How to Save QuickTime Files or Movies from Within your Web Browser

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Many web pages prevent you from saving QuickTime movies to your hard drive. Here are some hints to get you started.

Many web pages now exist for viewing QuickTime movies. You enjoy viewing and watching the movies; however, you cannot find out how to download them directly to your hard drive.

Based on the skill level of the web designer, it is possible to prevent users from directly downloading the movies’ files. Fortunately, however, most web designers do not go to such trouble. With a few simple hints, you have a good chance of directly downloading it.


1. Right-click and Save Target As

If there is a direct link on the web page to the movie file, then it is very easy to download.
– Right click on the direct link to the movie file (*.mov).
– Select Save Target As.
– Name it and save it.

2. Find the link hidden in the source

Most web designers do not give a direct link; however, you can still find the link in the source code.
– Navigate to the page on which the movie is playing.
– Click View menu.
– Click Source.
– Notepad is open; click Edit menu.
– Select Find.
– In the text box type the following: .mov andmake sure you include the period.
– Typically the end of the url will be highlighted. The URL will like this, for example:
embed src= "" border="0" bgcolor="#212121" controller="true" target="myself" pluginspage="" loop="FALSE" autoplay="true" height="262" width="320">

– Highlight and copy the URL part of the following:
– Paste this URL into your browser address bar, and click GO.
– When the film has completely loaded, click the File menu in your browser.
– Select Save As.
– Name and save your movie file.

Unfortunately, these two common methods will not work for all web applications. Many companies that developed highly complex methods for hiding the source quicktime files to prevent easy downloading.


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    My Safari browser will not save the file!! help!?

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    I tried to download this file but I failed No source code can be accessed. Could u help?



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    in Safari (on mac) I couldn’t do anything from the actual page the movie was on: url, QT controls and everything wouldn’t give any options.

    Did it finally by going back a page and right clicking the link to the file. There was an option to download from there or stream to iTunes

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    thanks a lot! searching for it in the source is a good idea if ive heard one, dont know why I didnt think of it.

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    in the second method
    i didnt have to let the film load completely before saving it

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    i’m using firefox on leopard and when i took the apple quicktime hd gallery i clicked a link and there were 3 diffrent formats i clicked the 1080p link and quicktime opened up and after the playback bar thingy got fully dark i used file-save as and tried to save and no matter what i did it always showed the error message ‘not enough movie data’ can someone tell me how to save this video

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    Moxilla Firefox recently added a Quicktime add-on which I downloaded. After that any video file i opened in my browser was done by Quicktime including MP4 files even though I set my windows preferences to open MP4 with Windows media player. As a result I could not download such files in my browser, only view them without saving. I was of course, offred the $30 upgrade option. The fix was simple; I disabled the add-on and am back to normal bering offred the “view” or “save” options. It seems a bit naughty of Mozilla to impose “de facto” restrictions without being open about it!

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      AHA! Thats most likely whats happening with me! Thank you!

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    THANK YOU! What an annoying problem! Simple solution. Think of them as pictures really and get around them that way. ha. Thanks!!!!!

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    Another trick I found based on modifying a tip on this page was to copy the URL of the .mov file I wanted to copy and create a link on my own web page to the file. Then, I could right-click and ‘save target as’ to get my file saved. There wasn’t a link to the file and it was somewhat secure as it was located on the dropbox website. They had it blocked to view source or save. Great adaptation of David’s suggestion for other cases where needed. Thanks for the help!

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    Thanks for the tips David Kirk! Here is another one:

    When you have watched a movie on it’s url in Chrome you can save it with a simple CTRL + S.

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