Napster Cancel Phone Number and Script

   Posted March 26, 2007 by David Kirk in Internet

In my trying out all the different online music stores, cancelling from napster was the hardest. Here is the quickest way to cancel your napster subscription. I’ll even tell you how to skip the minutes of voice prompts.

Cancelling napster is difficult because they make you call a number to do it. This added resistance to cancelling probably gives them a ton of money each year. Anyway, here is the quickest way to cancel…

1. Get your Napster ID. If you don’t know it, log into your account and get it. If you can’t do that, you can get it from your credit card statement. I’ve marked it here in red…

2. Call 1-800-839-4210
3. When you hear the guy talking, press 4
4. When you hear the next selections, press 2
5. A human will soon come on and talk to you
6. When he/she/it asks if they can help you to stay on, say “no”
7. When he/she/it asks if you want a free 30 days, say “no”
8. You’ll be put on hold and you will soon have your cancel confirmation number.


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  • Roarke

    Thank you for posting this – I can’t even get on the napster site. Their stupid “YOU HAVE TO CALL US” thing made me pay for a month cause i wasn’t in a position to make a phone call during their stupid hours during the week that I had it.. can’t find the charge they were suppose to charge me 15 days ago though.. doesn’t matter, don’t want it anyway.

    Thanks again!

  • fred

    Thank you thank you thank you for posting this. I was really having trouble even finding the napster phone number on their site. This saved me!!!!

  • deb

    Try Uninstalling Napster from you computer. It states that uninstalling it will cancel you subscription

    • Chris

      I don’t believe that is true at all, they have no way of telling if the program is installed on your computer or not.

      • Alyse

        atualy the do

    • Ray

      This is not true. I uninstalled it thinking that maybe I could get the phone number that way and all it said was that “uninstalling the napster software will NOT cancel your subscription”.

  • Chris

    I just uninstalled Napster 2 minutes ago and they updated the process a little. There’s a few extra buttons you need to press on the phone. You need to press 1 twice after you press 2 in the steps you have listed.

  • Jackie

    Thanks – Worked like a charm. I’ve been trying to do this for 4 months. Thank you so much for the info.

    • gary cooper

      i have tried the phone number but does not work . is this correct. i am pulling my hair out.

  • napster? No thanks.

    napster sucks. What a lack of intergity for them to make it so hard to cancel. What are they afraid of if it’s such great system?

  • gary cooper

    i am trying to cancel my subscription with napster, with no luck. i have tried the number you have gave , but does not recognise number when i ring. any ideas

  • stormypizzaz

    cancel cancel i do not want it noway no how

  • Maria

    This was great. Although the phone number is posted on your billing charge, after your ID number, it’s nice to know the easy way around it. Thanks so much for the posting!

  • Alyse


  • Alyse


  • Alyse


  • dj

    wow, I actually was gonna sign up with Napster until I read this forum. I think I’ll pass, don’t need the hedache!

    • Michelle

      This reminds me I need to cancel…it’s just an extra level of hassle when you actually have to call a person.

      I actually really liked Napster To Go when I had a non-Pod. But I got a nano for Christmas, and between YT for previewing songs and Amazon for getting DRM-free mp3s, I feel like I can finally deal w/iTunes 😛

      For what it’s worth, it CAN’T be any worse then when I canceled Rhapsody. That was a total pain in the butt. The CSR would NOT let me go!!!

  • Big Ant

    Thank You Bro, It worked like a charm.

  • Alex

    This is the funniest website on cancellation with napster. I am glad that the poster atleast helpedf people out by placing a phone # but here is my opinion on cancelling napster.

    Napster is so easy to cancel, I don’t know why anybody would have a problem with canceling. First you can cancel online through your account, and you still get to the end of your trial membership to use it.
    Canceling through phone is so easy it took me like 30 seconds before someone picked up. The person was easy to talk to and cancelled quickly. Yes its true they do ask you why you want to cancel, but so what? you can say anything if you want to avoid the real answer. In fact i asked her a question and she even forgot to ask me the reason.
    I asked her if most people cancel online and she said yes, she said she gets very few calls for cancellations and service questions.

    What I do agree with is, that napsters service is not worth the price. $15 for streaming music when you can use youtube is just funny. And sure you can download music but there not even mp3’s and you have to buy a special device (unless using your computer) for it that nobody really buys now a days (compared to an ipod). Plus the music is gone when you cancel.
    Price wise and service wise napster tanks. But cancellation wise its one of the easiest cancellations youll go through.
    P.S. I guess this is just one opinion of a guy. and no I don’t work for napster.

    • cube

      It’s very easy to cancel if you’re in a free trial. However, if you’re actually a paying member, it’s not as nice.

    • ste

      napster bites the big one…. anyone who thinks otherwise is paid by them to do so…. i dropped out of high school faster then i was able to cancel my membership!

  • Kelsey

    THANK YOU. this helped so much.

    i hate napster.

  • MacGyver

    i was on the phone less than 5 minutes and recorded the conversation (…for quality control purposes). you call, press 1, and then wait for a service rep. i had my napster ID ready for David, and he had me cancelled withing 4 minutes and 53 seconds. overall, worked great for me. maybe they’ve finally learned something about service.

    • sandog327

      AWESOME! Less than 4 minutes to save $15/month. VERY HELPFUL

  • Eddie

    I Hate Napster So Much!!!!!! Thanks so much for your Help!!!! E.C. Ohio

  • Ashley

    On your step four it is now #1 you press

  • Cindy Mendoza

    I took your written advice above and I just wanted to say thank you soooo much. I had been tryiing for weeks on end to try to cancel my account/subscription and I never saw any “prompts” to cancel my account online. I had to call the 1-800 number you provided. It is finally cancelled. Once again thanks

  • socqteescoes

    hx for the help. great instructions and i was able to cancel within 5 minutes.

  • MDJ40

    This was very helpful. thank you.

  • shininjapink

    just did it a a few minutes ago, made sure i got my number and everything. i followed the steps but when i got to step number 4 i listened in and it said “press 1 if you would like to cancel your subscription” so instead of pressing 2 like it says on step 4, i pressed one but still got to a customer (human) representative and followed through with the process. the representative didn’t ask me steps 6 and 7 but they did ask me “why am i canceling it”. i just gave a very “because i was told to” reason and they won’t question you anymore than that.

  • Jamey

    Thank you for your help in cancelling napster. The info helped more than I can say. My son hooked up for a free trial, nothing free about that, they charged me right away, I cancelled my paypal and credit card just to make sure. Easy to join and almost impossible to cancel. Thanks again for your help.

  • Sara Freitas

    uk number:
    020 7365 1079

    same process as us.
    it was actually a nice relief to get rid of napster!

  • CMP

    Thank you !!


    I google about this sometimes and lo and behold, this is what I see.

    First: The picture above. NY statements screw up every time. They truncate the ID. There should be 9 digits.

    Second: Mandatory post-trial phone support was instated because a significant amount of people were cancelling because of tech problems. An agent is then supposed to find out if it is a problem they can correct for you in a phone call. You won’t believe how many people cancelled because they didn’t properly configure their MP3 players, or kept up with updates and service packs.

    Customer service does not resist as people say. They make an offer, and you can choose to take it or say “no” and move on.

  • Joey Boombotz

    When I canceled on 05/12/09 the number to call was 866-620-1137 and just press 1 at the menu.



  • Cindy

    Thank you. Now, can anyone tell me how to cancel aol?

  • Anonymous

    It sucks that I had to call to cancel, but it only took me about 5 minutes. Thanks a lot for the info, really helped speed things up!

  • Anonymous

    Oh, an instead of pressing 2 at step 4, now it asks you to press 1 to cancel.

  • cyrena

    Thanks for the tips guys. Turned out to be nearly painless.

  • Dave

    Thanks for the info. Napster does blow. I was going to reup in September thinking I no longer had a membership because I didn’t reup when my year was was over in December (I had been purchasing 1 year at a time). Billing notifications would be nice. Since they were so difficult, I’ll find a more trustworthy service elsewhere instead. Thanks again!

  • Nanahutch

    Went through the above steps but still ended up waiting for a live person, todays wait less than five minutes. He asked for a 9 diget ID and I told him I have a seven diget on my credit card statement so he said that would do. He had me on hold twice, no more than a total of 3-4 minutes. Told me an email just went out to our email and he gave me a confrimation number without my asking. Not too hard. I should have asked if I would be getting a credit for the month they just charged me for!!!

  • jamie

    omg i hate napster it takes money oyt all the time and doesnt let you cancel on their website wtf!! ugg i wish they would all die and now i cant get them on the phone

  • sara

    Just cancelled Napster account using local UK telephone number. Very quick service. Advised leaving Napster as service deteriorated since it was taken over by Rhapsody. Cancellation reference number given at close of call.

  • drew

    that 800-839-4210 number dosnt work. its some HMO, old people medicare type thing.