Reboot a Solaris system

Posted July 23, 2003 by Quinn McHenry in Solaris

The process of shutting down a Solaris system is critical. Using the init program to restart a system causes Solaris to perform a sequence of steps to shutdown services gracefully.

The reboot command bypasses the runtime control scripts and can compromise data integrity. The sync commands synchronize the filesystem, flushing buffered data to disk.

As superuser:

sync; sync; init 6

If this does not work on your version of Solaris, the comments from our helpful users below will get you going in the correct direction.


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  • Anonymous

    Try this:

    /sbin/uadmin 2 0

    That will shutdown the node without the execution of the init kill scripts…

    btw what version of solaris / kernal patch level are your using?

  • Abhishek40958

    what is the best command to shutdown and then startup SAP server on solaris opearting systems and what consideration needs to be taken into account like issuing a System message before shutting down the server and seeing the list of users already logged on can anyone help?