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Company of Heroes: Skip the Intro


Company of Heroes is a fantastic World War II RTS game. If you are impatient and want to skip the introduction movies to get right to the action, follow this tech recipe to bypass the intro.

1. Go to the directory where you installed Company of Heroes.
2. Go to the Engine directory and then the Movies folder.
3. There are four files here you need to rename: CreditsMovie.divx, relic_intro.divx, THQx.divx, and TWIMTBP_1280x720.divx .(You can just add some text to the beginning of the file name like orig_.)
4. Right-click in the directory, and create a text file. Repeat this three more times. Now go back and rename your blank text files to the original names of the files you changed in Step 3.
5. Close the window, and play the game with no introduction.

You can also disable the opening videos by adding the -nomovies switch to the target path of your Company of Heroes shortcut.



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