XP: Edit the Support Information Listed in the System Properties

   Posted January 23, 2005 by David Kirk in Windows

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Many companies label their computers by listing their information for assistance in the system properties screen. Here is how to edit that information.

You may notice on the System Properties screen that your computer’s manufacturer (i.e., Dell, Gateway) has labeled your version of XP. Use the following simple steps to edit this information.

1. Click Start.
2. Click Run.
3. Type the following in the run box: c:\Windows\System32\oeminfo.ini

A message similar to this should open in Notebook:

Microsoft Windows Whistler Edition

Manufacturer=vpr Matrix ™
Model=Personal Computer

[Support Information]
Line1="Visit us online or call our toll-free Customer Support number 24/7!"
Line3="(800)332-4800 in the USA and Canada."

Although altering the version section is not advised, you can edit the information in the other sections. You can edit anything to the right of the = sign.

Save your changes before you exit Notepad.

You can also edit the bitmap that will be displayed on this screen by changing this file:

It must be 172 X 172 pixels in size.


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