XP: Remove OS Compatibility Warnings and Logging

Posted March 4, 2006 by William_Wilson in Windows

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Stop the annoying warnings when running 16-bit and supposed incompatible applications on XP. This tutorial describes the steps necessary to achieve this.

This method uses Group Policy as opposed to Registry.

We have all gotten the annoying window informing us that a program or software is not designed for XP. This is a result of the compatibility engine flagging the program.
If you are confident in the software you will be running or intend to apply patches to such programs, here is how to remove the little window and keep the compatibility test from ever running.

*NOTE: When group edit refers to a legacy program, it is encompassing all programs which deal directly with explorer.exe such as antivirus or programs which will be installed for an extended period of time and will go through updates and other system modifications.

Open Group Policy:
-Go to Start\run, and type gpedit.msc.
-Navigate to the path local computer policy\computer configuration\administrative components\windows components\application compatibility.

*Here we will modify most of the options to the right:
-Double-click the icon to the right called Turn Off Application Compatibility Engine, and select Enable from the radio buttons.
*NOTE: If you are not careful, certain controlling programs such as anti-virus can cause the dreaded blue screen of death if they are not compatible because we have turned off this safety feature.
-The performance benefit outweighs this problem in many cases.

-Double-click the icon to the right called Turn Off Program Compatibilty Wizard, and select Enable from the radio buttons.
*NOTE: This feature disables the wizard that appears upon the help option of an incompatible installation.
*It also disables the Start screen in Help and Support under the Start menu.

-Double-click the icon to the right called Turn On Program Application Help Log Events, and select Disable from the radio buttons.
*This will stop the logging of compatibility errors, which result in the wizard above.

-Double-click the icon to the right called Prevent Access to 16-bit Applications, and select Enable from the radio buttons.
*NOTE: This one is not necessary. I am sure we all have the odd 16-bit program lying around, but if you wish to deny such a program from running, this will do it.

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-William. ยง (marvin_gohan)

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