Before and After a Twitter Marketing Campaign [pic]

Many marketing services offer to increase your number of Twitter followers. However, what do you really get from such a marketing campaign?

Enjoy another editorial cartoon from your buddies here at Tech-Recipes. 🙂


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The Conversation

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  • Hahah! i love it!

    i just love how about a year and half ago most people had no idea what twitter was or what its purpose was.

    fast forward to now, every major company now has a twitter account and actually monitor it!

    twitter = instant feedback from users and pr for companies directly to users. its the pipe dream of customer service/feedback but the downfall is that you get a lot of static too 🙂

  • hepatologist

    Ah. I see now what I’ve never like about twitter. Everybody talking; nobody listening.

    No ears, no eyes — just whining and blabbing. Nice touch.

  • ha – why do these guys have no eyes? What am I missing….?