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PS3 : Zoom In/Out, Go Forward/Backward in Photo Album Slideshow and Tips

This guide explains how to use the PS3 controller to zoom in/out and move forward/backward in the Photo Album 1 and 2 slideshow. Also a few slideshow/ps3 photo tips.

The PS3 is a multimedia gaming console and if your like me, you probably have some photos or wallpapers on your PS3’s harddrive.

There are two distinct slideshow styles that render the images as photos/negatives; one will drop the images as photos/negatives (1) the other lines them up (2).

You can control the fast forward through the photo album slideshows or backwards by pushing the right analog stick left (back) or right (forward). You can do this while the slideshow is paused if you want to just browse.

Also, you can zoom in and out while viewing the photo album slideshows by pushing up (in) and down on the right analog stick.

-When viewing a slideshow, you can have background music play by first starting the music and then hit the PS button, go to Photo and hit Start on the category of photos you want to show.

-You can trim your photos to fill your TV screen. View the photo, hit the Triange button. Arrow over to the “Trimming” option and then crop the photo. It will create a new photo and add the _1 to the file name.

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