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Construct 2: New Project Based on Platform, Game Type, or Template

Construct 2 is one of the hot frameworks for building games. This beginner tutorial describes how to set up a new project in Construct 2. This covers different platforms as well as the prebuilt templates.

A project in Construct 2 is your complete game. This contains everything that makes up your game including events, sound files, and media files. To begin your journey, first you will need to create a new project in Construct 2. It’s simple, however, the many available options frequently confuse beginners. By understanding this initial creation process you will be sure that your development starts on the correct path.

In general, most beginner should start with a templated project. These generate the framework for the type of game you wish to build. Exploring the included code, media, and events will facilitate development and familiarity with the Construct 2 process.

1. Open Construct 2 and click the icon on the left to pull down the menu. Select New.

Construct new project

2. From this screen you have many options for creating a new project. Depending on for what you are creating your game, you will want to be sure you select the correct option. Construct 2 offers many different platforms and project types for you.

construct 2 new project screen

Basic Game Types Based on Platform

These are the generic projects directed toward your specific platform. Other than getting you pointed toward your target platform, the rest of the project is open.

– To create a completely blank project, select New Empty Project

– To create a game for mobile devices, select New Mobile Project

– To create a game for Facebook, select New Facebook Project

– To create a game for Windows 8, select New Windows 8 Project

Specialized Game Projects

New Retro Style Project will create a new project with settings tuned to a retro styled 8 bit pixelated game.

New Project with Common Objects will create a new project with object types such as audio, gamepad, keyboard, and touch features already added.

Examples of Templated Game Project Options

To take it a step further, you can create new projects based off templates for the type of game you are making. These templates add in placeholder objects that you can easily modify with your own assets. This also gives you a good grasp of where to start with your mechanics.

Template: Platformer will create a new project with basic platformer mechanics. This includes a movable player using WASD keys, platforms objects, and some other basic objects. This will even add in some basic event sheet options that will help greatly in mechanics such as movement.

construct 2 platformer template

Template: Top Down Shooter will create a project with top down shooter mechanics. You will get a controllable character using WASD and/or mouse-control for movement and shooting. Bullets and the proper event sheets that make these options work are included.

construct 2 top down shooter template

Template: Vertical Space Shooter will create a project with top down scrolling shooter mechanics. This includes a character movable by mouse, enemies, and a scrolling background. Event sheets also included.

vertical scrolling shooter template in construct 2

These are just a few of the many templates you can use when creating a new project. They also have templates for many other types of games such as auto-runners, turret defense, driving games, and more. Frequently, starting with a template will accelerate your learning progress.

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Chris Luongo
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