How to Use reQall and Gmail to Create the Ultimate Reminder Service

Posted September 8, 2009 by Rob Rogers in Internet

reQall is a voice-enabled service that allows you to use your iPhone or Blackberry to dictate reminders to yourself. By incorporating Gmail’s filters, you can use it to take advantage of other useful services you might be using, like Remember The Milk and Evernote. You can also instruct reQall to recognize calls from certain phones, so that they can leave you reminders as well.

First, you will need to setup a free reQall Standard account (its free!).

1. Go to reQall and create your account. Use your Gmail account as the email address so that you can utilize it’s filter functionality.

2. Once your account is created, logon to reQall.

3. Now you need to install reQall for the iPhone or for the Blackberry by going to the site using your phone’s web browser.

Now go to your Gmail account, this is where you will be doing the bulk of your setup.

1. Go to the upper-right portion of the page and select Settings.

2. Select Filters. Click the Create a new filter link.

3. In the From textbook, input [email protected]. This is the address that reQall uses to send you the transcribed reminders.

4. In the Subject column, input Added: Evernote (or Added: RTM or Added: Wife, you get the idea).

5. Check the Has attachment checkbox.

6. Click the Next Step button.

7. Check the Forward it to: checkbox, and use the associated textbook to input the desired address. You can input a person’s email if it is someone that you usually give tasks to or, even better, you can use your account on other services to keep your tasks together in one place.

If you want to use Remember The Milk, go to Remember The Milk and logon to your account. Go to the upper-right corner and select Settings. Click the Info tab. Copy the Inbox Email Address that is listed. Paste this address into the Forward it to textbook in your Gmail filter setup.

If you want to use Evernote, go to Evernote and logon to your account. Go to the top and select Settings. Go down to the Incoming email settings section. Copy the address beneath Email your notes to. Paste this address into the Forward it to textbook in your Gmail filter setup.

8. Click the Create Filter button.

Repeat the above steps to add the various types of reminders you will need to forward.

When you have it all setup, you can now use your iPhone or Blackberry to dictate notes to yourself or others. Open the reQall app on your phone, use Add by Voice. Start the recording, speak your message into your phone. Remember to state the name of the service or person, just like you used it in the Gmail filter first, then continue with the message. Once completed, the message will be transcribed and then emailed to your account (this takes a few minutes). Your filter will then forward the message to the intended service or person.

Another useful reQall feature is that you can make a list of phone numbers that will be associated with sending you reminders. You can put your wife and/or child’s phone number and there messages will be forwarded to your email. That way they can leave you a reminder without disturbing you during a meeting. To do this:

1. Go to your reQall account.

2. Go to the upper-right corner and select Settings.

3. Select Phone Access from the menu on the left side. Input the desired phone number(s).

4. Click the Save button.

When they call reQall (1-888-973-7255 for the US/Canada), they can leave you reminders that will be emailed to you.


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