Image: Arrington Visits the Larry Craig Memorial Airport

   Posted October 6, 2010 by David Kirk in Entertainment

The previously independent tech-news blog TechCrunch is now owned by AOL.


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  • Sharing the throne? 🙂

  • hepatologist

    TechCrunch had a lot of power by being independent before. They gained this power by opening pissing people off left and right. As much as Arrington wants TC to remain independent, it’s impossible now. How can you honestly attack AOL’s competitors or report about an AOL-related company now without appearing biased?

    Mike took the money and ran. He’s tired.

    As the cartoon alludes, Calacanis did this same thing earlier when he sold weblogsinc to AOL. Now he’s using TechCrunch’s sale as a PR boost by his pseudo-rage against Arrington.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t really understand the idea behind this picture 🙁 Help me!

      • hepatologist

        Are you from the US?

        • Anonymous

          No 🙁

          • hepatologist

            Cool. Larry Craig is a US anti-homosexual politician who was accused of soliciting homosexual sex in an airport restroom by rubbing another man’s foot.

            It’s of symbolism of being hypocritical.

            Likewise, Arrington and Calacanis stressed the importance of being independent and outsiders until they sold out.

          • Anonymous

            Ah i understand it now 😀 Thank you 😀

      • Darn, hepa! Thanks for over-explaining the joke!

        • haha! i admit that i was a bit.. hmm? now i remember though! nicely done!!

  • Wisteriawhite

    LOVE the cartoon…..Who is the cartoonist??