XP: Status Bar is Disabled or Disappears in Explorer

   Posted August 22, 2004 by David Kirk in Windows

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After the installation of SP2, users have noted that their status bar in Internet Explorer is no longer visable. Users of SP1 have noted a different error causing the status bar to disappear as well. This tutorial contains fixes for both issues.

The instructions included in this tutorial can be used when you want every window that Explorer opens to have a status bar, which is the bar at the bottom of Windows that gives you information.

SP2 to changes the defaults to show a status bar when browsing on the Internet but to turn it off when browsing locally. People typically notice this after opening Explorer for the first time after updating to SP2.

Use the following steps to make the status bar visible for local folders:

    1. Click Start.
    2. Click My Computer.
    3. Click the View Menu.
    4. Click Status Bar.

If your status bar is enabled, there should be a check mark beside it in the View menu. This should change the status bar to make it enabled for all local folders.

As IE is closely tied to the OS, a closely related bug is causing problems as well. If the above fix does not work, then try the steps below. This does require some repeating.

    1. Open only one Internet Explorer window.
    2. Click the View menu.
    3. Click Status Bar.
    4. Right-click the Toolbar in Internet Explorer.
    5. Select Lock the Toolbars from the context menu
    6. Hold down the CTRL key, and click the Close X button at the upper right corner of IE. IE will close.
    7. Right-click the main Start button,
    8. Select Explore from the context menu. The Explorer window will open.
    9. Click the View menu in Explorer.
    10. Click Status Bar.
    11. Click Tools menu in Explorer.
    12. Click Folder Options.
    13. Select the View tab.
    14. Click the Apply to all folders button.
    15. Click OK to confirm .
    16. Open IE again.
    17. Right-click the Toolbar again.
    18. Select Lock the Toolbars from the context menu again.
    19. Hold down the CTRL key, and click the Close X button at the upper right corner of IE. IE will close.

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