How to Lock a Chat in WhatsApp – Exploring the New Feature

whatsapp chat lock

WhatsApp, the world-renowned messaging platform, continues its streak of innovative features to enhance user privacy and experience. One of the most awaited features that users have been looking forward to is the ability to lock individual chats, adding an extra layer of security. This article will guide you through the process of locking a chat using this new feature.

Why Lock a Chat in Whatsapp?

With an increasing need for privacy and security, there may be certain conversations on WhatsApp that you’d prefer to keep confidential. While the app has previously offered end-to-end encryption for messages, locking individual chats gives users more control over who can view specific conversations, even if someone has access to your phone.

Steps to Lock a Chat

Update Your WhatsApp: Before you can use the chat lock feature, ensure that your app is updated to the latest version. Check your device’s app store to ensure you’re running the most recent version of WhatsApp.

  1. Open the Chat: Navigate to the specific conversation you wish to lock.
  2. Tap on the Chat Name or Contact Name: This will open the chat’s details.
  3. Scroll Down: You will find a new option titled ‘Chat Lock’.
  4. Enable the Lock: Toggle on the ‘Chat Lock’ option. Upon selection, you will be prompted to set a password or use your device’s biometric verification (if available).
  5. Verification: Choose your preferred method of verification. If you opt for a password, ensure it’s something you’ll remember but isn’t easily guessable.
  6. Confirm Your Selection: Once you’ve confirmed your password or biometric input, your chat will now be locked.
  7. Accessing a Locked Chat: To access the conversation in the future, you’ll need to provide the password or use biometric verification, depending on your earlier selection.

Additional New Features

  • Auto-Lock Timer: WhatsApp allows you to set a timer, determining how long the app waits before automatically locking the chat after you’ve viewed it. This can range from immediately after you exit to intervals like 1 minute, 15 minutes, or an hour.
  • Recovery Options: In case you forget your password, WhatsApp provides recovery options linked to your email or phone number.

Things to Note

  • Always remember your password. While there are recovery options, it’s best to avoid the hassle of going through them.
  • If your device supports biometric authentication, using it can be quicker and more convenient than typing a password.
  • Be cautious about the auto-lock timer. If you set it to a longer duration, ensure your device itself has strong security measures in place.

Viewing Your Locked Chats:

Accessing a locked chat on WhatsApp is a straightforward process:

  1. Navigate to the Chat: Scroll through your chat list and find the locked chat. It will typically have a small lock icon next to the chat name or profile picture to indicate that it’s locked.
  2. Tap on the Chat: Upon tapping, instead of immediately showing you the messages, WhatsApp will present you with a password or biometric prompt (depending on what you’ve set up).
  3. Enter Password or Use Biometric Verification: If you’ve set a password, type it in. If you’ve opted for biometric verification, authenticate using your fingerprint or facial recognition.
  4. Access Granted: Once verified, you’ll be able to view your chat as usual.

Turning Off Chat Lock:

If you decide you no longer need a specific chat to be locked, or if you’ve locked a chat accidentally, you can easily turn off the chat lock:

  1. Go to the Locked Chat: Scroll through your chat list and find the chat you wish to unlock.
  2. Tap on the Chat Name or Contact Name: This will open the chat’s details.
  3. Scroll Down to ‘Chat Lock’: The option will be toggled on, indicating that the chat is currently locked.
  4. Toggle Off the Lock: Upon tapping, you’ll be prompted to enter your password or use biometric verification for one last time to confirm you’re authorized to make this change.
  5. Chat Unlocked: After verification, the chat lock will be disabled, and you can access the chat without any added security prompts.


WhatsApp’s new chat lock feature is a welcome addition for many users seeking enhanced privacy. By offering the ability to lock individual chats, WhatsApp continues to prioritize user data security and personal confidentiality. As always, while these features offer added protection, always practice general safety measures and be mindful of who has access to your device.

For a more comprehensive guide on the chat lock feature and other functionalities of WhatsApp, we recommend checking the official Whatsapp website. They offer detailed walkthroughs, FAQs, and support to ensure you make the most of their platform.


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