iPad: How to pair / connect any bluetooth keyboard

   Posted April 17, 2010 by Jimmy Selix in Apple Mac

The iPad’s touchscreen keyboard isn’t bad, its actually pretty good for a touchkeyboard. However there can be times where you may need to do some major emailing or even document writing and need a keyboard. This recipe will show you how to pair any bluetooth keyboard with the iPad. You don’t just need to use the Apple one, any bluetooth keyboard will work!

1. Go to Settings General

2. Tap on Bluetooth, if its Off, tap on it to turn it On.

3. Now put your bluetooth keyboard in pairing mode; usually a dedicated button or by holding the power button down for 5 secs.

4. Once you do this, your keyboard will show up under Devices and say Not Paired.

5. Tap on it, You will be prompted with a message to type a series of numbers on the bluetooth keyboard and then press Enter on the keyboard.

6. The keyboard should up under Devices and say Connected.

–If your keyboard has a volume controls and media player controls (ie play, next, pause, prev, volume, mute), they will all map in the system and work in iPod and Videos and control the system volume. These will also work when your in an app with the music in the background (ie Safari, Pages, Mail, Calendar, any of the native apps)
–The Internet Home button on some keyboards will act like the Home button. My Dell BT Keyboard w/media/internet controls works like this.

To Unpair:

Go to Settings General Bluetooth, Tap on the arrow on your keyboard in the list. Tap on Forget this Device


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  • sinrtb

    Out of curiosity does anyone know of a good place to find bluetooth Keyboards? I don’t have the IPad but i am getting a new Android in a week and would love to get a keyboard for it.

    • http://blogs.tech-recipes.com/jimmyselix jimmyselix

      what kind and form factor are you looking for? there are tons of different styles and sizes these days.

      smaller ones usually are gonna run you in the $70 range for cheaper ones.

      i’d check out a few deal sites to see if you spot one on the cheap. try:

    • http://blogs.tech-recipes.com/jimmyselix jimmyselix

      also just discovered this place too. i got the mini bt keyboard and its pretty decent for only $40 and very portable. i decided to order another one w/the media controls and use this one for my PS3. Got sick of the PS3 minikb that clips on.

      however, the kb i received had the z and enter buttons switched around so i had to rma it. customer service was pretty good too, just sent them a pic of it and they are resending me a new one. 🙂

      hope that helps



    • Pattie452

      > I just bought an Apple Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for my new iPad and I got it at CellPhoneShop.net. The price was $34.99 which I thought was pretty good. I don’t know about it working with an Android, but you might check out their web site.

    • dr blues

      try ebay, could find for prices up to $10 ( brand new bluetooth keyboards )>

    • Mia

      NOMORERACK.com is where I got mine.. $29..! You can get them at Brookstone for $99 or more..!!

  • Chris Carlyle

    i have xema bluekeyboard that bought pocket pc
    now have ipad cannot get it to pair help

  • Plumbles

    Thank you .thank you…thank you…….you are now my friend for life

  • Kge Davis

    thank you so much for this easy to read tutorial. My life is somuch easier now that I can use the keyboard with my iPad.

  • Pepesharan

    I recently brought iPad but am not able to transfer data,but Bluetooth is showing connected .please help me

  • Fergusonwj

    dose anyone have any tips for getting the vkb keyboard to pair with iPad or iPhone?

  • http://Www.tech-recipes.com Mary K Keele

    Why will my Logitech not pair with my ipad2?

  • Jimmy Selix

    hmmm, are you able to pair your logitech with any other devices via BT?

  • Iris

    Hi, I bought T6062 keyboard and followed the instructions – sama as above – to the t but cannot get it to pair, it always says pairing unsuccessful. What to do?

  • Iris

    Hi, I bought T6062 keyboard and followed the instructions – sama as above – to the t but cannot get it t pair!

  • Terri

    I also bought a T6062 keyboard. It will not pair with my ipad one. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  • Jimmy Selix

    re: Terri and Iris and T6062

    hmm, have you tried removing the batteries from the keyboard for 1 minute and put back in, reboot your ipad and try to re-pair to the ipad?

    just a very oddball one too: do you have any cordless landline phones in your house? if so, they could be interfering too since they run on the 2.4ghz channel. again, a total oddball one. 🙂

  • NASR

    Thank you so much bro. its really helpful

  • Bob Rogers

    I am too dense to understand all these acronyms but hope I may setup a keyboard with my 7 year old Dell. Which keyboard do you suggest? Thanks

  • http://BobRogersisanidot.com Bob Rogers is an Idiot

    Bob, did you not understand the acronyms called words? This is explaining how to set up a wireless keyboard on an Ipad…not a Dell. maybe it’s an I.D TEN T error? How’s that for an “acronym”? I.D.10 T…..

  • carla

    Thank you for this information. I bought a new no-name bluetooth keyboard off ebay but it didn’t come with a user manual and it was suppose to. I sent the seller a note about this but in the meantime, I thought I’d check the internet to see if there were any generic instructions. I came across this website and quickly and easily paired the keyboard in minutes. They removable keyboard works perfectly and I’m very well satisfied. By the way, the case and keyboard (which also locks the ipad when closed) cost $39 with free expedited shipping. I received the product in 3 days.
    Thanks again for the instructions.

  • Isidore Akpan

    I succeeded in paring my Bluetooth keyboard with my ipad3 last week. Few days after, the keyboard stops recognising the iPad. Since then, all my efforts to have it paired again are not successful. Whenever I tried, though the keyboard and bluetooth will be on, the message I get is ‘make sure your keyboard Is on…’ pls help

  • Steve Huffman

    I have a new iPad 2. I am looking for a keyboard for it. A local goodwill has a new one that says it is for android .3.0. Will this work with my iPad

    Steve Huffman

    • http://blogs.tech-recipes.com/jimmyselix Jimmy Selix

      most likely, bluetooth is a pretty standard.. communication standard 🙂


    • Anne

      hi, I purchases one on ebay http://www.ebay.ca/itm/220982485208?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649 and working good. the seller increased his price as I had paid 15.75 and he has them for 19.75 now , guess they were selling fast… Only thing is that it does not come with any documents to tell you how to use the commands buttons. Looking for them on the net right now…

  • Dawn

    I have recently purchased a Bluetooth wireless keyboard off of eBay. It appears to be a Bluetooth 3.0 RoHs? Model number K1280C. I put batteries in it, attempted to turn it on (on the back of the keyboard) and nothing is happening. There is a black ‘connect’ button also on the back and when I push it or hold it down, nothing happens. Do you think there is a flaw with the device, or am I doing something wrong? My IPad is continuously searching… But never discovering a device. Please help!! 🙂

    • http://blogs.tech-recipes.com/jimmyselix Jimmy Selix

      > bad batteries or bad keyboard. most keyboards when they pair have a light on that will blink very fast. when its on, it normally will have a solid light on. hope that helps.

    • Anne

      hi, i just bought one too off ebay and working. First step: go in your settings, general, bluetooth and activate. Second steps; add batteries in keyboard and turn on then click on the connect button. you shoud see you keyboard model appear in the bluetooth settings on Ipad. then select the keyboard for pairing. a message box should appear on IPAD with a code to enter on keyboard and then press enter. The pairing is then done and ready to work. if does not work, try to stop the bluetooth and redo these steps. I had connected it a first time and then stoped it then it would reconnect again. I removed the keyboard, stopped the bluetooth a redid the steps and it finally worked. Now I want to find the shortcut keys and how to use all the buttons on it… good luck

  • cb

    I have an ipad3 and have tried FIVE different keyboards with it and it will not work. It shows a code, I put the code in – it says that it is connected, and it wont work. The keyboards are useless. I have tried apple wireless and my latest is a iHome iDM5 with speakers. I need help, I have Lupus and my hands absolutely ache when trying to type on the ipad. Can you give me step by step instructions on what to do with the pairing of the ipad3?
    Thank you

  • Franky

    I have a Le Pan 2 ipad and have tried a SumacLife wireless keyboard. It pairs up and is recognized with no problem. The problem occurs when I type. At random with any key but not always I get multiple or repeat characters, sometimes a whole line. The supplier sent me a new keyboard but it does the same thing. There is no documentation on the keyboard as far as settings. Any ideas on what is happening.

  • Merice

    Thank you very much for the information…. it served its purpose and got connected my keyboard to ipad, SENSATIONAL!!!!!

    • Merice

      Thanks very much for the information….. it served its purpose, just connected apple keyboad to my ipad and is working. SENSATIONAL!!!!

  • Carol Taylor

    Mine too! After searcing for the device which takes ages, it says my keyboard is ready to pair. The iPad gives me a pin to enter, afger which it says pairing unsuccessful. Is the device turned on and within range.YES I shout uselessly, but no joy. Does it matter which version of IOS is on the iPad?

  • pk

    Thank you so much!! Works great..

  • Mike

    Thanks for the tip. I just got a Luxor TM for my iPad and couldn’t get it to connect. Your tip saved the day, and I appreciate it.

  • Fanie

    Have an IPad and Capdase bluetooth keyboard. lost the pairing code. How can I retrieve it or pair without a code?

  • Cheryl Phillips

    I have a Tylt keyboard for my I Pad and have lost the instruction booklet.
    Is there anyway you know to know what the signs are across the top of the key board?

    Is the power button on the top far left?

    There is a button on the side (bottom) I am assuming it has to be green to be on. There is also a button that is blue when you push it in. It doesn’t stay on. Is it supposed to?

    I have google Tylt and can’t seem to find any info. I got the key board at the Verizon store.

  • Donald Sugg

    Thanks a million, I had not been able to get my keyboard to work as I had lost the instructions but using your guide it worked for my Ipad —

  • jacqueline davenport

    Just bought from amazon bluettooth keyboard for Samsuungg Galaaxy Tablet 2 10.1. PRoblem is with ttouch sennsittivittyy. AS you can seee, it keeps repeatting keys. How do I adjuust keyboard sensitiivittyy tto absoluute minimum?

  • Erik

    I recently purchased a Microsoft Bluetooth keyboard to use with my I Pad (I Pad 1).
    After attempting to pai. I get ” pairing unsuccessful SGH-T669$).
    Could anyone advise how to get the keyboard paired.

  • John

    Thanks a bunch. Belkin keyboard paired up with ipad3. Works fine.

  • tosca

    hi jimmy, can you help me connect my samsun s3 mini to a universal keyboard?
    i am being asked to enter a pin to pair my keyboard and bluetooth.
    where do i find this pin? it is the older version of freedom universal keyboard and it was given to me. absolute newbie on both fronts – samsung is first smartphone for me and therefore big learning curve ….
    thanx in advance!

  • Imresults

    Hey Jimmie, great article! I cannot get my Bluemtooth keyboard (came with my Mac) to sync. It will show up infrequently, but when I tap it, it goes into search mode and then says to turn on my keyboard so the ipad can see it….thanks for any help you can offer!

  • Mak

    Very good guide and it really helped in connecting my amkette Bluetooth keyboard with my ipad

  • A K

    Thanks to Jimmy Selix for those directions. The directions that came with my keyboard were terrible. His directions were so clear and simple that anyone could follow them. I was thinking about sending it back before I came across this site.

  • Simona

    Hi Jimmy,
    I came across your post looking for a solution to my problem – I’ve been trying to pair an iphone (two different ones, actually) to my ipad – not for tethering, but to use the iphone as a barcode scanner for an app. But, having both the ipad and iphone(s) in “now discoverable” mode, they fail to see each other completely, nothing shows up! One iphone is a “real” phone, on ATT, the other is a retired iphone that’s only connecting via wi-fi, without a working simcard, but I can’t see why that would matter – either way, both iphones can’t seem able to see the ipad, and vice versa.
    Any suggestions?

  • Robert E

    If you are pairing a bluetooth keyboard, hold the V A and R keys on the keyboard when powering up the keyboard. (as mentioned in the keyboard guide)

    Pair the keyboard using your iPad. Then you’ll get a prompt to enter in a 4 digit passcode and enter on the keyboard. (it wont flash by like before) Presto!

  • Brian Madson

    When i did my bluetoothit gave me a number to use.I cannot login t my keyboard as I didn,t put the numbers in’all that happens now is it is searching.This has been going on for 2 days.How do i get another number plkease

  • Cristina Falkenberg

    Thank you so much!!! You made my day…!!! 🙂

  • Theresa

    Thank you. I purchased my keyboard case on sale and with your instructions was able to connect.

  • Andy Radwell

    Many thanks for this info. Instructions included with my Bluetooth keyboard were less than adequate.

  • Betty Barger

    These directions were clear and worked perfectly. I am now up and running with a non-apple Bluetooth keyboard and couldn’t be happier! Linked the keyboard to my I-pad 2.

  • Vivian Moen

    I have not been able to sync the iHome keyboard to my iPad 2. It says “searching” Now discoverable. Any ideas?

  • Chris

    I have followed all the instructions to a T in trying to sync my bluetooth keyboard with my iPad 2. I can only get as far as taping on BK-101 keyboard under devices. It just keeps searching and says connected. I haven’t been able to get the ‘code’ to enter to sync them. When I try to use the keyboard it doesn’t work. Both are on and directly near each other. Any ideas why this won’t work?

  • Jeanne

    I never had this problem before. It was so easy to pair my Bluetooth keyboard with my iPad. Trying to do this again. When the prompt shows up regarding entering a number it goes straight to a message that says pairing unsuccessful and to make sure my bluetooth wireless keyboard is turned on, in range and ready to pair. Can’t get the keyboard much closer. lol. Still no luck

  • azharsamy

    Hey dude I have generic bluetooth keyboard it does not have a physical pairing button nor does pressing the power button down puts in pairing mode.
    Is there any other way putting the device in pairing mode
    Please help

  • Lindsay

    I’ve followed these instructions (the same that came with my keyboard) and it just won’t pair! A box pops up to say the pairing was unsuccessful and to check that the keyboard is on, in range, and ready to pair. It’s certainly on, and I would hope it’s in range as the keyboard is directly next to my iPad. As for being ready to pair, I charged it for a few hours, and had pressed the indicated pair button til the blue indicator light started flashing, so I would think it was ready to pair. Any ideas that I can get this working?? (I have an iPad 2 and the keyboard is part of a Khomo case I just received)

  • Michelle Moe

    I have been literally screaming at my wireless keyboard all day trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. Thanks to you the keyboard is now paired and working perfectly. Thank you so much for helping us tech challenged folk.

  • Jimmy

    Jimmy––I don’t know how far you want to go with your sharing, but if you’re feeling charitable here’s my issue:

    I usually use an Apple Aluminum Bluetooth keyboard with my iPad Mini, and it all works fine. In addition to the usual keyboard I also own a second Apple Aluminum Bluetooth keyboard (my wife’s). I want to pair wife’s keyboard with my iPhone 4S so I’ll be able to do text messages easily while I’m home. I cannot (!!!) get the iPhone to pair with the wife’s keyboard. In fact, if I try to pair the wife’s keyboard with my iPad Mini things get all screwed up and I have lots of trouble getting the Mini to pair with either of the keyboards. The attempts go ’round and ’round, and finally I get back to Mini synced with my usual keyboard and the iPhone not synced at all.

    I tried your routine, and never did get a request to pair with a new keyboard. What could I be doing/not-doing that’s wrong?

    Jimmy Chadwick

  • Jackie

    I have a HYPE Deluxe All in one Bluetooh Workstation. I can’t find the cord and can’t find any photos of the cord – have searched my amazingly large and somewhat scattered collection of unused cords, but no luck. Can anyone tell me if I can buy another cord? Thanks so much!

  • Kieshia

    I did this but it doesn’t work. It is on as it flashes and the iPad finds it but it doesn’t bring a box or anything up to type in password and it doesn’t find it when typed into the keyboard?

  • Lee Taylor

    Bluetooth in settings has been searching for 20 mins. Can u help me please?

  • Donna

    Hi Jimmy, I can’t get my Apple keyboard to STAY ON! The green light turns on for a couple seconds and then turns off again. I’ve tried everything and it still won’t stay on! It’s a model A1314 2009.

  • Evelyn

    Thanks so much for the information, it worked. I received the keyboard from my son and it needed to be charged. Once I did that then I was able to follow your directions. The only thing now is the “Devices” sections seems to be continue to search for something; 0therwise the keyboard works wonderfully!!

  • Fsophie

    What if your ipad keyboard seems to not really work in general?

  • Peter Conn

    I get the not paired prompt but when I select my keyboard, a spinning action icon starts on the right of the keyboard row (the upper spinning icon is still going as it looks for more devices), but then when I select my keyboard the whole device row goes away without giving me the message with the pairing code. Have tried it three times and always the same.
    IPad Air ios7 Apple keyboard

    • Peter Conn

      > disregard previous posting. Turns out it was just timing out and not me selecting that was turning it off. But selecting before the time out, I am finally getting the code. BTW, writing now on my keyboard. Thanx for the posting on how to do it.

  • MONA



  • Craig Campbell

    Thank you very much. It’s down to people like you that the rest of us aren’t left hopelessly confused forever, so I really appreciate your advice, which worked perfectly!