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T-Mobile: Configure E-Mail Filters and Spam Blocking

You can configure filters and blocking to control messages that are sent to your phone’s @tmomail.net address, keeping yourself from being bombarded by unwanted email.

1. Go to T-Mobile and log onto your My T-Mobile.

2. When the My T-Mobile homepage appears, scroll down to the Communication Tools section and select web & tools.

3. Fo to the right side of the page, in the Resources section and click the Create e-mail filters link.

4. From the resulting page, you can create, edit and delete filters.

You can also choose to block all messages sent to your @tmomail.net address by selecting the Yes radio button next to Block all messages from E-Mail to handset and click the Update E-Mail Filters button.

5. To make a new filter, click the Create Filter button.

6. Use the field dropdown to select from Subject, To, or From.

Use the next dropdown to select either Does not contain or Contains and input the desired text in the adjacent textbox.

Use the Then dropdown to select from Send to handset and forward To, Do not send to handset but forward email To, or Do not send to handset and do not forward.

Use the To textbox to input the desired text (if needed).

7. Click the Save button.

Rob Rogers
Rob Rogers
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