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Win Big! 8 Best Live Blackjack Casinos in the Philippines Revealed June, 2024

Blackjack, the classic card game also known as 21, has evolved with the digital age, allowing enthusiasts to experience the thrill of live blackjack from the comfort of their own homes. In the Philippines, where gambling is a popular pastime, numerous online casinos offer live blackjack, and some stand out from the rest. In this article, we will unveil the top 10 best online live blackjack casinos in the Philippines, where you can try your luck and aim for big wins.

Our top live blackjack casinos in the Philippines

  1. 22BET Casino Philippines: With a wide selection of live blackjack tables and user-friendly features, 22BET Casino caters to players of all levels in the Philippines.
  2. 1xBet Casino: Known for generous bonuses and a reliable gaming experience, 1xBet offers a diverse range of live blackjack tables for Filipino players.
  3. BetOnline: BetOnline stands out with professional dealers and high-quality streaming, providing an immersive live blackjack experience online.
  4. GGBet Casino: A standout choice for live blackjack in the Philippines, GGbet Casino uniquely blends traditional casino games with esports, providing a diverse gaming experience.
  5. Enjoy live blackjack with lively dealers at, a popular online casino with a user-friendly interface.
  6. 888 Casino: 888 Casino’s reputation for reliability extends to its live blackjack section, where players can find tables suitable for all skill levels.
  7. For cryptocurrency enthusiasts, stands out with its array of live blackjack tables and a focus on digital currencies.
  8. Royal Panda: Known for exceptional customer service, Royal Panda provides a sleek and reliable platform for live blackjack enthusiasts in the Philippines.
GGBet Casino Philippines

Let’s look at these Live Blackjack casinos in more detail

22BET Casino

Why we love it

22BET Casino wins our hearts with its user-friendly interface and easy navigation, ensuring a smooth gaming experience for both beginners and experienced players.

Live Blackjack Options

Players can choose from an extensive selection of live blackjack tables, each offering a unique atmosphere and varying betting limits to cater to a wide range of preferences and budgets.

  • Lucky streak Blackjack
  • VIP Blackjack
  • Las Vegas Blackjack
  • So many more options

Bonuses and Promotions

22BET Casino offers generous bonuses and promotions, including a lucrative welcome bonus that boosts your initial bankroll, providing extra opportunities to win big – 100% up to $122.

Payment Methods

The casino provides a diverse range of payment methods, making it convenient for Filipino players to deposit and withdraw funds securely.

1xBet Casino

Why We Love It

1xBet Casino earns our admiration for its reliability, extensive gaming options, and a reputation for providing a safe and secure gaming environment.

Live Blackjack Options

With a plethora of live blackjack tables, 1xBet ensures that players can find tables that match their preferred betting limits, whether they’re casual players or high-rollers.

  • Standard Blackjack
  • Ultimate Blackjack
  • Unlimited Blackjack
  • Blackjack VIP
  • and a ton more.

Bonuses and Promotions

Players at 1xBet Casino can take advantage of a wide array of bonuses and promotions, including a generous welcome bonus that gives your bankroll a significant boost. You can also participate in different tournaments for an extra bit of fun.

Payment Methods

The casino supports various payment methods, making transactions easy and hassle-free for Filipino players – bank transfers, cryptocurrency, e-wallets and more.


Why We Love It

BetOnline stands out for its professional dealers and top-quality streaming, delivering an authentic and immersive live blackjack experience that rivals a physical casino.

Live Blackjack Options

Players can choose from a diverse array of live blackjack games, each with varying betting limits, ensuring there’s a table for everyone, from beginners to seasoned players.

  • Standard Blackjack
  • Early Payout Blackjack
  • Special VIP Blackjack

Bonuses and Promotions

You will benefit from a ton of fun monthly and weekly promotions. In example, their Live Casino Weekly challenge – for each $10 you play, you earn a point. More points – more chance to win a great prize of $1800!

Payment Methods

The casino provides convenient payment options, making it easy for Filipino players to deposit and withdraw funds securely. You can use credit/debit cards (Visa, Mastercard), Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum), bank transfers and more.

GGbet Casino

Why We Love It

GGbet Casino distinguishes itself with its innovative blend of traditional casino games and esports, offering a unique and engaging gaming experience.

Live Blackjack Options

GGbet Casino boasts a diverse selection of live blackjack tables, each featuring its own unique style and betting limits to cater to different player preferences.

  • Standard Blackjack
  • Speed Blackjack
  • Power Blackjack
  • Lightning Blackjack
  • And more

Bonuses and Promotions

Players at GGbet Casino can enjoy bonuses and promotions designed to cater to both casino enthusiasts and esports fans, adding extra value to their gaming sessions. In example, you can benefit from a top-notch welcome bonus as well as ton of weekly and monthly bonuses.

Payment Methods

The casino supports various payment methods, including credit/debit card, e-wallets and cryptocurrencies, providing flexibility and security for transactions.

Why We Love It creates a vibrant gaming atmosphere with interactive dealers, enhancing the overall gaming experience for players.

Live Blackjack Options

The casino offers only 2 variants of live blackjack:

  • Standard Blackjack
  • Early Payout Blackjack

It’s a limited choice, sure, but don’t let that discourage you. Especially if you’re new to this game.

Bonuses and Promotions provides players with generous bonuses and promotions that not only boost their bankroll but also add excitement to their gaming sessions. You can win up to $7500 in welcome bonuses. Furthermore, they offer weekly promotions and even a referral bonus!

Payment Methods

The casino offers convenient payment options, simplifying deposits and withdrawals for Filipino players – cryptocurrency, credit/debit card, e-wallets.

888 Casino

Why We Love It

888 Casino earns our trust for its reputation for reliability and fair play, providing a secure and transparent gaming environment.

Live Blackjack Options

Players can immerse themselves in an exceptional live blackjack experience with a variety of tables suitable for all skill levels.

  • Standard Blackjack
  • Lightning Blackjack
  • 888 Blackjack
  • Multiplay Blackjack
  • And a ton more

Bonuses and Promotions

888 Casino offers enticing bonuses and promotions that enhance the overall gaming journey and provide opportunities for bigger wins. An exciting welcome bonus – Get 100% up to £1000 on your first deposit. You’ll also find cool live casino prize drops and tournaments and so much more.

Payment Methods

Secure payment options ensure safe and convenient transactions for Filipino players. You can use all standard payment methods, besides cryptocurrency.

Why We Love It caters to cryptocurrency enthusiasts, providing a unique and secure gaming experience with a focus on digital currencies.

Live Blackjack Options

Explore live blackjack tables with the added flexibility of cryptocurrencies, creating a seamless and modern gaming experience.

  • Infinite Blackjack
  • Unlimited 21 Auto Split
  • Power Blackjack
  • More than 20 others

Bonuses and Promotions offers bonuses and promotions tailored to digital currency users, enhancing the value of their gaming sessions. Enticing welcome bonuses, cashbacks and an interesting loyalty program.

Payment Methods

Cryptocurrencies are the primary payment method at, ensuring secure and efficient transactions.

Royal Panda

Why We Love It

Royal Panda is known for its exceptional customer service and a sleek gaming platform that enhances the overall gaming experience.

Live Blackjack Options

Players can enjoy a variety of live blackjack tables in a user-friendly environment, creating a comfortable and enjoyable gaming setting.

  • Exclusive Free Bet Blackjack
  • Royal Blackjack
  • Superstake Blackjack
  • And more

Bonuses and Promotions

Royal Panda offers bonuses and promotions that add value to players’ gaming journeys, increasing their chances of winning big. You’ll find an exciting live casino Drops & Wins tournament to spice up your game.

Payment Methods

Secure payment options ensure smooth transactions for Filipino players, making banking hassle-free – credit/debit cards (Visa, Mastercard), e-wallets (Neteller, Skrill) and a lot more.

Let’s look at the different types of blackjack available

Blackjack is an exciting game but did you know that there are different variations? Let’s take look at them:

  • Classic Blackjack: This follows the traditional blackjack rules, with the objective of reaching 21 without going over and beating the dealer’s hand.
  • European Blackjack: In European Blackjack, the dealer initially receives only one card, which adds an element of suspense to the game.
  • Spanish 21: This variant uses a Spanish deck with no 10s, increasing the challenge and altering basic strategies.
  • Pontoon: In Pontoon, both of the dealer’s cards remain hidden until players complete their hands, adding an element of mystery and strategy.
  • Blackjack Switch: This unique version allows players to swap cards between two hands, introducing a novel level of decision-making and tactics to the game.
  • Double Exposure Blackjack: In this variant, both of the dealer’s cards are exposed, giving players more information to base their decisions on.
  • Vegas Strip Blackjack: Popular in Las Vegas casinos, this variant often allows players to double down on any two cards and split pairs multiple times.

With these diverse variations, blackjack enthusiasts have the opportunity to explore and enjoy a range of exciting versions of this classic card game, each offering its own set of challenges and strategies to master. Of course, in each different casino you will find even more variations of the game under a different name. So, get ready to explore!

How to win when playing live blackjack games

We know everyone plays to win, especially when it comes to live casinos. Here are some tactics to have in mind when joining a live blackjack casino game:

Learn the Rules

Start by understanding the rules of blackjack thoroughly, including the value of cards and the objective of the game.

Master Basic Strategy

Familiarize yourself with basic blackjack strategy, knowing when to hit, stand, double down, or split based on your hand and the dealer’s upcard.

Manage Your Bankroll

Set clear limits on your bets and stick to them. This helps you avoid losing more than you’re comfortable with and ensures a more sustainable gaming experience.

Pay Attention to the Dealer

Keep a close eye on the live dealer’s actions and cards. Their choices can influence your decisions, so it’s essential to stay engaged in the game.

Stay Focused

Maintain concentration during the game. Avoid distractions and emotional impulses that might lead to poor decisions.

Practice Patience

Recognize that blackjack involves both winning and losing streaks. Be patient and don’t chase losses. Stick to your strategy even during tough moments.

Avoid Insurance Bets

Insurance bets typically have a high house edge, so it’s often better to decline them unless you have a solid grasp of card counting.

Set Winning Goals

Decide on a target for your winnings, and when you reach it, consider walking away to lock in your profits.

Quit While Ahead

Similarly, if you’re on a winning streak, don’t get too greedy. Quitting while you’re ahead can be a smart move to preserve your winnings.

Last, but not least – be responsible

Don’t lose yourself in the game and recognize when it’s becoming too much. Bet responsibly and learn to manage your finances and set a limit.

By following these strategies and maintaining discipline, you can increase your chances of winning while enjoying live blackjack games.

Live Blackjack casinos are waiting for you!

In conclusion, the Philippines offers a diverse and exciting range of live blackjack casinos, each with its unique charm and appeal. With professional dealers, various betting limits, and immersive atmospheres, these top 8 live blackjack casinos provide the ideal backdrop for players seeking to win big. So, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned blackjack enthusiast, try your luck at one of these exceptional venues, and may the cards fall in your favor as you aim for those unforgettable wins.

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