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Invite new members to your Call of Duty ELITE clan

You have just created your new Call of Duty ELITE super uber clan. Now you want to invite all your buddies. There are a few things that they need to do before you can invite them. Here’s the whole process.


  • – First, you must have a MW3 ELITE clan created.
  • – The friend you’re trying to invite to your clan MUST have registered for a Call of Duty ELITE account. They can do this at the Call of Duty ELITE website.
  • – The friend you’re trying to invite must also have the free Call of Duty ELITE application downloaded to their console.
  • – For method 1:  The friend you’re trying to invite must be on your friends list.

Once you’re sure these prerequisites have been met you can begin the invitation process.

NOTE: Only the Leader of the clan can send clan invitations (for now at least).

Method 1

Log into the Call of Duty ELITE website and browse to your clan’s page. To do this, click CONNECT from the left menu and select your clan name from the top menu. Once you’re on your clan’s page, click the Manage Clan button.

manage clan
Click CONNECT. Click your clan name. Click Manage Clan.

Once you’re on your clan management page, click on Invites.

Click Invites

Type your friend’s Gamertag into the search box. ELITE will filter through your friends until it finds the correct one. Hover over their name in the list and an Invite button will appear on the right side of their name. Click the Invite button.

search friend
Search your friends name.

Method 2

From the Call of Duty ELITE CAREER page, in the search bar under the left-hand menu, type the gamertag of the person you would like to invite to your clan. (This person doesn’t have to be on your friends list.) Click the Find a Player button.

find a player
Search their Gamertag. Click Find a Player button.

On their MW3 Player Card Page, click the Invite to Clan button on the top right of the page.

invite to clan
Invite them to the clan.

Your friend will now appear in the Pending Invites section of your clan’s Invite page.

pending invites
Your friend now appears on Pending Invites

Have your friend click Invites in the ELITE FEED section of their CAREER page. Your request should show up. Clicking Accept will add them to your clan.

Have your friend accept the request.


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