How Do I Use or Open Bin, Cue, or ISO Files?

   Posted September 19, 2004 by David Kirk in Windows

People frequently get confused regarding these file types. Here’s how to use these files. Updated.


    These file extensions are commonly used to show that a file is an image of a CD or DVD.

    The most simple way to access these files is to use your CD or DVD Burner to burn them to a disk. Nero is a common program that is used to burn bin/cue files to hard media.

    One really nice thing to do is to treat these files as a virtual CD or DVD without ever burning them. Daemon Tools is one program that is often used to do this. Microsoft now has a free program that does this as well.

    The other place that *.bin files are frequently used are in emulation software. Gaming roms are often stored in compressed files full of bin files. If you have a zip file full of *.bin files, try Mame or some similar emulator.

Updated for some minor edits and spelling changes.


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  • Muggle

    Thank you for this useful informations.

  • harvey

    i use PowerIso to open the files and put them on a virtual drive works great

  • blue64

    oof, you might have just downloaded a virus, sorry dude. nothing EVER will ask you to replace ANYTHING in your (main drive):/windows/system32 folder cause the only thing in that specific folder that’s .dll is all your windows OS (Operating System) drivers which are all very important…unless you want a very expensive brick.

    • Anonymous

      Nah, you could just use Linux, eh.
      Or reinstall Win again.

      (Unless you mess with the BIOS. Hehehehe. That’s the way to make your PC a brick)

  • Umaid

    Power ISO player is also best , because it is doesnot require any CD burner and save lot of time. try it and enjoy.

  • nems

    hey i downloaded a game on bitcomet for my pc. and when the download was complete the files are .bin
    how do i play the game..any know?

    • FreeRyde

      Mount it

  • Timos works the mounting and manipulation of iso’s and others of the sort extremely nicely.

  • BAss…

    Helpful, Thanks

  • biggMan

    ive downloaded a game which was separated in 4cd.. ive mounted all 4 cd in 4 different virtual device using daemon tool.. all ive got in every device was 3file- an image file, CNF file and another weird one, 92file… what the heck should i do with this… plsssss help!!!!

  • Bladewarez

    Many thanks buddy, i was really stuck with the Game- Audio Surf, it was in Bin/Cue format and until i read this info on your page i wasn’t able to open it. but now i have read this is very clear, i just used Power ISO v4.3 (registered) to mount the image to a virtual drive, then it installed no probs.

    Cheers Dude

  • luke

    hi. if u help refer to me as luke so i know ure helping me 😉 i just dowloaded spyro the dragon on playstation 1 and i have a bin and cue file. i havent the foggiest what to do with these and have wasted 5 cds trying to get it to work. any ideas any1 plzzzzz 🙂

  • Dave

    Thanxs for the info. I learned something new.

  • Anonymous

    i have ibm pentium 3 i downloaded battle realms wich i exrect then there comes flt.bin i not how to open it

  • pwnerer

    DOWNS t3h m-lakx est pwnxach 1337?!?!?!?!?!? (-_-)

  • Anonymous

    ya well how do i open it??? i just got a torrent game and it has some cue and bin files i need to know how to put it on a disk, do i put the bin and cue files on a disk or just cue??

    • Anonymous

      Use Daemon tools..Just google “daemon tools” and download it..then after installing the software ,use it to open the bin files..
      good luck !

      • Brandur

        Or use MagicDisc to mount with, I find it to be way better than Daemon Tools. I also use MagicISO to compress or make ISO files if I get a file that is not made into a picture, or when I am making pictures of my own CD’s (God I love having the pictures and virtual drives, I always lose my CD’s xD)

  • aa


  • Minz

    my 2 cents.. download ‘undisker’.. i’ll do the job.. undisker can use for iso files as well.. i just used for bin file and worked.. gud luck

  • Anonymous

    Hello folks, first time i have came across these bin files and not sure what to do regarding my burn process. 1. I downloaded game. 2. I unpacked game which gave me the usual ISO file & burn file but also gave me a file named Security_Sectors containing three bin files. I’m now confused on my next move regarding the burn process, can anyone help me?.

  • eckert

    just the info i needed, thanks. used alcohol and it worked perfick.

  • Anonymous

    I have Daemon tools and have used it before for another game which came as an iso file. When i opened that game it wouldn’t work, kept saying the CD-rom wasn’t there, but as makes sense, the game had a folder in it which was for the No-cd runaround. It was the icon to actually play the game which didn’t work in that folder, and a doc instructing me to copy that game icon to the program files, overwriting the gaming icon there.

    I’m sure people know about this as its probably a common technique for playing otherwise CD-only games.

    My problem is that I have another game now which is bin/cue format. I’ve got it mounted fine, it installed properly as it should and appears as my virtual drive, but it has the same problem, saying “Please insert the correct CD-rom, press OK and restart the application” and I can’t find any instructions for how to get around that amongst the rest of the game files.

    I’ve tried doing the same sort of thing I did with the first game but I’m pretty much just stabbing in the dark. Does anyone know how I am supposed to get around the “Must insert CD’ problem and have it work on my hard-drive?

    • Anonymous

      I’m sorry disk PLEASE HELP ME!!!! If you can you would be a god.

  • Anonymous

    Just to clarify, the first game I had worked fine and I play all the time. I have no problems with mounting or anything, that’s fine. It’s simply about how once it’s all done and I click the game to play it, it won’t work and says the CD-rom needs to be in there, even though I’ve already mounted it in a virtual drive. Doesn’t that defeat the point?

  • Needz Help

    Yeah… Can I mount a .bin with this? I have been wondering, please respond back soon. im a little puzzled

  • Anonymous

    Hey use daemon tools its free. You can access any files using this software. Or undisker.


  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the useful information.

    • Anonymous

      hi! i dl’d a game witch is in 2 folder “DVD1” “DVD2” so i got through the 1st but the DVD2 folders has these “setup-2a.bin, setup-2b.bin and a setup2c.bin” so how do i get through these?? is there a way to do it without using any burning programs?

      • Anonymous

        Cod modern warfare 2 😉 proper skidrow 😉

  • marty nation

    Uh, Yeah. and like what is the answer? you still never said how to use them. Or open them. You forgot to answer the question. I know you know how to do it but your answer isn’t an answer. You didn’t tell me how to. i still don’t know and will have to go to a different site

  • Anonymous

    Just open the file with winzip or Winrar and it would work perfectly

  • Yeah Nero works for this but the program is relatively heavier than daemon tools and alcohol….

  • Finally , I learned to use the .iso, .bin and. cue files…..Sense of achievement……

  • Anonymous

    to open iso and view contents, you can download dolphin emu->open .iso-> right click-> properties. there you can view the contents and extract what you want. Shouldn’t necessarily need to be a game to do this although it is more ment for games.

  • Motivate & Inspire Blogger

    I successfully used magic iso to mount the .bin file! Thanks!

  • nonos86

    i realy need help i downloaded a game as a torrent an it was all bin files and 1 cue file so i downloaded deamon tools and tried the virtual cd thing it opened and i tried to install it but it said “game is not installed. This setup will exit”
    plzzzzzzzzz help and try 2 b specific i realy don’t know much about how to use these stuf.

  • Michael Jackson is KING

    thanks a lot!

  • Thanks for bring this thing up. I really have no idea what is this bin file was.

  • Anonymous

    Why use .iso files? Are they compressed? Can you fit more data on a CD or DVD?

  • “The most simple way to access these files is to use your CD or DVD Burner to burn them to a disk. Nero is a common program that is used to burn bin/cue files to hard media.”

    Really? I would never have thought I would have had to use my CD burning software to place bin or .cue files onto my CD! How about instead of stating the frackin’ obvious you give people a step-by-step guide in Nero, as you clearly have paid so much for your high Google placement?

  • Anonymous

    in a .bin file every file of a certrain game is stored. i recommend you to convert these to .iso, BIN2ISO might be a good choice. you burn a .iso file on a CD-ROM, so you are able to install it. but idd, daemon tools works just as well.

    • am download NEED FOR SPEED game . that ia 2 bin file…. am using nero 6.1 but not born …. no to write to CD plz help me…. my id

  • hi

    I have a .bin file. How do i open it? It’s a game by the way.

  • Can’t you use PowerISO to extract the .bin files?

  • YoWatUpAddict

    Hey, I downloaded the crysis demo. when it was finished it arrived as a bin file. I tried to mount it with DMT but it wouldnt work. anyone who can solve this problem???

  • Dennis

    For anyone who gets the error about ‘Acces denied’ etc. I have the solution. Run the VCdControlTool as administrator. It worked for me 😉

  • Peter

    I mounted on the demon tool but after I tried to start the program, they said I need to insert a disc. someone help please?

  • Thank you all,,, for the simple advice that can/could cause so much agro just for knowing/not-knowing,,, OH! and not forgetting the ‘humour’ so generated!,, Ace,,,(‘ ‘,)

  • jude

    can i use bin files to play on DVD after i burn in CD? or i will convert it?

  • Abofira


  • Anonymous

    thank you

    • AssClown

      Like a boss!


    Thank you very very much.

    • Anonymous

      No problem. Glad we could help!

  • LightningStrike123

    win 98 is too old, you need xp at the bare minimum. i reccommend switching to vista or windows 7 and the best programme ive found for mounting to virtual disk is alcohol 120%, download free trial then get a keygen for it. simples ^^

    • Ghghhg

      LOL!! Your replying to a 6 year old post!!!

      • Glenians

        wat…d’^_^ u think that he can read ur repz… lolz:-0

        • Ustaz

          It did helped me . Thnx

        • Guestkkk

          helped me too :d

      • Ra.

        What goes on internet stays there! Let us get this post listed under Rule 34! Waiting to see results.

        • Rodent44smb

          haha helped me too 😀

      • Snoobeagle

        LOL.. speaking of 6 year olds, why are you pleasuring yourself with the fact he responded to an old post, and like so many, typically misspelling YOU’RE?

  • Henrik15795

    i cannot open iso files tried several programs and nothing worked. Only winzip latest opened iso bios file not another programs worked in vista.

  • william

    so i downloaded a game. its a 6 disc game and in my documents. so it’s splint into two categories. 1-6 of the discs are cue file and 1-6 of the discs are bin. is there a way to combined them or a program that will allow me to play the game. im pretty lost on what to do. i know one is audio and the other is video. i downloaded vlc but it didnt work. maybe i missed something, i really dont know.

  • BJ

    Hi. I’ve got some Super Smash Bros. Brawl (for Wii) screenies of Kirby, and I wanted to add captions, so I put them on the computer, and I couldn’t use them as they were .bin files. But I can’t figure out how to convert them to a usable picture file (prefferably JPEG or PNG) with Daemon Tools, can someone please help?

  • Abdultiger Ramdzi

    use alcohol120%

  • Ffwefwef

    Hey question: How do i get the came to stop showing up with random color and such a small screen?

  • Historybuff01

    Hey, so I have a bit of an irritating problem
    I downloaded a program which needed installation. The instructions called for burning .cue and .bin file onto a disk. I searched, and could not find any .bin or .cue. There was a bin folder, but no files.
    I do not know if it’s related, but it was .iso compressed to start with.
    I am rather frustrated, and my free trial is limited. Any help would be very nice indeed.

  • Suzieq51

    I have a disc that has bin files on them but i cant open then so have no idea what they are.

  • WinterAssault

    I mounted hundred of games from website,

    For .iso file use daemon tools to mount it and install game also remember to paste crack from the mounted game. For .bin or .cue file just use magic iso/power iso to open the file and extract the content from it to install.

    Note : Daemon Tools FAIL to open .BIN or .CUE file

  • Nadeem

    hey people………i have bit of problem here………it goes like this..
    i downloaded matrix path of neo for pc which was in .iso format…..
    i created a virtual cd by mounting the file with powerISO……….the game installed and shortcut was created.
    but here’s the problem ..when i double clicked the icon the game is not running….
    PLEASE HELP……………………

  • Nadeem

    and as WinterAssault please explain how to paste a crack and where to paste it step by step.PLEASE…………

  • hi .,, some one tell me plz.. how to convert nrg to iso by using kiso

  • Ad

    You can open these format with the software called “Magic ISO” or any ISO software. gauranteed

  • Amogh :)

    i downloaded nfs 2 ( a game) and the files r in .bin and .cue format ….. what should i do now..?

  • Putanginaninyo

    Try fairuse wizard V2. its good

  • morrisiv

    Can anyone tell me how to open a .bin file on an android.

  • danish

    hey i downloaded a sony picture package in iso file. how can i use this?? please help me..

  • Zart

    I installed a six DVD game (rage).
    I have a problem in DVD 4.I want to open a file is named “setup2c.bin” .a file in this bin file has courrepted i want to copy it manually to the directory of the game.I tried magic iso power iso daemon tools ….but I cant open it.please help me to find a way to access this bin file

  • Zart

    Anyone knows my answer?

  • Gaddy Juanda Sam

    finally, i can open any files without burn a DVD or CD!!!!!
    THANK YOU!!!!
    now i can install stunt gp


  • messed up

    I burned Bin file to the cd, and deleted Bin from my harddrive by mistake

    To play game, I mount the Bin file FROM CD… So if I burn CD, it’s going to burn the same BIN file and will not work as a CD to read the game….It’s so stupid.

    Can neone help with this? I dont want to download that bin again it’s like 1GB….

  • messed up

    another question,

    if I mounted the game, and once I take out the CD, the mount is gone.. is there way to play the game without the damn cd and still have the Mount to exsit??????

  • Faisal

    I have MagicISO but it cannot deal with .bin files. Which software I use

  • Bobby Dhanotta

    can i burn 3 bin files on 4.7GB the size of bin files are 2.02 GB

  • Aditya

    I simply use WinRAR to open all the .bin and .iso files….

  • Alan

    i downloaded moto gp 2 and found bin and a .cue file i tried to open it using winrar but failiure it says rar is etheir broken

  • Mujeeb

    Nice Info, it helped me, Thanks

  • Mujeeb

    Thank for the information, it really helped me, I used Daemon Tools..

  • Mujeeb

    It really help me out. I used daemon tools

  • J

    Can you burn the files to 4.7GB dvd’s instead of using virtual drives and stuff

  • Raven

    Help ! I’m a newbie at this my ex used to do this Stuff , I’ve got a BIN file and a CUE file in both a CD1 and CD2 game i downloaded , ok I don’t know what mounting is I have a virtual drive but don’t know how to use it and I’m totally lost , please don’t make fun of me but I need help

  • female

    wow .. you reallly help me … can magiciso do the same as the tool you mentioned

  • Eagleeye828

    or you can use virtual clone drive

  • Mary

    I sent a Word doc attachment (resume) to someone through Google and that person couldn’t open the attachment. The person said it arrived as a .bin attachment which I don’t know about. How or why did the Word doc get converted to a .bin doc/attachment at the recipient’s computer? It was no CD/DVD. I hope I made myself clear… Thank you.

  • hayabusa

    thank you very much for the information.