How to Reverse the Jailbreak of Your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad (Unjailbreak)

Posted August 6, 2010 by Rob Rogers in Apple Mac

If you’ve modified your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad and are now second guessing your decision to jailbreak your device, you can undo the modification and run your device normally.  This can be quite useful if your device has been experiencing performance issues since applying the jailbreak.

1. Connect your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad to your computer and open iTunes.

2. Select your device from the left column.

3. Go to the Summary tab.

4. In the Version section, click the Restore button.

5. You will be asked if you want to back up the settings for your device before restoring, click the Back Up button.

Your settings will then be backed up and the Restore function will start.

Once the Restore function has completed, your device will be in a “nonjailbroken” state.


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  • Marco

    Thanks, this might turn out to be useful.
    I have a question, I don’t know if you wish to make a post on that… 😉
    My iPhone 4 is arriving next week. I currently have an iPhone 3G S with iOS 4.0, and it is synced with iTunes on my Win 7 Home Premium notebook.
    When my new iPhone 4 arrives, I want to transfer all media and apps from my iPhone 3G S to my brand new iPhone 4.
    What EXACTLY do I have to do?
    When I bought 3G S I tried to do the same with my previous iPhone 3G, but I failed and was not able to achieve this.

    Thanks a lot!

    • Jason

      i’ve just made the switch to the iphone 4 from a 3G. iTunes will figure out that i have a new phone and will ask to merge info. just click merge. everything will be transferred.

      • Marco

        Thank you Jason, I will do as you said!

  • ceez

    but what happens to any apps that you purchased before or after the jailbreak?!?!?

    • :)

      they are kept on your iTunes account ready for download after you stop jailbreaking

  • Femi

    Server Error in ‘/’ Application

    • tina

      > i tried many times. but at the end of restoring, it stated there iphone for “my name” could not be restored. an error occurred. what should i do then

  • Kristin Lynch

    I have an iPhone 4, an iPad and a MacBook Pro. I jailbroke my iPhone and everything was running fine but I decided to reverse the process. Everything works OK after reversal, BUT…

    Any time a new update comes out for my iPhone 4 or my iPad, iTunes gets almost all the way through the installation and then hangs indefinitely. I eventually have to force quit. If I try to reinstall, I am informed I need to restore the device. Even once I restore the device, I can’t reinstall. I’ve now determined that I need to reinstall iTunes each time this happens, then it works fine again until another update is released.

    So I’ve narrowed down the issue to likely being with iTunes. Any idea how I can fix this? I’ve gone through the entire process of uninstalling iTunes, rebooting OSX (Snow Leopard) and reinstalling iTunes. Even that didn’t help once another update was released.

    I’m a technical consultant and web developer so I know my way around my computer and can handle a complicated fix. I just don’t know what to do specifically.

    Can you help? Thanks in advance!

    • sarah

      > This is exactly the same thing that happened to me. Did you get any responses?

    • medo

      > a new defence system for itunes against jailbreak its like trap for jailbroken iphone … you have to update using redsnow or any other software other than itunes

  • alexanyways

    Is the warrenty good again after I do this?

  • tania

    will I loose all my application, music and other data?

  • Jesusfreak4127

    And if I go through that process will my songs and stuff be deleted, or just the jailbreak?

  • PokerGirl

     If I decide to reverse the jailbreak, would it also reverse the UNLOCK option?  I still wanna be able to use whatever provider I want, but I don’t need all the extra fancy stuff that jailbreaking supposedly gives me (I still have yet to see them).

  • phil

    After Jail Breaking my iphone4, I now have problems with my you tube & hbo go apps. The videos will start playing and then they just freeze up 10 seconds into them. Can that be because the phone has been tampered with?

  • bob

    on a similar note, I upgraded apps on ipad yesterday and had to agree to itunes release. Now youtube will no longer play my favourite channels and blocks a lot of videos I used to watch……how can I reverse this….help!!!!

  • Shelby

    A teenager jailbroke my son’s Ipod. Hunter (son) was upset and tried to reverse it and now it doesn’t want to turn on! HELP! He is SO upset!

  • Cathleen Woodall

    Do u hav to restore to factory settings?

  • Marco Pereira

    HI there, I have a Jailbreaked Iphone 4s, but want to update it to IOS 6.0.1, as I do not want the Jb anymore

    QUestion: Can I simple click on update on itunes and it will work with no problems at all?

  • Hi

    Will this delete all your apps and save data?

  • mick

    hi i tried this,and got stuck in a loop.error code 1015.

  • Georgina

    My grandson’s ipad won’t restore, it’s stuck in safe mode and it won’t let him open any apps, especially cytia. HELP!