OS X: How to Gain More Precise Control of Speaker Volume and Screen Brightness

Posted January 24, 2011 by Rob Rogers in Apple Mac

Using the keyboard to control screen brightness and speaker volume is a no-brainer on a Mac. However, sometimes it would be nice if you could make it just a little brighter or not quite so loud. By using a keyboard combination, you can gain more precise control over these functions and get the result you desire.

On the Mac I use, the following keys are used to control sound and brightness:

F1: Decrease brightness
F2: Increase brightness
F3: Mute
F4: Decrease volume
F5: Increase volume

Each time you press F1, F2, F4, or F5, you increase or decrease the brightness or volume by one unit.

If you combine Option+Shift with F1, F2, F4, or F5, the increase or decrease is equal to 1/4 of a unit. It will break up each of the normal increments into 4 sections.

This is great for fine tuning the brightness and sound to place them at the optimum levels for you.


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