Sony Ericsson K800i white screen of death (wsod) fix

This is just a quickie on how to fix any WSOD or Blank screen w/blinking IRDA problems for a Sony Ericsson K800i.

You will need to purchase a credits to fix your phone however the update will not use it so you have a credit in case you ever need to update firmware or run EROM update again; the problem from what i’ve read around the forums seems to point to a problem w/K800i and its EROM.

It seems when poweroff the device, you can corrupt the EROM and that in turns causing your phone to not power on or just power on to a white screen. Wotanserver’s client can fix the EROM by updating it before it tries to flash the phone.

Normally, you have to hold the C button prior to connect to put your phone into a firmware update mode, however when you get the WSOD or no screen; the C does nothing. You will actually have to hold the numbers 2 and 5 to enter the update mode.

I will give a quickie run through on doing this (sure beats sending your phone back to sony for like a month and then having it happen again; hell might as well learn to fix yourself! its easy and cheap!)

This might not work in all cases or wsod problems, but seems to be a major first thing to try if you do have these problems. You will need to have an account w/a credit in it but update does not use the credit. (about $10 USD)

Software needed:

    wotanserver client (
    wotanserver usb drivers (on main page)
    Step 1. Install the wotanserver, flash USB drivers.

Step 2. Download the latest wotanserver client from their main site. Run the .exe to start the client.

Step 3. Remove your phone’s battery and put back in. Then hold down the 2 and 5 buttons on your keypad. Connect the phone to the USB cable.

Step 4. You might get some prompts to install the flash driver, just click the install automatically options.

Step 5. In Wotanserver, click the start button and hopefully you’ll see some info and data shown to the left. Here’s what i saw when i fixed my EROM. Notice the part about EROM: starting upgrade.!

Step 6. Do as wotanserver says, remove the battery and let the phone sit for a few minutes and then put battery in and SMILE that your phone now works again!!!!! 🙂

Thanks Wotanserver and the peeps for the info/tips. Just putting this fix somewhere thats easier to find.


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  • Steve


    You can actually recover free of charge using; (credit goes to bryanjay420)

    Using SeTool2 lite 1.11 we can fix this problem by this way.
    Download SETOOL2 lite 1.11

    Start SeTool 2 lite
    Press Unlock\Repair Button, The first button.
    Reinsert Battery
    Connect phone holding 2+5 (my comment: first time around you will need to install the usbflash driver if not already installed, found in the zipfile under drivers/usbflash_driver)
    Wait, SeTool 2 lite will repair the EROM, it will flash it back.
    Now you can start your phone.

  • Paul

    You know, holding 2 and 5 fixed this for me using the official Sony Ericsson update software – I don’t think you need to use WotanServer at all.

  • Jes

    Just fixed mine, go to Sony-Ericsson webb site download free service update for model and follow instructions on screen No Probs Fixed.

  • V

    does it delete everything in ur phone

  • Andreas G

    This information really helped me. My w810i suddenly went dead. when I tried to start it but it just blinked and shut of. I didn´t know what to do. But I was lucky to find this information after 2-3 hours searching on google. I downloaded a software program on SE´s homepage and followed the instructions. And you know what ? my phone was alive again. So if you have a similar problem I recomend you to visit Sony ericssons homepage and do the same!

  • mac

    Wow I just got my Sony k810i working thanks in the main to this thread – it was dead with the WSOD, ahving been connected to my PC at the point we had a power cut PC and phone died, phone never came back.

    On pwering up sometimes got sony screen, sometimes WSOD, sometimes got as far as enter pin. After trying this for ages the battery started to wear down and guess what it wouldnt charge the damn battery because the software was fried, so no phone no means of even charging it.

    Took it O2/Sony – it was out of warranty, tool to a little mobile shop who said the memory would get cleared, i said OK, after 3 weeks of trying they couldnt reset it?????

    Started searching internet and found a few useful posts but especially this one – but first problem battery needed to be charged – i had an old battery recharger the type used to charge AA batteries and hooked wires from the chargers terminals to the sony battery direct and fixed in place with electrical tape, the charger showed me when i got it right because a light came on to say battery was charging (the battery terminals on the sony battery are marked + and -, left overnight and presto battery had a full charge – now we can start.

    I started to go down the wotanserver route (the payment put me off) then saw posts about SEUS and searched for that, not holding out much hope considering the professionals couldnt make my phone live.

    I didnt realise at first that you fo NOT turn on the phone, simply hold the C key down after battery in.

    I tried SEUS and didnt realise you are supposed to let go of the C key after it connects (it kinda flashed up quick as instruction 8 – my first few attempts i got to around 15%, and it failed. Then it wouldnt recognise the damn phone at all, so i tried holding the 2 + 5 key instead of C and guess what it saw it again? But this time it wouldnt load the software, then it would see the phone at all – arghhhhhhhhhhh!

    I tried turning the phone on holding 2+5 – nothing, holding C nothing, noty holding anything and beep bopp it saw the phone, SEUS recognised it and started loading the software, but this time loaded 100%, and when restarting loaded new software hooray! but then froze at select phone mode – frustrating but i had a feeling it was going to come good.

    Restared procedure all over again using C key as specified and whammo – i am back!

    It can be done although the guy with the hammer solution i think is probably the best!

    • karen

      Hi thanks for all your answers but i need more help.
      two days ago i connected my earphones to the phone , tried to paly some music but then the player said, playback failed—- it was a usual error, when my memory card is having a fit,

      so i thought all i had to do was switch it of and then back on then it would start playing coz that is usually the case.

      when i tried to start it, it wouldnt work and i get 5-6 red blinking lights at the infra red.. took it to a shop but they couldnt fix it.

      can some on help me out.
      step by step i would really appreciate
      all let you know when the hammer optional starts looking aluring

      • Anonymous

        Karen, please see the original post which explains how to use Wotanserver to fix the phone.

        Seamonkey, thankyou for this. I was about to trade in my K800i when I got this problem. Actually I had no WSOD, no blinking infra red, nothing at all; it just wouldn’t start… but this technique worked! I did however have to use the OLD WotanServer client, available from WotanServer’s own site… do NOT go their parter FastGSM; they only offer the latest client which won’t work for the K800, and credits between WotanServer and FastGSM are not transferrable. I learned this the hard way (but at least now I can unlock two Sony Ericsson phones if I’m ever foolish enough to buy them again).

  • Mr Love

    Better check the guide below out, no need to pay anything, just use the freeware XS++ (see my comment at the bottom for further links)

    • Anonymous

      Yea thats the way i went with y v630i/k618i. it had a wsod, bt after being flashed it worked good as new, and a lot faster to!

  • Anonymous

    Hi there, my K800i is displaying WSOD, i have lost a lot of important numbers and texts (I know I should have backed them up) I want to try the advice given but does anyone know will everything on my phone be lost?? Thanks.

  • Limey

    Cheers bud. Worked like a charm.

    • Escaflowne__

      if you open the mobile and make it to the display and keybord you must unplug the fletcables inside and plug them again then close the mobile …..after thet you need to reflash the firmware of the mobile and wala you will have brand new fiirmware with no problems at all no dead screens at all …. 😀

  • Nguynen2007

    it work for w705a

  • Rgie Berania

    hi im from the philippines, i own a w800i phone and the same case…. “DEAD”. when i power it on theres just a 4 sec. white light coming from the LCD screen and afterwards its… dead….nothing happens afterwards…. can this software be applicable to my phone…. need help please…

  • Lukassagem

    Hi I did this and works but my phone is locked now , what is a password ?

  • Jack


  • aberavon_wizard

    K800i had WSOD today. Followed advice on this thread to go the SE website and download free service download and problem fixed. No data lost as all on memory card.

  • I’ve facing this issue since recently where the phone would show minor
    flashing and a vibration as it does during startup, but nothing happens
    further, no WSOD or anything of that sort. I thought there might be an
    issue with the battery so replaced it with a new one, still no sign of
    life. Though I do notice red light flashing. Reading through the
    information does help me understand a bit about the problem. Do I need
    to buy credits from the mentioned client? or is there any other means of
    doing it ?

    What my logic says, if we simply try and upgrade the phone version from
    the official site that should work (Im yet to try this). I would
    appreciate peoples views on this.

    Thanks in advance.


    Stan from Cloud Hosting

  • Nadwath

    WOW! This really work !! Thanks man you saved me. I try to give this phone to 2 beggar, but they refused to take. Can you believe this !!!

  • honeyanddy

    pls guys i need ur help i ave update my sonyercicssonk800i three tyms today andn it refuse to un it blinking on the keypad and i try downloading the wotanserver it write software old downoad new vesion pls help me guys .

  • diana

    what’s should i fill in login n password in user settings ? reply me A.S.A.P
    im dizzy

  • mark

    thanks for trying to help but after spending one day on the XS++ 3.1 EMEA6_CID49 bla bla way, another day on the sony pc companion.. now I won’t pay wotanserver for something which might not even work, I am just about to take an axe to my once loved k750 never to buy another sony product in my life.

  • adrian sinca

    Thanks man ! it really worked !!!

  • Liam

    Hi Jimmy
    Does the upgrade delete all your own data in memory?
    Please email me

    Thanks for the Info