MySpace: How To Cancel Your Account

Posted February 15, 2009 by Rob Rogers in MySpace

If you have found that MySpace just isn’t for you, you can cancel your account. MySpace makes you go through quite a few steps to complete the cancellation process, but it is very simple to do with these instructions.

1. Go MySpace and login to your account.

2. Go to the upper-right corner, beneath the search and select My Account.

3. From the Settings menu, select Account.

4. Scroll down to the Account Cancellation section and select Cancel Account.

5. Use the appropriate radio button to select the reason for having your account cancelled and click the Cancel My Account button.

6. If a Did You Know box appears, click the No Thanks button and click the Cancel My Account button again.

7. Under Confirm Account Cancellation, input any comments and then click the Cancel My Account button.

8. An account cancellation request will be sent to your email address.

9. Upon receiving the email, click the included link to complete the cancellation process. If you have decided to keep your account at this point, simply delete the email message and don’t click the link.

10. The link will take you to the Account Cancellation page. Go down to the Confirm Account Cancellation section and click the Cancel My Account button.

You will see a page confirming that your account will be scheduled for cancellation. The cancellation process can take up to 48 hours.


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  • cbc

    I am here because I want to delete the myspace account I created yesterday. The reason I want to cancel the acct,. is mainly because I cannot even LOG IN !!! Upon entering the log in info., the screen goes right back to the original log in screen. Very frustrating, to say the least. Please email me to instruct how to remove my “myspace account !!!” Thank You. C.B.C.

    • no the feeling,they have it so screwed up i have lost everything on mine.i once liked it but sure do suck now

      • weon’t even let me delite space you do everything else like you want ,SO DELIETE MY DAMNED ACCOPUNT THANK YOU

    • cindy

      same problem cant log in to cancel!! sux..want out!

  • Alisha

    I don’t want it any more

    • Lopezaudriana

      y not

  • elydia

    it doesnt take you to the account canellation page….i want my myspace gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wondering

    what if you have already cancelled your email address first? Can you still cancel you myspace account???

  • natalie

    i want to deleted my space because wen i try to log in i can’t thank you because i for get my password and my yahoo got deleted so what can i do this is my new yahoo

  • Sabrina

    how do cancel your myspace to make a new one cuz i forgot my password and cant sign in

    • Adasda

      you have to come to my place first to “hang” around so then it will work 😀

  • Tanner

    i never get the conformation email to delete it i dont kno whats goin on i did it 5 times

    • Name

      im not getting the email confirmation either…i cant delete it!!!

      • Georgette Mousel

        I tried too it won’t delete!

    • Shannon

      I know meeeeeee tooooooo WTF!!!!! I just want it gone!!!

      • Abnormalg60

        Myspace wants to keep you in the loop to be better than FB lol

        • orvy saunders

          This is madness

  • paula

    I don’t get an email to confirm that I wish to cancel my myspace account. Plss help me!! Why is this?? I tried deleting it last week and this week.

  • matt

    i can not get into my email so how can i delete? i do not use that email.

  • jay

    i cant get into my yahoo account to recieve the confirmation to deleting my account
    wuh do i do..?

  • Caroline Bottomley

    I’ve tried cancelling my MySpace account twice before, doing all of these steps. No such luck – anyone else had and managed to solve this problem?

  • stacy

    i am not recieving the email to follow to cancel my prfile, and i have tried it over 20 times

  • stacy

    i was wondering if you could cancel my myspace account i am not recieving the email that you follow to delete your page!!!! please help me

  • nikolas oto

    it wont give me instructions in my email how to cancel myspace.i tryed it 1,ooooo times!!!!!! its boring.i been waiting to much.myspace maybe lying to us

    • Jessica

      I figured this out finally! Check the block senders list in your e-mail account. If you have blocked before, you will not receive the verification e-mail. Unblock the address.

      • Charity

        I have tried over 20 times to cancel my Myspace account. I never get the confirmation email. I have waited over 6 weeks and still do not have it. I checked my blocked email addresses and the is not listed so that is not my issue. Can you think of anything else that could be causing me to not get this email? Help! I hate myspace and do not want it!

  • Jessica

    I figured this out finally! Check the block senders list in your e-mail account. If you have blocked before, you will not receive the verification e-mail. Unblock the address.

  • Brian

    I want to remove my myspace profile because my ex girlfriend got into it as well as my email and messed everything up. She changed my email password and I cannot get into it to confirm the cancellation of the account. What do I do?

  • Kate

    thank you…this really helped

  • katie

    thanks 4 the help..

  • Macey

    Okay, I go through all of the steps to delete myspace. However, I never receive the email to cancel it. I have checked all my spam folders and still nothing. I have tried to contact myspace a few times about a month ago and they have not responded. I am getting a little frustrated! Can anyone help me?


  • ernest mundy

    i need to delete my myspace profile and my email and password are changed. i changed my email and password before i even deleted my account

  • Kates

    Hi, I haven’t updated my mypace page for 2 years, but would like to begin using it again. I don’t want to lose my web address, so don’t wish to delete

    The big problem is 2 years of empty archives – how do I delete the actual months?

    Thank you ,Kates

  • hesfb

    Is there anyway to delete the myspace if you cannot log in?

  • Anonymous

    i never get a confirmation e mail

  • Anonymous

    the reson i want to delete it is its so boring

    • daniela

      you are right

  • michelle

    hi, i followed your instructions but i have never gotten an email about confirming to cancel your myspace account. i don’t think i can get rid of my account =(

  • raymond

    my myspace account did not send me anything when i tried to cancel my account what else can i do to get rid of my account

  • Love

    myspace sucks with yahoo e-mail addresses.

  • tanya

    when i use the radio button to select a reason to cancel my account and then click no thanks to the next pop up the whole page freezes. it doesn’t let me do anything else. I can refresh the page but then i restart witht the radio button and the process starts all over again. If typed delete my profile in the all about me portion of my profile and still nothing. What else can i do to delete my profile? I hate myspace. Nothing works the way its supposed to.

  • Anonymous

    i know how to get to those steps it won’t delete because i have changed my password so many times that when i try to sign into AOL i can’t remember the password for my user account on myspace. do you know any other ways i could delete myspace because i really want it gone.

  • Rais

    Well I do not have my account anymore, but i still have the profile there. I want to get rid of it

  • wardette falconer

    i am making a change in my life don’t need my space anymore.

  • Anonymous

    HELP! I made a myspace profile for my dog back in 2007. I can not remember her E-mail let alnoe her password. Is there anyway of deleting her Myspace account without this information???

  • Anonymous

    what if you put down your email, but you don”t use that email anymore
    so you can’t really delete because that email doesn’t work no more?
    do you get what i’m trying to say?

  • Anonymous

    i’ve been waiting for 1 hour now
    and i haven’t got the email yet
    could you email me and tell me what to do

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    can i cancel my account

  • Kelly Bouchard

    howw do I delete my old twitter, myspace. and google accounts? ASAP?

  • Robert

    I don’t know if myspace is ignoring account cancellations now because of the mass exodus from them to facebook, but they’re not sending the email with the link out – I’ve tried twice over the last couple weeks and have gotten no response. And it’s hotmail, so yes, I’ve been checking my spam folder, too. No email at all from them.

  • Anonymous

    there is no search or anything else in the upper right hand corner. and when i go to settings there is nothing that says account. all i want to do is cancel my myspace account. ther has to be a way to do it

  • Anonymous

    i forgot my password but want to delete my myspace

  • Anonymous

    i dont have the same email address what do i do

  • Mel

    What if your e mail has changed and you can’t access it anymore. How do you cancel?

  • Enrique

    y para borrarme en badoo,como lo hago ?

  • Guest

    i am commenting because ive done that already the email i use isnt really my email…i put in an alternative but it still wont email it to me so i cant even get the email.i created a new account on hotmail…the username i use on myspace but i still dont get am i supposed to delete it? can you give me a link to a site or something?

  • Anonymous

    what if your email that you started with was deleted ?
    I have tried but it does not work with deleted emails accounts

  • Sandra

    The cancellation button doesn’t work on mine, there must be a clitch seriously! What do you do if the email never is sent to your email address to cancel? I’ve sent it so many times. The same email address will recieve the mobile alerts email, so whats the problem?

  • Anonymous

    I NEED TO DELETE MY ACCOUNT…….its a old yahoo address thats gone now so im not getn a e-mail! what do i do!! HELP PLEASE

  • Anonymous


  • ana

    i want to cancel it because dats the only way to change my age

  • Lees_wife

    I need a different way to do this. I accidentally deleted the email account I had attached to my myspace. I have wrote them lots of email to get my profile canceled. They want me to take a stupid “salute” photo with a sign that has my user name. What for? So if I decide to return they can identify me later? They will not accept my State Issued ID Card as proof of who I really am. They will not take any Credit Card info to verify me either. Why must I humiliate myself for their jokes? If you have any other ideas let me know. I did post a status that says “Report this profile until myspace removes it.” 🙂

  • brenda

    can you tell me when i will get sent the email? i really want to delete my account

  • Ninny

    I am trying to delete my My Space account but the email address they sent the confirmation code to is an old Hotmail account and I cannot find it. Any suggestions? It is not the Live Hotmail one.

  • Lydia


  • Lydia

    I really want to cancel my myspace Account

  • gabby.

    i am here because i want to delete my myspace account.
    i can not delete it because i never would log into my email account so i guess it deleted or something & now that i am trying to get in to confirm that i want to delete my myspace it will not let me get in so there is no wayy i can comfirm it.
    is there any other wayy tht i can delete it??
    well email me at myy new email addres.

    • Ivanviigl_69

      did u find away to cancel iy

  • chad

    I’ve tried to delete my account too many times to count. Why won’t they send me the email to confirm my cancelation request? This is getting frustrating.

  • Mscutey_83

    I would like to delete my myspace account. The old email does not work. please delete The server has been recently changed.

  • Jaydegoss

    The email wont come through and i need to do it asap please help

  • Hokuhawaii

    While waiting to get a delete confirmation email, I deleted everything on myspace. Pics, Blogs, Friends & kept it under private so no one could view it or know it was mine. You may not be able to delete your space, but you can delete everything on your myspace account & make it plain, bare and friendless!

  • Mcwaine3

    do you delete by tapping in or are you just talking about regular… I need someone to tap in

  • device2

    the cancellation process is a dog chasing it’s tail technique and the link some of you have posted just bring you back to this site. So no real answer to the problem. Thanks. Short of making Myspace crash, i really see no other solution.

  • audriana lopez

    wont let me log in

  • Confirmed today that this process still works.

  • Zonemaster89

    If you don’t receive the confirmation email or can’t access that email account, here’s what you do:

    remove all content from the profile sections
    type PLEASE REMOVE in the About Me section
    send an email to, requesting we remove the account due to the fact that you did not receive the cancellation email
    let us know that you have deleted all content, and added PLEASE REMOVE to the About Me section
    we’ll delete the account

  • minablue100

    all right i deleted all my contacts and now i still havent got my email


    can you delete my myspace

  • lyly

    I’ve recently cancelled my account but, much to my surprise, my profile hasn’t been deleted ! I can’t have access to my account anymore so what am I supposed to do to delete it ?? Since I’m not living in the US, the support team won’t respond to my requests.
    Could you please help me ?

    • Cutedimpy001

      I have cancelled my account but my account still shows on google search how do it remove it

  • amy.

    hi when i was younger i wanted to have more then one myspace because i thought it was cool. but since i created so many different emails i used them because i dont think you can use your email more then once. but my problem is i have no idea what the emails are or the passwords and i would really like to delete them. how do i figure out the email AND password to delete my acounts if i dont know what they are?

  • Elizabeth

    I want to delete my myspace but i cant, because i dont think the email i used to sign up exists anymore. how do i delete it?

  • alvenialandrum

    I dont want MySpace anymore it not the same and I cancelled it but it didn’t send the confirm to my email and I cant delete it so hopefully it get deleted cuz Im so done wit MySpace

  • Felicia

    I have a Myspace account that i did not make when i was younger and it says inapprorate things on it and I am currently going to college and I do not want this to affect my future. How can I delete an account without haveing the e-mail or password.

  • Sherry

    These instructions do not work. I have done this MANY times and have receiced th email withthe link and all it does is take you to back to Myspace. I have been trying for several months. It takes an act of Congress to cancel your Myspace account!!!!!!

  • jeff

    Delete your stuff and post porn pics. Use the report abuse icon at the bottom of the page and report yourself. I was canceled in three hours and I did not have to go through the email link shit.

  • Daniel

    People were on my. Page. That l now have nothing to do wir

  • trytrytry

    hey, i want to know if my profil is deleted… i thnk that i deleted it a long time ago, but i can still see the profile.. plz need help..

  • Mary

    I can’t think something.

  • I have been trying to delete my account for the longest time and the new settings make it impossible to even do that. Maybe they just realized its not as popular as FB and want to keep their ppl trapped.

  • orvy saunders

    I try to delete account from myspace, do all procedure to cancel account and was told I would received information link to deactivate account but no link haven’t received from myspace . It seem to me they are trying to force people to keep account. I do not want it anymore and would like it to be deleted once and for all. Thanks in advance.

  • charly

    Hello, if I cancel the account will this stop my photos showing up on google searches? They have already been deleted & my account is a private one. I HATE my photo being public without my consent! Cheers!

  • Gabbylecocq

    I don’t like it no more