How to Put A Zune Card on Your Facebook Profile

Posted November 16, 2007 by Rob Rogers in Zune

Got a Zune Card but all your friends are on Facebook? Put your Zune Card on your Facebook Profile so you can easily share your listening interests. Here’s how.

1. Go to Facebook and login to your account.

You will need a Facebook App that allows you to place HTML code into your profile. My HTML is as good as any, you can get it by going here. Click on the Add Application button on the right side of the page. Click the Add My HTML button on the next page.

2. Copy and paste the following into the HTML Entry Form.

Click below to activate my Zune Card

Now go into the code that you just pasted and change YOUR_ZUNE_TAG to your actual Zune Tag. If you have a space in your Zune Tag, replace it with a +.

3. Click the Preview button to make sure it is working properly. You will notice the message Click below to activate my Zune Card. This is needed because Facebook doesn’t support autostart on Flash movies. The viewer will have to click to view the Zune Card. A minor inconvenience.

4. If everything looks good, click the Publish button.

5. View your Profile and move the newly added app to the desired location on your Profile.


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