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   Posted October 3, 2008 by David Kirk in Internet

In Facebook adding application after application is very easy. Figuring out how to remove an Facebook application, however, can be difficult. These step-by-step directions show how to delete an application from your profile in the new version of Facebook. Screencast of this process is included as well.

I like the “new” Facebook design, but a lot of users are having difficulty figuring how how to remove an application once it is installed in the profile.

1. Log into your Facebook account

2. Click the Facebook Menu button at the bottom left hand corner of the screen. The menu will appear. Click the edit link

Facebook Applications Menu

3. A listing of applications will appear. Select the group of applications from which you would like to view. Selecting the Authorized link should display all your applications.

Display Facebook Applications

4. Click the Remove link for the application you wish to delete.

Remove Link Facebook

5. Confirm by pressing the remove link in the dialog box that appears.

Confirm Removal of Facebook App


Bye, bye Application!


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  • Jakob

    Thanks Davak!

    It worked for most of them, though I guess that the ones made by Facebook are not erasable.


  • Anonymous

    I have a quick question. If I delete some applications (mafia wars, farmtown, etc) will I still remain as a member of my friends clan, farmtown neighbor, etc? I would like to delete those applications but feel bad if I drop out of their neightbors etc as they only have a few.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks, that worked great.

  • Anna

    I deleted all of my applications totally from my account, also on the profile page, but they are still showing up for people who are viewing my profile. I cant get rid of them?? Please help.

  • Annette

    How do you remove tattoodoodle from your browser? I deleted it from facebook, but it is still there every time I open firefox! Help

  • Anonymous

    i need to delete my contacts from my blackberry list on my facebook account? how do i do that?

  • Anonymous

    how do you delete neighbor from cafe world?

  • COle

    TY This worked….I would not have known to use block instead of remove or delete

  • Cdodds

    I do not have anything in the bottom left hand corner.

  • Josie ritchie

    remove application of josiearitchie@yahoo.ca

    • Josiearitchie

      remove josie ritchie from face book

  • Josiearitchie

    remove application of josiearitch@yahoo.ca

  • que

    please can you help me how to remove my profile picture in a crazy lady’s wall post and she was saying a lot of bad things. I dont want any other trouble but i just want the link to be removed from her wall. Everytime i change my profile picture, it also changes in her wall post. It’s like my profile pic with my name was permanently linked to her wall post. Can somebody help me please…thanks

    • julianna

      u know i want to delete some of my friends because some they post yucky disgusting i realy2 hate it i search how to delete and i know allready.thankyou for your guide!!1

  • Www Shalaw Osman

    Iwhan to remove ny facebook

  • Melanie Dilday

    I desperately need some assistance. I removed an iframe wrapper app from my page but discovered that the tabs for it are still there…and clicking on them, brings me to the app page…minus it’s functionality. I can’t even reinstall it to bring back its functionality because it’s no longer listing that page as a page to choose from. I would really appreciate your advice here as their support is not answering me.

  • sumathisingam

    no facebook