XP and Vista: Tile, Cascade, or Minimize Windows

   Posted October 12, 2003 by David Kirk in Windows

This recipe descibes the easiest way to tile and cascade windows. The CTRL key can be used to select several windows at once.

Cascading and tiling windows has been around forever. Most people know that right-clicking on the taskbar will open a menu that allows the windows to manipulated. Usually, however, this will change the view of all windows. If you are like me and have 10 windows open at all time, this is not very helpful.

We can use the CTRL key to select just the windows we want.

1. Hold the CTRL key and click each taskbar button corresponding to the windows that you want to manipulate.
– The selected taskbar buttons will be depressed
2. Right-click on one of the selected taskbar buttons which will open a pop-up window
3. Select whenever action you wish.

In XP the options will be the following: title, cascade, or close.

In Vista the options will be the following: cascade, show windows stacked, show windows side by side, minimize group, or close group.

The selected windows and only the selected windows will be affected.



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  • Anonymous

    Unbelievable. I’ve been using windows for 17 years, and XP since it came out and now Vista for the last year and NOW, AT LAST I know how to do this. I am so sad to find out now.

    Better late than never (I think) …

  • Lucas

    Not a bad tip, but users be warned: if you tile this way (selecting applications using the CTRL key), you aren’t given an Undo Tile option like you are when right-clicking from the task bar. If you have windows sized just so, they won’t be, after the upheaval of tiling, when an undo function would be handy.

  • Anonymous

    Cool. Thanks. 😀

  • Tinamcgeorge

    I have home edition of windows vista an when I right click to show my windows in cascade , side by side, or stacked there’s no option. What do I do I’ve got macafee seceruity an maybe I didn’t set up something right. Can u help me??

  • I hate XP and I’m used to Windows 7 being so simple. Thank you sooo much for simplifying this for me!