SMS through E-Mail: US Cellular, SunCom, Powertel, ATT, Metro PCS and Alltel

   Posted March 12, 2008 by David Kirk in Internet

If you know the correct email address, sending SMS through email is simple. Here is an update to our previous popular post on emailing via SMS.

We have previously described how to SMS through email with cingular, nextel, sprint, tmobile, verizon, and virgin mobile.

Since that original post, many people have emailed us with updates to our email to SMS list.

where phonenumber = your 10 digit phone number

US Cellular:




(Thanks, LAB!)


Metro PCS:
(thanks, Glen!)


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  • Andrea

    I’m a Sprint customer and I have the HTC Mogul and the “” doesn’t work for my phone. I have to us”” So you may want to add this as well. I found this info. very helpful

    • davak

      Cool. Thanks for the update!

      • mukaram

        i agree with there views

        • Metro PCS

          thanks alot, i have been searching for the metro pcs sms email for a while!

          • tracfone

            i wasnt able to get it to work with my phone…

          • Da_southern_boyz

            me either

      • Cjav2528

        What about sending a picture from your cell phone to an email address.

    • Angelbaby31809 is for picture mail, and is for text messages usually

    • Frankly

      > The easy way to determine what address to use is to do the opposite and text from your phone to email.

      Just put the email address in the To: on your phone.

      I experimentally just tried this and it works like a charm.

  • Genna
  • Nitemare

    Rogers in Canada is

  • omar

    on the alltel the person that i want to send a pic. can’t get it. what shoud i do

  • Karli

    We are using the SMS system as an all call system for an emergency response group we have at work. Does anyone know Cincinnati Bells SMS or if you have a Trac-Fone? Thanks for your help in advance!!

    • Maurice Taylor III

      Tracfone is the same as at&t:
      SMS: (10 digit ph. no.)
      MMS: (10 digit ph. no.) for picture messages.

  • Gavin Roskamp

    Also for US Cellular, if you want to send audio files in .mp3 format, picture files in .jpg format, and video files in .3gp format (From what I know it automatically converts videos to that format, I have only tried using .mpeg though. I will report back with more results soon if you want), send the message to Hope this helps!

    • lorie

      Thanks to this site i was able to send an email to my Virgin Mobile Android cell
      But could not send a picture . Is there a different one for sending pictures??

  • babygirl

    hey in Hawaii, they have this carrier called Mobi.
    y0u guysz sh0uld add it, because plenty pe0ple
    have it d0wn here.
    itsz –

  • cherry424

    helpful thanks!!

  • Sofia

    What about for a sprint fone?

  • Jason

    does this cost money?

    • Name

      standard charges apply

  • SHY


  • kalei

    What about Mobi Pcs …?? i have searched everywhere!!

    • zach

      • Emailfulcrum

        Hi Zach, have you been able to send emails to ? I am on the mainland, will that make a difference?

    • Emailfulcrum

      Hi Kalei, where you able to send an email to the Mobi PCS phone with the address

  • zach

    verizon pictures and music files send to

  • Wyatt

    can you post one for motorola??

    • Name


  • fb

    f b mannnn

  • metro pcs

    thanks for the metropcs tip
    great post

  • jason

    i have 2 charges on my cell phone bill i did not make. 1 is to funmobile and the other to top logo ringtone

  • Cheryl

    This is a great site. It’s about time someone posted this info for people. Cell phone co’s don’t tell you this, I know I used to work for one and they didn’t even tell us, lol. prob because they loose out on the updates they charge for. I have Centennial Wireless and their number is

    So those of us that have a carrier that is local usually luck out when the dropdown lists at sites want you to click on your carrier. I use yahoo alerts by setting my cell phone email as a pager.
    you can also send pics (mms) (see Gavin’s post below)from online to your cell for Centennial.
    I have unlimited sms so there is no charge for any of the email stuff but my carrier does charge for MMS so you will want to know that before you go crazy downloading screensavers 🙂

  • kacey

    i have used alot of there stuff and it has worked really well i love it for my kc lee gillispie

  • jon

    what about cricket????????

  • Blaine

    Hey can someone please help me find the sms for Movilnet?

  • Rickco

    anybody know cellular south email

  • Kevin

    tMobile does not work…been with tobile for over 7 years…stopped working about 2 years ago…used to be awesome to be able to send server monitor alerts to phone…but no more

    • Name

      t mobile does work just sumtimes its hard to reply bt rarely does tht happen

  • Ibex

    What about sending pix from email to a cingular user’s phone?

  • Anonymous

    well it’s really nice to send sms through email, how about mms?

  • Anonymous

    How reliable is this service? Does the message *always* get through? Dropped often? Does it depend on the carrier?

    I’d LOVE to see a study done on the reliability, speed, and other variables for each carrier.


  • Anonymous

    does anyone know the sms for cricket phones

  • Name

    thers also for t-mobile
    nd for boostmobile

  • MysticRains

    Compiled from this tread………

    where phonenumber = your 10 digit phone number

    1. Alltel:
    2. AT&T:
    3. Boost Mobile:
    4. Centennial Wireless: phonenumber
    5. Centennial Wireless (Picture):
    6. Cingular:
    7. Cricket:
    8. Metro PCS:
    9. Mobi: Itsz (Hawaii):
    10. Mobi Itsz (Picture):
    11. Nextel:
    12. Powertel:
    13. Rogers (Canada):
    14. Sprint:
    15. Sprint (HTC Mogul):
    16. SunCom:
    17. T-Mobile:
    18. 1 T-Mobile:
    19. US Cellular:
    20. US Cellular (Audio, mp3, picture jpg, and video 3gp):
    21. Verizon:
    22. Verizon (Pictures and Music):
    23. Virgin Mobile:

    • Anonymous

      does att have one for sending pictures?

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the compiled list,.. saved me a ton of time.

    • Srinivas g

      please help how to forward mails to Airtel network in india

  • Tenna

    Southern Linc =

  • Sean Shields

    Love the feature. Does anyone know if it is possible to edit the ‘from’ number as it appears to the recipient so it reflects the sender rather than a generic phone number?

    • Desk Jockey Mike

      When messages are sent from e-mail accounts (which is what the article is about), my phone shows the e-mail addresses they are sent from.

      Messages from Yahoo Messenger (maybe other IM/chat apps) show a generic phone number, and I don’t know any way to change the phone number messages are sent from, other than creating an entry in the contacts stored in the phone. Of course would only work if the Internet service always sent messages from the same one or more numbers.

  • Anonymous

    Yall need boost mobile!

  • Anonymous

    This is great information. Does anyone know the addressing scheme for a phone provided by Tracfone?

  • Joshua


  • Anonymous

    does the AT&T one work with the new iPhone 3GS?

    • Navarr Barnier

      Should, yes of course.

  • Navarr Barnier

    The easiest way to figure out the email of a phone, is to have someone who has a phone on that carrier text your email address =p

    It’s both ways, of course.

  • Anonymous

    Is there any service available for redirect sms to email-id.

  • berta

    Can a chilean person receive messages to his or her mobile about the earthquakes?

    • ManuelPR

      You live in chile? There is many options. I could help you>

  • tina

    is there one for pocket phones..i searched everywhere

  • Anonymous

    i’ve been looking for the pcs e-mail as well.
    thanks a lot!

  • David Boerschlein

    Do you know what the correct email address for is?

  • Anonymous

    Do you know how i can recieve an email, to my phone, AS a text message?? i have at&t

    • 770 Cell

      Receiving e-mail as an SMS message is something you do via your e-mail system. Set up your e-mail to forward all or select e-mail to your cell address ( I’ve also established a unique GMAIL address that forwards everything to my AT&T cell – in case I ever get a new cell # or carrier. If you get a lot of e-mail with attachments or very wordy e-mails you might want to watch your bill for extra charges. Good luck.

  • Tashakekauoha

    hi I am a mobi customer how would I be able to send a picture from my computer to my cell phone

  • Ashie

    What about Open Mobile?

  • Martinezdesigns

    🙂 good help

  • Jackiebaby88

    do you have one for cricket?? ive searched and found but not positive it works.. any help?

    • Frankly

      Text your email address from your phone by putting your email address in the To:

      And see what it says under the from on your email.

  • Martinpious

    hi is this treated as incoming text or incoming email? i have unlimited text so i dont get charged if this comes as incming text message.

  • chiane365

    wat bout tracfone and safelink

  • Anonymous

    I was looking for this. Thanks so much!

  • Crazyniggajp

    what about page plus?

  • Xica4u

    here is one for cricket users update.

  • Veronica525139642

    Does anyone know the sms address to use for sending text & media from PC to Phone & Vice Versa for a Simple Mobile Phone?

  • Queenbee845

    thks yall for the info life savers

  • Outworld420
  • Goodguy56469

    does anyone know the correct address for LCW Wireless

  • Steve Ferrell

    To get ANY address, simply set yourself up as a contact, add your home email address to your contact and send yourself a text to your email address. When it arrives at the destination, you will see the proper address for your carrier.

  • Emailfulcrum

    Hi does the the email to phone for the Hawaii carrier Mobi PCS really work? Has anyone tried it from the states?

  • Samer

    What about StraightTalk?

  • Teresita

    does anyone know the code for New Cingular Wireless PCS, LLC – GA?

  • Ashely Johnston0827

    what about straight talk 

  • Ieroluver72

    Wat about cricket???

  • Archangelx00

    The AT&T media one works, but not the txt one.  Has there been a change?

  • rita

    i tried the tmobile one and at&t and it didnt work…neither did both sprint pcs ??? ughhhh help

  • lesserofanon

    Can somebody post the SMS for simple moble please and thank you much 😀

  • sunflower

    I have Mobi and none of the text on line services cover that service, which I find amusing because 3 of them had ads for Mobi on their website. How can you text on-line to a Mobi phone?

  • Tim

    I really need this to work and for some reason it is not on my US cellular phone. My plan allows me to receive text for free but I have to pay to send out any, wouild this be why this is not functioning?

  • Srinivas g

    can any one please help here how to forward mails to Airtel network in india

  • Dhanush

    I have a question – please answer if you guys have an idea – i am trying to build an application to send SMS, but unfortunately, i have the phone numbers but do not know their respective carriers. Is there any possibility of identifying the telephone carriers based on the mobile numbers so that i could concatenate the mobile number with the corresponding email ID and send it as an SMS.. pl help.

  • kiko

    does anyone have simple mobile???

  • myk

    what about for Globe users?

  • Mike

    Is there a way to find out that email adress for Mobi PCS? It’s a Hawaii cell phone service provider. Much thanks!

  • Tiffany

    Does anyone know the sms address for LCW wireless?

  • Nicki

    Anyone know what to do with Straight Talk? I am researching now to get on the verizon network still. Would I use the verizon or is there something for straighttalk? Thanks…

  • Anna

    Ever since the debacle with Target, I have been getting unwanted calls and texts on my cell phone. I downloaded Metro Block It, but how do I block an email address from sending me a text to my cell? I have MetroPCS, as my carrier. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

  • Selvan