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PS3 – Change visual player screens when playing audio files


I know the first thing i did was to put my music on my ps3 so i could have my music in the living room w/o a htpc. if you’ve played around w/the PS3 and Audio player, you know there is a Visual Player option that turns on and off. However, did you know you can change the scene w/the controller?

There are quite a few different types of visuals for the PS3’s audio player. Color and the effects will vary depending on the speed and what part of the equalizer the song hits.

1. Fire up a song in the Audio player
2. Hit the Triangle button to bring up the Menu screen. Click on the “Visual Player” option and then hit Triangle to exit the menu screen.
3. Once the Visual Player starts, push Left or Right on the Right Analog stick to change scenes. Up and Down seem to change the scale and left and right the scene itself, or so it seems. 🙂

I really like the one that feels like your flying through a canon. Not responsible for feelings of vertigo. 😛




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