform when writing that thesis, book, or scientific paper. To insert footnotes into your Writer document, do the following…

To insert a footnote:

1. Click the place in your document that you wish to place the insertion point for the reference mark (anchor) to the footnote.

2. Click Insert and select Footnote.

3. Select Automatic from the Numbering section and Footnote from the Type section.

4. Click OK.

6. Type your footnote.

To remove a footnote, simply delete the footnote reference point (anchor) from the document.



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