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Posted February 7, 2020 by

How to Use Lights and Cookies in Unity to Beautify the Scene (Part 1)

Lights are an important part of a scene. Even when you are looking around in the world, light is what it’s all about. Now just like in the natural world, there are a few types of lights, for example, spotlight, sunlight, etc. This Tech-recipe is all about using lights to make the scene much more […]

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Posted January 31, 2020 by

How to Perform Simple Animation in Unity | 3D Game Development

Games these days are so advanced that 90% of the game is based on animations. Be it Mafia 3, Call of duty, battlefield or titan war all the games are heavily animated. If you are interested in knowing how it all starts, then tech-recipe is at your service.

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Posted January 28, 2020 by

How to Set Camera to Follow the Player in Unity | 3D Game Development

Unity and cameras are like Romeo and Juliet. When developing a game you render scenes. For example, you’re simulating a graveyard then you will need a camera to show it in the game view. You can say that camera is the eye of the player. You can set the eyes to be on a player […]

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Posted January 25, 2020 by

How to Add Rigidbody to a Gameobject in Unity | 3D Game Development

The unity engine simulates a real-world environment. And we all know that in the real world, there’s three states of material, solid, liquid and gas. If something is solid/rigid it can collide, it can move, etc. Any object in the game world is called gameObject. So from now on, we will use the word gameObject […]

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Posted January 19, 2020 by

How to Detect Collision in Unity | 3D Game Development

Game development is not as hard as it sounds. But it sure requires a lot of effort and good teamwork. Creating a real-world game means taking care of many parameters such as gravity, materials e.g bounciness, metalness, etc.  There’s speed, power, drag, and collision. Collison is one of the most important criteria in the development […]

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