OS X Lion: Where did “Save As” go?

   Posted July 22, 2011 by David Kirk in Apple Mac

Apple is starting to move away from the traditional file system with OS X Lion. One of the consequences of this action is that the “Save As” command is becoming obsolete. Here I will describe why this is occurring and how to accomplish the tasks that were traditionally performed with the “Save As” function.

“Save As” is dying. The Lion API establishes these changes. In fact, the Lion version of applications such as Preview, Textedit, and the iWork programs all have lost this traditional command.

With the success of iOS, Apple will hiding the file system more and more. For a long time now, OS developers such as Microsoft and Apple have realized that the majority of users do not understand file extensions and the various file types. This is why Microsoft hides the file name extensions by default in Vista and Windows 7. In iOS the user never really has to worry about file types. Each application keeps track of its own files.

Lion now incorporates the creation of Versions and the autosaving of files. Through Versions the user can not just see the most recent saved version of a file but can also see multiple previous versions. Saving multiple versions in a traditional file system would require multiple, differently named files such as vitae1.doc, vitae2.doc, vitae3.doc, etc. However, with Apple’s goal to simplify the file system, all of these versions appear as one file to the application.

Now because of these changes, the traditional “Save As” command no longer makes sense. Instead, if you want to “Save As” to create a different version (maybe for backup, for example), you can just Save A Version. You can create as many versions under that same document as you wish.

As Dusty points out in the comments below, if you looking to save the file to rename and to move to a different location, that will now require two steps. First, you will have to Duplicate you file.

how to duplicate a file in OS X Lion

When you Save this file, you will be presented with the classic “Save As” dialog box that allows for renaming and relocating.

If you want to “Save As” to change formats of the document, you can Export… the document to any other available format. Here is an example of using export in Preview to change one image type to another:

Applications using pre-Lion APIs will still have the “save as” function; however, the new Versions features will not be available. As programs are updated, the majority of them will also be converted over the to new API. The “Save As” function in OS X is a dinosaur soon to be extinct.


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  • Albanyco

    how will this affect people who share files on the network with Windows users???

  • RichardFrisch

    Another work around is to find the file in Finder and then duplicate it and rename the duplicate. More work but better/safer than Versions.

  • RichardFrisch

    Another work around is to find the file in Finder and then duplicate it and rename the duplicate. More work but better/safer than Versions.

  • Victoria

    I began using lion for work yesterday and this really annoyed ne. I needed militia variations of my document. Save as was perfect for this, but instead I kept having to exit the program and duplicate in finder. I did not try the export option as I wanted it in pages format. This is very annoying

    • Yazoo

      Couldn’t you just take a snapshot of the different files?

  • Phlip

    Seems to me save a version is the same thing.

  • Anonymous

    Irritating. Save As is something I do all the time. It’s a great way to take an existing presentation or document and use it’s basic information and formatting as a take off point for creating a new document. 

    I’m also kind of miffed about auto save. That is not a bad feature per se, but I often like to open a document and make some changes just to test things out. Then I close without saving leaving the original untouched. That will be possible now but I’ll have to keep careful track of the versions so that I don’t accidentally delete the original.

  • Rokewood

    I seem to be missing something else.  With ‘save as’ you could see, and adjust the file size.  With Export there is no ‘file size’ description.  Am I missing something?

    • altazon

      True, in Preview, when you change the picture quality, you cannot see the size in Ko anymore. So basically you have to select a “quality”, but in blind mode, like you have no more control on how big the size will be.

      I guess it’s a bug.

      Anyway, Lion sucks big time, I give it one more week, and then go back to SNow Leopard if nothing changes.

  • Joberele

    Save As make sense. If Mac OS is going all the way with IOS then I am walking away

    • Ryan

      > I too am frustrated by Lion and am constantly asking the question: WHAT WERE THEY THINKING??? It seems to me that the Apple OS is taking quantum leaps backwards. It has gone from elegant and ease of use to complicated and tricky. From my vantage point, (a daily user of iWork’s), it seems that this is just change for the sake of change.

      Please, Apple, bring back Save As!!

  • dusty

    I think this article’s advice is a bit off. “Export” does not exist in every app, and “Save a Version” doesn’t let you save a copy in a different place. The best replacement for “Save As” I have found is to pick “Duplicate” from the file menu followed by “Save” from the file menu. You will then be prompted where to save the duplicate.  This seems just like the old “Save As…” command, but in two steps. 

    Some commenters note that you can duplicate files in the Finder, but it’s probably easier just to do it in the app.

    • Anonymous

      Export exists in Lion apps that allow changing of format.

      I agree that “Duplicate”  and then “Save” is essentially “Save As” requiring two steps instead of one.  I’ll add this fact to the tutorial.

      Apple has certainly never minded stepping on the toes of those that use the rarer functions for the good of the masses. 

    • Anonymous

      Export exists in Lion apps that allow changing of format.

      I agree that “Duplicate”  and then “Save” is essentially “Save As” requiring two steps instead of one.  I’ll add this fact to the tutorial.

      Apple has certainly never minded stepping on the toes of those that use the rarer functions for the good of the masses. 

      • Anonymous

        In most cases, it would be three steps as you then have to close the original version of the file that is still open. Using ‘save as’ would have left you with only one file open with a new filename. ‘Duplicate’ leave you with two files now open.

  • Cheffiuk

    Am really annoyed now that there is no save as and an option to choose the file size. Think I will go back to SL pretty darn quick at this rate.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_D7BK5ILS364H7DVQNW6ID6X564 treefield

    This is a bone head decision, obviously made by someone who rarely uses pages.  I use many documents that I have to make minor changes in each week.  then I can “save as” with a new date.  This is impossible with the elimination of this command.  Come on Apple…stop trying to save us from ourselves.  Give your users a bit of credit for at least a minimal amount of brain power.

  • Rokewood

    I’m glad I have some support here.  Sometimes it can be really important to reduce a jpg file size, for example, to a precise measure (e.g. for a gallery that limits a file to say 500kb).  Now you can only do this by ‘guessing’ on the quality scale.  How can this be an enhancement?

  • Chris

    Instead of simpler, it seems as if each major change is more complicated.

    I use ‘save as’ all the time when I have a photoshop file with many layers. I streamline them in a ‘save as copy’ to send to the client. I can pick jpg or png or tiff or psd with each ‘save as’. Will I be able to do that with ‘save a version’?

    • Anonymous

      I too use ‘save as’ loads in PSD/IND/AI, mostly for versioning that will allow me to work on all versions concurrently. Apples ‘Versions’ doesn’t allow you do do this. Luckly CS5 doesn’t use this new API so you can still ‘save as’, but I won’t be upgrading to Lion on any on my work machines for the time being, who knows how Lion will develop after user feedback. Apple do listen, then brought back the orientation lock switch on the iPad after feedback.

  • http://twitter.com/BrainScanMedia BrainScanMedia

    This is the worst release ever… The Versions do not work right. As a web designer I use BBEdit to code a lot of code. I hit save and when I went back to that file everything was reverted to the original and hours of work was gone… There was no way to check versions as it was a bug issue and its all gone. Not to mention software no longer works, OS X Server now removes the advanced features needed to run a web server… Its horrible… Linux is starting to look really good to me.

  • http://twitter.com/BrainScanMedia BrainScanMedia

    I wonder is Bill Gates was hired for this release..

  • beens

    seems like they should create a operating system for people who are happy to go along not really bothered about what is happening and an advanced one for people who want to be able to do useful things. like a kind of “simple finder” vs “finder” equivalent over the whole OS. ios is fine but it powerless when it comes to serious file management. grrr

  • Peterbreis

    These rationalisations are just excuses.

    Because the average use didn’t bother paying attention in school because it “wasn’t fun” they can’t spell or do basic grammar or count, so we have spell and grammar checkers and calculators that the dumb-asses don’t use either. 

    End result the results get worse and worse as Apple chases the lowest common denominator.

    It is getting harder and harder to use a Mac, not easier, for anyone with more than 2 synapses to rub together.

    We all have to save in alternate formats particularly people stuck with Apple “solutions” like Pages, Numbers , Keynote etc. Why make it diabolically difficult and then hide the method? This is the opposite of what the Mac was supposed to be, which was transparent and obvious.

  • John1000

    Am I missing something but it looks like export is the same as save as. What’s the problem? It doesn’t have a keyboard shortcut but how often do you do save as.

    • Anonymous

      Export is only going to be available when you can “Save” to a different file type.

    • Rake

      About 4000 times per hour. This is non-trivial.

  • http://twitter.com/gadgetgreg Greg Gazin

    I’d often use Preview to take the TIFF from Grab and Save As as JPG. It would show a file size wit the quality slide bar, but it seems that it’s gone – or Am I missing something?

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, it’s not there.  I’ve long been a fan of ImageWell which does those conversations and resizing very nicely.  It’s unclear to me why they would pull this functionality out of preview.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, it’s not there.  I’ve long been a fan of ImageWell which does those conversations and resizing very nicely.  It’s unclear to me why they would pull this functionality out of preview.

  • Wolfster

    The Save As feature was essential for quickly converting captured TIFF files into low size JPGs for inclusion in presentations or adding to emails.3 mouse clicks to get precise file sizes. 
    Sure, we can now duplicate files and Save As a JPG but with ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA how big the files are . . . great! Of course, you only need to go back to where the duplicate is stored, check the info, then keep repeating the process until you get the file size you want.

  • Martin K

    To kill “save as” is really dumb. Especially if you do not have a keyboard shortcut for “duplicate” now. Since years cmd-shift-s was SO intuitive, and I have been laughing at Windows (and swearing while working on a PC) for not having this simple useful shortcut.
    I don’t know about versions yet, either, I still have to make some experiences with it.
    But “save as” will be dearly missed!!!

  • Interbloke

    Hmmm looks like Lion = Vista. Very close to going back to Windows, I hear W7 is very good.

  • Thomas

    I have some files (iWork (Numbers and Keynote) on Wuala. But it doesn’t work with Keynote, because it says I can’t save… I’m waiting for the iCloud. With MobileMe it works, but I am not very happy with MobileMe.

  • Theo Olsthoorn

    Will we see a ribbon next ? The most horrible and cripping Windows feature ever ?

  • James

    In iCal Apple dumped the “little” months that used to display along with the main month being viewed. Even paper calendars can do this. Pretty much a mandatory thing but I guess someone thot it didn’t look good. They put a cool “ripped page” at the top but got rid of something useful. Ex-Microsoft Windoze developers must be infiltrating Apple.

  • bob

    I think this is symptom of a company getting to a size where every new person has to “add” something. No one ever get’s hired to “leave well enough alone”.

    The difference between Wisdom and Knowledge I guess…

    “Yes, my title is VP of Leave That Alone”

  • CCF

    for those who are wondering, that is because this is a “VISION” of steve job .. to dumb down and remove the file system because “many” users simple do not “get it” with the file system.

    Let’s hope that now that another is at the helm, some of the bone headed decision will be reversed. If not, then welcome to iOS, because you will get to enjoy the incredible loops we have to go through to just attach multiple attachments to an email in iPad, not to even mention the sharing and access of a single file (you can’t, you need to create multiple versions in each apps) between apps.

  • CCF

    @ James,

    no this just means that every company comes to a stage where they just want to add more features or to streamline some features … and the more powerful character wins. And really, this is not the first bonehead decision by steve job and gang, so don’t just blame MS, although they are so guilty of it.

  • Dr DJ Brown

    I just want to add my name to the list of frustrated users.

    I have a degree in computer science and VERSIONS makes NO sense to me at all. It’s clunky, bug-ridden and not at all obvious when something has changed.

    Wasn’t one of the principles behind Apple’s famous interface guidelines to make it clear when something had happened? With Save a version …. then nothing changes! How does the user know? With “Save As ..” the filename changed.

    I’ve started to feel negative towards Apple for the first time in 25 years …


  • Stewart

    This new approach is rubbish. I don’t get save as (so I can’t save as to a USB thumb drive anymore for example). No i have to dig through the very file system they are trying to freaking hide.

    Oh yeah not to mention that the damn program keeps pausing every time you task switch away from it (probably auto saving). So if im putting photos into my keynote application I have to wait 20-30 seconds while I hold the image im trying to drop in the file.

    This is idiotic beyond belief.

  • Rose

    This is about the dumbest thing I have encountered. If Apple doesn’t think its users are intelligent enough to handle a filing system and file extensions I wish it would make a dumb person computer and leave the rest of us alone. Stop playing to the lowest common denominator and keep to the standards the rest of us have come to expect from Apple.

  • Franz

    A lot of people are missing the fact that duplicate provides the same functionality as Save As, albeit minus the shortcut.

    The thing to really complain about is the enforcement of things like versions. Time machine was never and still isn’t a reliable back-up. It’s let me down several times. Why the hell should I have to have Versions filling up my hard drive. I should at least be able to turn it off.

    I’ve been a mac user for over 20 years now and I can see my future becoming linux.

    I’m very tired of society paying a price for all the stupid people. We should at least be able to maintain the option to turn off the dumb!

  • Doug

    I may have missed this, but how do you open a previous version? Let’s say I’m editing a Pages doc and perform a Save A Version at 6PM, 6:15PM, 6:30PM and 7PM. Its now 10:30 PM and I need to go back to the 6:15PM version – how do I find it?

  • Rob

    Can someone tell Keynote Help about this – it still thinks there is a ‘save as’ function. This is incredibly unintuitive. It wasn’t broke so why fix it? Bumping into an inexplicable change to a well known process, with no help available, feels more like Windows.

  • LGgeek

    The new text edit sucks, who was the bozo that thought this up.
    Hello Apple there some things that are ok on my iphone and ipad that are not acceptable on my laptop. The move to make the desktop UI the same as the iphone/ipad is stupid and will cost apple.

  • http://www.wellingtonstravel.com taige

    I know this is such garbage. Seriously. Not everyone uses Lion. It would be pretty convenient then and only then. But still what if I want to make a low resolution version or a crop a part and save as? This is so stupid. And Launch pad. Such crap too. I have 5 chrome + 3 safari windows open and I can’t even find the one I’m looking for because it doesn’t show them all at once. Instead it layers them so I can only see groups but takes forever to find the right window, especially across applications. They really rushed this to market. This is like the lion = cornballer…

  • miro

    What the hell are Apple designers thinking?
    Maybe they have too much time on their hands.

    Why can’t they simply leave “Save as” in place?

    This dumbing down of file systems is a step backward.

    Lion and iCloud are for me mostly steps backward —
    there is the forced obsolescence of needlessly killing Rosetta
    the colorless, small, incomprehensible icons of Lion
    the badly reordered Dock
    the elimination of Save As
    the elimination of iDisk and web-hosting

    Apple looks more and more like Microsoft every month.

  • John

    If you have complaints about Lion please make sure you write Apple about it. I know it sounds obvious but many people don’t bother.

  • Airrion

    I do a biweekly report with a template I create in Numbers. When the report is done I used save as and save the report on an external drive with the date of the report. The template remain the same since I change the name with save as, now I find the template has the pervious information and I have to delete everything to clear it, totally a waste of time….
    Now I’m using my old pc to get this job done.

  • lauter 352

    One should make a petition against this, like the one made against the new Final Cut. I don’t know who is taking decisions at Apple, but really, it stinks. Duplicate kills the workflow, it is really confusing, it is not an improvement, it is a regression. Is there someone who worked on Microsoft Vista who is in charge of Apple for the moment ?

  • Some Guy

    So… people don’t understand how the file system works so their solution is to make the file system more complicated?? Good job Apple!! Jobs would be proud!

  • Mike

    My to concerns are ‘Save As’ in to steps, which seems to bf a little silly, however I need to play about with it more. Also likd someone else said here I sometimes like to open a document cut a few assets out then close it without saving and paste those assets into another document, espeacially when using Adobe Illustrator. Not being prompted to ask wether you want to save and having the option to say no I think is a big issue with the new system.

  • Treefield

    So, I dod a major presentation last year and have to do it again with modifications. I made a duplicate and none of my photos appeared. text is there but no pix. I have to save the original and cannot modify it, but duplicate in keynote does not work. it is from iwork 09…is thqt my problem. I am at a loss on how to do this. Versions also does not seem to copy the photos…

  • pepi

    Lion sucks, now I have to do 2 steps instead of 1, the more I use it the less I like it, they should at least leave the choice to go back tothe old version

  • Marilyn Henry

    Very frustrated. I am a piano teacher who takes notes on the computer during the lesson, updating the files as I go. “Save As” was an essential part of this. The new system has been a mess. I am going back to SL. I guess I will have to miss out on the iCloud! Argh.

    • Damon

      We have seen this before from Apple. In the old days, they were arrogant and full of hubris. Everything they did was supreme. Their crappy little OS was supreme. Their clunky programming interfaces were supreme. And we payed a premium to play in the Apple space.

      Then, the company had a near death experience. I remember laughing at the tragic cluster of Apple crap in the corner of the CompUSA stores. Then, I was a happy FreeBSD user, as A/UX had been finally killed for the last time, and I was forced to overcome my revulsion for x86 architecture, thereby enjoying cheap commodity pricing.

      The near-death experience taught them humility. They tossed the crap OS and embraced Mach with FreeBSD personality. They got competitive on their hardware pricing, and I was happy to (temporarily) abandon the x86 architecture and go back to Apple, who now deserved my hard earned $$. Heck, they even half-admitted Jobs was an idiot when it came to the one-button/three-button issue of the mouse (although they are still trying to ram that down our throats, via the default button settings).

      Sadly, they are once again becoming arrogant. You can see this in various decisions being made. “Save-As” is just one of these. Making ~/Library disappear is another. The new AirPort utility another.

      I’m still willing, to some degree, to try and adapt, as most of the time, I am at the command level and/or in Emacs, but annoyances such as “Save-As” accumulate, and eventually, each individual will encounter their tipping point, but where to from there? Even Linux is beginning to look good, which shows how desperate the situation is.

  • Mark Greene

    I’m really sorry for all those people who don’t understand file extensions. How nice that because they can’t be bothered to understand their own computers, I get to take two steps to rename and save documents like invoices that I am constantly creating revised versions of. Really really annoying.

  • Scott

    I agree with almost all the complaints here. Have been frustrated with not knowing what save a version does in preview for some time. Now I do and am mystified. Many of the Pdf’s I use are downloaded off the internet, bills, articles, etc. If they are meaningful enough, they need to be filed away into a folder so I can find them again. By default, they go into the download folder, which I delete, every once in a while. I WOULD NEVER NEED TO MAKE CHANGES TO ANY OF THESE FILES IN PREVIEW. What sense version, then? All I need to do is put them away and go on with my business. Yes, I can still do this, but the loss of the straightforward functionality makes no sense to me. This is a drawback of my IPAD and not a plus. It is one of the reasons why I use DROPBOX and not ICLOUD for file sharing. Perhaps Apple sees a day when we can be liberated from filing but the baby steps are annoying to say the least.

  • Asterion

    Steve has passed, and so the geeks are slowly taking over at Apple. The dropping of “Save as…” is just one more nail in the coffin for what used to be the most intuitively user-friendly operating system in existence. Not only is the “Duplicate” command inexplicable in its abstractness (and therefore most definitely NOT user friendly), it often just fails to work. Most of the time I attempt to use the “Duplicate” command, and get a dialogue window that tells me I don’t have access to the ‘Autosave’ files (or some such geeky nonsense). Despite repairing permissions and zapping P-RAM and all manner of attempts to fix this, there are a number of file that just will not allow me to ‘duplicate’ them. So I am forced to resort to copying and pasting a duplicate file in Finder.
    Why Apple has chosen the zenith of its success to start undermining its own usability guidelines I just cannot understand. IMO Apple is now just too big to be managed with the sort of attention to detail that Jobs managed during its earlier days, and so now the PC-geeks they employ are starting to mess with the successful OS recipe. Whoever is meant to be in charge of Mac OS development is sleeping on the job, and should be fired.

  • PeterW

    As a convert to Mac after 30 years on PCs there are so many differences, and I only just found out that “save as” has recently gone. I was beginning to wonder how such a clunky linux-like OS would be tolerated in a typical plastic laptop. It’s only the really the gorgeous hardware that makes it tolerable, I thought. Then i spoke to a mac user of several years who said “Finder, don’t use it” I wondered if my filesystem obsession was just a sign of my history.
    As someone who has always, since Cobol, opened up a good file, modified it, then eventually save-as, I can remember many times accidentally hitting the darned Save instead, then had to scrabble around for a backup via tech support. I guess I thought this lack of save-as was the sensible Mac approach to protecting twits like me from ourselves. Now I realise from the comments that it was just unnecessary meddling from the phone obsessed young design team. Again. Still love the Mac.

  • http://www.shawnmknox.com Shawn Knox

    I too am mystified by this change to Lion and very dissatisfied with the Lion experience overall. I say this only personally but for me Lion has been Apple’s Vista. After 8 months of problems, which started with the downloading of the upgrade from the App Store, I am wishing every day that I did not update the OS on my iMac. For me personally, I have gained nothing with the Lion experience. I am just glad that I left SL on my laptop. I am not ready to abandon Mac but I certainly hope that the next iteration of OSX is significantly improved and with far less problems than the Lion mess I have now.

  • Char

    I too am frustrated by the lack of the ‘save as’ option. I’ve used ‘save as’ continually for years both at work and at home. I use specific directories to save things & I’m definitely having problems with this.

  • Andy Burgess

    I’ve found the “Save As” under Mountain Lion in Numbers!

    If you select Help from the menu bar and enter “Save As” as your term – it gives you the “menu term” of “Save As” – which then magically appears in the “File” menu if you hover over the help drop down menu item term. If you click the menu item in the Help drop down then you have Save As working.

    It still doesn’t appear in the file menu without using “help”.

    Hope this helps someone. It really annoyed me too!

  • BHSnapper

    The only way round “Save As” that I’ve found in Pages (and no doubt in Numbers, etc) is:

    Create a Duplicate
    Click on Save
    Change the filename
    …and save!

    Export is useless unless you actually want those file type choices.


  • Jerry Crow

    Apple has jumped the shark.

  • Graeme

    Hi David (Kirk),
    Breaking news: Latest version of OSX/Pages (16/1/2013) retains Save as! Go to help “Save as”, select “save as” then quickly move to the highlighted dropdown list. Hit “save as” and your there. If it is obscured by a non-help screen, click above it then drop down. This improves hand-eye co-ordination and saves a few keystrokes if you set “Save as” under a macrokey. Me? I would have voted for the option being directly accessible if I was on the features committee.
    Next week – Adding “delete forward”, finding margins and rulers, the “paint format” button and global editing of Styles

    Next month – Where did that picture go?

  • bobby

    so you’ve opened a pdf, made some changes then want to save it with a different file name……how?

  • Frank

    Not having “save as” is idiotic. My Preview *does not* have versions and the extra step is a royal pain. Did Apple hire the MS Office team or something? They have waaay overthought something that still works fine after all this time.

  • Stu

    Apple is being too smart by a quarter. This is a fxxxxxx pain in the axx. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I waste more time working around their brain storm. I have to remember to duplicate a file before I edit it, etc… I absolutely hate it.

    At the very least, why don’t they allow you to choose in the preferences your preferred saving method. In a few years they will realize no one adopted their idea and very few people will have been inconvenienced.

  • ITGuy

    So what you’re telling us in this article is that the simple easy save as function is being taken away to make the process more complicated. This doesn’t seem like an improvement to me. An improvement would make one think that we are moving to a more streamlined approach. This is Not more streamlined…at all.

  • Simon Turton

    I completely disagree that SAVE AS is an obsolete function, because the alternative method of renaming an amended file (when you wish to keep the original file unchanged) involves THREE separate operations.

    In Mountain Lion, 10.8.3, you have to DUPLICATE the file, then RENAME and then choose a location for the new file. Whereas I would simply have made the changes to a file, then clicked SAVE AS… and chosen a location for the new file. The original file would have remained unchanged.

    I am a big fan of Apple, but when ‘they’ decide that something is no longer needed (like DVD drives) then it is no longer provided.

    I don’t see the latest incarnation of Pages and Numbers as progress, just that changes have been made for the sake of changes.

    I doubt Apple will reverse this decision so we will all have to get used to the extra operations that we now need to carry out, but we should not confuse something different with something better.

    Apple really needs to keep listening to those that the company where it is today.

  • Markus

    So then how the heck can I make sure that my files don’t grow huge? You mean every time I save a 100 GB movie it creates another version inside the same file and when I save it 100 times, the file will be 10TB in size? And how does someone with a traditional OS open that file???

  • Ed

    I resent such statements as “‘Save A’s is dying” (no it is not dying; have you every used a Windows system?!) and “The traditional ‘Save As’ command no longer makes sense” (of course, it makes sense; I still need it in my work at home and office). The recent changes with the Macintosh operating systems (such as removing iDVD from the basic OS system and removing disc drives from the iMacs) are now making me wish I stayed with Windows. I am seriously considering not keeping my two Macintosh computers. When it is time to upgrade operating systems and hardware, I will consider dumping Apple and jumping back to PCs. The Apple people need to stop deciding what users “ought” to do and instead focus on servicing the continuing needs of the users.

  • Joel Hencken

    can’t anyone create a macro that will allow the user to use the old SaveAs function? This is the sort of thing that would have a freeware utility in the old Windows days!

  • Ronald

    In ML if you click file and at the same time the OPTION key you get SAVE AS

  • Alan

    ‘Save as’, was so simple and easy to use. I haven’t figured it out yet. When I duplicate and then try to change the name, it won’t let me. instead of making it easier, which is what most Mac programs do, it is now more difficult.

  • http://reoneill.com Rob ONeill

    Just because someone decides to call a function, “obsolete,” does not make it so. Seems Apple has replaced a one step function with a confusing 3 step function and the end result will only be befuddlement and irritation. Reminds me of 1984 when Big Brother is praised for ‘raising’ the chocolate ration from 1oz. to 3/4oz. Distilled, I’m being bamboozled. This change is a mistake that will result in frustration and a billion misplaced, and screwed up documents. The Apple Eggheads responsible for this wrong-headed change should be told to shut up and sit down and the misguided change should be reverted. Save As, is NOT obsolete.
    Another of Lion/Mountain Lion’s missteps is removing the file path feature from Spotlight. Now when you query a file or a name it shows you a list, but does not reveal the path that you can follow to find the file you’re searching for. What? Boneheaded at best. Now, the always less than stellar “Spotlight” is relegated to the status of P’poor file viewer. Wow! How brilliant was this move. I’m supposing that revealing the path to the file is now obsolete? Now we can locate the file somewhere out in the ethers, or up in our rear ends? Brilliant!
    And while I’m at it… Removing the obsolete CD/DVD drive from the new iMac so that they can have the thinnest screen in the universe. Another knuckled-headed move sure to p’off millions. These drives are still “critically” necessary. Shrewd though, now that they have been removed. Saves Apple plenty of money on the cost of the iMac and makes them a ton more in offering the external “unnecessary,” drive as a $70.00 add-on. Which nearly everyone will have to purchase. Devious!
    Where are my sunglasses. Apple’s new-found brilliance is blinding me!
    Don’t even get me started on Apple’s deeply flawed Time Machine! I’m preparing a “Where’s Waldo,” type of game that searches for the individual for whom Time Machine actually worked and did so reliably without kicking up one reason or another for why a restore CAN’T be performed! Let me ask you, “Has the government taken over Apple”? Is Obama in charge? What is all of this Apple nonsense? The Affordable Operating System Act? Intending one thing and delivering it’s exact opposite!

  • litiolac

    Looks like they haven’t removed the “save as” option, rather they have just renamed it to “Duplicate”.
    They’d be zarkers to get rid of save as/duplicate options.

  • Ed Harris

    How to use Save As from the keyboard:
    1. Keyboard access: While in preview, hold down “Control Shift S” and it will bring up the “Save As” window or…

    How to FIX the menus and put “Save As” back in your menus:
    2. Permanent fix: Find and run terminal.app (applications/utilities/terminal.app). After the terminal window opens, copy/ paste the following line into it and then hit return:

    defaults write -globalDomain NSUserKeyEquivalents -dict-add ‘Save As…’ ‘@$S’

    And now “Save As” will be replaced in all your applications.