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   Posted September 18, 2003 by David Kirk in Windows

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Describes how to download and save Windows updates including updates for different versions of Windows.

Many times I have needed to download updates and save them for later use or reference. This often comes up when I want to repair an older, never-been-updated Windows system that doesn’t have broadband. Downloading all those updates on a landline is too painful.

This method will allow you to download updates and save them on your hard drive for any version of Windows.

1. Visit the Windows Update Catalog

2. Search for the update you want.
3. Click Add on the updates you want to save
4. Repeat the search and add process above for all the updates you want.
5. Once you have the ones you wanted selected, click on Download
6. Accept the license agreement if required.
7. Type or browse to the area you want to save the selected files
8. Click Continue to download the files.
9. The files will download and you can save them locally or on your network.

If you have any problems, you can reference the Microsoft Knowledge Base Article on this topic.


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