Play StarWars Galaxy (Easter Egg)

Posted August 11, 2008 by Rob Rogers in OpenOffice

If you’re running the recent version of OpenOffice and feel like taking a break and playing then you’re in luck. There’s an Easter Egg that let’s you play a simple version of Space Invaders, titled StarWars Galaxy.

1. Run OpenOffice and start the Spreadsheet application.

2. In a blank cell, input the following:

3. Press Return on your keyboard.

4. A splash screen for the game will appear:

5. Select your “Hero” and the game will start.


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The Conversation

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  • nick

    This is really cool. How do you find out? Thanks

  • Matt

    Close the game, then type it again and it says “oh no, not again!”

  • This works in StarOffice 8 (the commercial version of OO.o 2.4)

    • StarOffice is the same thing as Open Office, THE GPL lets Star Office sell Open Office. So it is still Open Office, just with there garbage name tacked on.

      • I know this, I just mentioning that Sun Microsystems does not remove this bit of code when they package up OO.o. because they do change things, for instance: they use a different spell checker.

        Also its the other way around: GPL doesn’t allow sun to sell star office, the GPL allows thee public into the Star office code base which is released for free as Open Office.

  • Mike

    Why wont it let me play it again? It just keeps saying “Oh no not again”

    • Ben

      In order to play it again you have to close Open Office including the the quickstarter and open it again.

  • theknight

    WAW, I didnt expect that, nice tip

  • :D! funny! hehe… 😛