XP / Vista: Tile Windows Side-by-Side or One-Over-Another

   Posted February 13, 2005 by David Kirk in Windows

Quick refresher how to tile windows vertically or horizontally. This works with vista, XP, 2000, 2003, and most other windows environments.

I know that we have created recipes about this in the past, but I wanted to refresh people on how easy it is to tile windows.

By clicking on the windows in the taskbar while holding down the CTRL key, you can select multiple windows at once. Once more than one is selected, you can tile them by right clicking on one of the entries in the taskbar and select the tile option from the context menu.

    1. Click the taskbar entry for the first window
    2. Hold down CTRL and click the second window
    (Both of these taskbar entries should now be colored differently)
    3. Right click one of the selected taskbar entries
    4. Select either tile vertically or tile horizontally from the context menu

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The Conversation

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  • bob

    What’s the deal with vista replacing the simple “Tile”, with the clumsy “Side-by-Side” or “Stacked”?

    Can I change the label on the menu?

  • Melanie

    Was looking for a free version of WIN Tiles and found your recipe. It is simple and will do for the editing between programs I need to perform. Thanks for the recipe I don’t need to purchase WIN TILES now!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Hi, i just learned something new, now i don`t have to shrink the boards, saves a lot of time.

    thank you

  • Kerry Wicker

    Not working for me. Is there an illustrated example?

  • Ezekiel

    I had to disable my short cut for WordWeb as the ctrl click is set as a default configuration, and just kept firing up the program. This is a great tip for those of us that have the need to cross reference multiple documents at the same time.

    Many Thanks

    • Blob

      > Like most things in Windows, this only works occasionaly at best. Half the time Ctrl-Click also selects other windows that you did not click on. Half the time you select the 2 windows you want, but when you right click on one, the tile options are greyed-out and not selectable. About one attempt in 20 ever actually works.