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Mozilla Sunbird: Import Your Outlook Calendar Appointments


If you have decided to start using Sunbird instead of your Outlook calendar, you are going to want to have any appointments in Outlook to be on your new calendar. Instead of retyping the appointments, follow these steps:

First, export your appointments from Outlook:

1. Open Outlook.

2. Go to your Calendar.

3. Click File and select Import and Export.

4. Select Export to a file and click Next.

5. Select Comma Separated Values (Windows) and click Next.

6. Make sure that Calendar is the selected folder to export from. Click Next.

7. Browse to the location that you wish to export the file to and give the file an easy to remember name, such as outlookcalendar. Click OK.

8. click Next.

9. Click Finish.

To import the exported file into Sunbird:

1. Open Sunbird.

2. Click File and select Import.

3. Browse to the folder which contains the exported outlook calendar. You will need to select to select Outlook Comma Separated Values (*.csv) from the dropdown for the file to show in the window. Once the file is selected, click Open.

Your appointments from Outlook are now in your Sunbird calendar.



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