Windows Live Messenger 2011: Showing currently playing song in status

   Posted November 8, 2010 by Lê Hoàng in Windows

Automatically share the music you are playing with your friends! This step-by-step guide describes how to show your currently playing song as your status in Windows Live Messenger 2011.

1. Launch Windows media player 12 and go to Tools->Options.

2. In Options window, switch to Plug-ins tab, go to Background, check Windows Live Messenger Music Plugin and hit OK.

3. Launch WLM and log into your account.

4. Go to Tools->Options…

5. In Options window, check Show information about the song I’m listening to and hit OK.

6. WLM will now display your currently playing song.

7. When your friends click on the song’s name, they will be redirected to a Bing result page which contains related contents to the song.


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  • Kim


  • Ahmed

    thanks was great help

    • Anonymous

      Glad we could help 😉

  • Anonymous

    was great help! thanks

  • thanks

  • Liiloo_lii

    well not working for me anymore… stupid messenger 😛

    • Anonymous

      You mean it had worked for you before, and then suddenly stopped working?

      If so, you should send a bug report to MS. I agree with you that WLM is full of bugs 🙁

  • Dazmort

    works a treat many thanks

  • Ricardo

    thanks from portugal!

    • Anonymous

       Glad we could help 😉

  • Ahliang0107

    Hey there your tips were really helpful by showing the correct steps but after following all the steps I still can’t see any music icon beside my display name. Is it bug too?

    • Ahliang0107

      Sorry guys ignore my comment. It actually works right after I played my song now. Thanks tipztv u ROCKS!

  • Ray

    I have done all that, repeatedly & it still does not show songs. Any ideas that might actually help or any reason mine does not do what it suppose to be doing?


  • s0ul

    and please tell me, who the hell uses windows media player to play music? o.O

  • Guy

    Cant believe it was so Fin obvious -.-
    Guess it didnt change that much since the older versions of WLM 🙂


  • alinmon44

    than you