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iPod: Rip CDs Straight to Your iPod from any PC with a CD Drive

Since the iPod tends to have excessive space in most cases, why not use a tiny bit of that space to rip more music? Here is how this is done.

I have read about the many things that are supposedly possible with an iPod, and if Linux can be installed on it, why not any other software?
**This probably voids your warranty, so do this at your own risk.

If the computer has iTunes, you will need to switch to disk mode:
1. Open iTunes.
2. Go to Edit\Preferences, click on the iPod tab, and select the check box for Disk use. You will be warned about manual ejecting. Click Yes or OK. Under the same menu, select the second button option Automatically update selected playlists only, and do not select any lists.

If the computer does not have iTunes, then it will automatically be in disk mode.

First you need a CD ripper. There are many rippers. I suggest any that are free, small, and can connect to the CDDB (Compact Disc Database) to save you time inputting the track names, numbers, etc.

The whole trick to this is installing the ripping software. When it begins, it will at some point ask you where to install, and we are not installing to that common C:\ drive. How about installing it on your iPod?
That is correct. Install it to a folder on your iPod (either created by you or the installation software).

Now, you have ripping software to go!

When you are ripping, you can rip the songs straight to your iPod. I suggest you have another folder for saving the mp3s, as they can be deleted later.

If copying the mp3s was your only goal, you can stop here, but if you want to update your iPod to play the new mp3s, you will need a little piece of invaluable software in the iPod modding world called vPod. This comes with instructions, but basically it can update your iPod like iTunes without removing the files not located on the computer but with files on your iPod.

Thus, all songs already installed are safe, if you wish them to be, and all mp3s subsequently ripped can be added easily.
Once they are added, the original copy of mp3s can be deleted.

There is not real limit on what you can install on your iPod. The software will simply ignore the folder it does not recognize, but when in disk mode, it can be run just like any application can be run from a flash/portable drive.

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