PHP if statement syntax

Examples of using the “if” command in PHP.

The simplest if statement executes command(s) if a condition evaluates as true:

if ($var > 0 ) {
// code here run if $var is positive
echo "Square root is: ".sqrt($var);

An optional else block can be added to execute code if the test condition evaluates as false. Multiple lines of code must be enclosed within { braces } while a single statement can be used in an if statement without braces.

if ($var >= 0 )
echo "Square root is: ".sqrt($var);
else {
$negvar = -1*$var;
echo "Square root is: ".sqrt($var)."i";

If statements can be nested:

if ($var < 10) echo "var is less than 10"; elseif ($var < 20) echo "var is between 10 and 20"; elseif ($var < 30) echo "var is between 20 and 30"; else echo "var is greater than 30";

A compact (if cryptic) shorthand is useful:

echo "var is ".($var < 0 ? "negative" : "positive");

is equivalent to:

echo "var is ";
if ($var < 0) echo "negative"; else echo "positive";

The shorthand can be considered (expression ? true_value : false_value) where 'expression' is evaluated and, if true, the 'true_value' is returned, otherwise the 'false_value' is returned.


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  • Tom Elders

    I think describing the ternary operator “?” as an if statement is a bit misleading. For example, inside a while loop:

    while($row = mysql_fetch_row):
    if($condition = true) { $something = $value }

    that works. However, consider the following

    while($row = mysql_fetch_row):
    $something = ($condition = $true) ? $value : null;

    If the condition is met, everything works fine, but on the next iteration of the loop, if the condition is not met, $something is set to null, which is probably not the desired effect 9 times out of 10.

  • Thats a great shorthand, and gives good readability!

    • Sagar

      yes, ternary condition does give a problem

      I would advise the following as well

      while($row = mysql_fetch_row):
      if($condition = true) { $something = $value }

      • Sagar

        My above suggestion is the same as what Tom Elders suggested. I support it

  • Name

    I am a novie in php programming.I was looking for “elseif” in php and this writ up heloped me to do it..

    Thanking you
    Anand V Mohan

    • Glad we could help!

  • php programming

    Done a excellent job in this blog, Alternatively create a great blog for the readers specially for PHP programming. Thanks.

  • bajick

    This is great!!! Nway, is there any way to shorthand the nested if statement?