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Flashing a Sony Ericsson Z710i to a W710i

oh yea.. what can i say, i love the look of the z710i but wanted the software of the w710i… argg! wait… is anyone else having flashbacks? does k750/w800 hybrids sound familiar (been there)? This tutorial describes how to flash the Z710i to the W710i!

this a new recipe i just created..

After just getting my new sony ericsson z710i cell phone, i got aballsy and decided to see if i could flash it w/W710i software (since two phones are basically identical except in the target audience and walkman branding.

Sony has done this before with the K750i and the W800i. Again, another thing about the two nearly identical phones, the $100 price difference between the two.

Lets change that!

1. Go over to and buy a credit.

2. Install the USB Flash Drivers from wotan’s site

3. Open wotanserver client. Click on the Start button.

4. Power down your z710i, remove the sim card and any m2 memory sticks, and then replace battery. ALSO be sure to have a FULL CHARGE. Always recommended when flashing any device

5. Leave phone off, hold down C button, while still holding it connect to USB cable

6. Once you get the “New Hardware” detected screen, you can let go of the C button.

7. Install the USB Flash device automatically. It will find the driver by itself.

8. Wotanserver client now should see your phone. It will give info about it on the left side.

9. Just choose the W710i for phone type and then choose your appropriate region (you can see what languages are what by going to wontanserver’s main page and clicking on the W710i

10. Then click Flash. You should see the progress on the left, mine took about 6minutes. Also, it should load content too, including the base themes,sounds,pics,vids, etc..

11. Once you finish, pop out battery, put in sim, power on.

12. Finally, you’ll see progress bar immediatly. just wait for it to finish and the walkman logo will show.


You saved yourself $100 bucks by spending $10. However, the Pedometer and Fitness programs will not work since there is no pedometer in the z710i. You do get the Flash menus (very pretty!) and Walkman media player (superior imo to the z710i’s). Prob can’t use SEUS anymore since your IMEI points to a Z710i phone; or it could reverse flash it back to a z710i (not sure but ya never know sony at times!)

mmmm… Flashed Phones..

quick vid of new flash theme Active and my phone.

another vid of the flash menus

Jimmy S
Jimmy S
Jimmy Selix is an early adopter that loves to be one of the first on the block to have the latest and greatest in technology and gadgets. Another love of his is being able to share his knowledge to others seeking it. Feel free to drop any comments or questions that you may have.


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