Dreamweaver CS3: Change How Text is Pasted into Design View

Pasting the text from another application into Dreamweaver’s design view can be rather messy. This is due to the default settings, as they keep the original structure and basic formatting of the originating application. Fortunately, the defaults can be changed to better meet your main needs and using Paste Special can be used for situations that require different settings.

1. Go to the menu, click Edit and select Preferences.

2. Go to the left pane of the Preferences window and select Copy/Paste.

3. Beneath Edit > Paste from other applications into design view pastes, select one of the four radio buttons to set how Dreamweaver will paste the text (text only, text with structure, text with structure and basic formatting or text with structure and full formatting).

4. Use the first checkbox to set whether you want Dreamweaver to retain or ignore line breaks.

5. Use the second checkbox to set whether you want Dreamweaver to clean up Word paragraph spacing or leave it alone.

6. Click OK.

In situations where you wish to paste text using a different setting than the defaults, right-click the desired area in the design window and select Paste Special (or go to the menu, click Edit and select Paste Special). The same options will be available for your to choose from.


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